Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Barn Homes Needed!

I am helping out a few friends here who are with Habitat for Cats, and Kitten Korner Rescue.  Please share far and wide.  You never know who will be willing to share their barn with a kitty or two, to save them from a miserable life on the street, or in an overcrowded shelter.  Here is the info (click on pic to see closer):

OK, back to me.


I forgot to mention the group that took in the puppies (Butterfly and Beethoven - Sherell told me thier names on Friday) that I rescued from Central Park last Monday.  Susie Q Dog Rescue is a wonderful rescue group in Livonia that began right after Hurricane Katrina hit.  Sue had a calling to volunteer her help with the many displaced animals there after that devastating storm hit, and had a calling to dedicate her life to helping them ever since.  Read about her on her web page:  http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/NY705.html

144 Chamberlain
Wondering if anyone can get some information for me.  This photo above is the boarded up house on Chamberlain.  Its the one where my shelters were removed, never returned, and the neighbor next door put this board up with a No Trespassing sign.  I want confirmation that this is actually owned by this dude, or if its city owned.  If anyone can get this information and private message me, I would appreciate it!

Yesterday, on Second Street, as I put my carrier back in the car, failing to see the red kitten that is pregnant that I was going to take for TNR tomorrow at the clinic, one of two spots I have reserved, a woman came out of the house next door, a new tenant, one of the many tenants I've seen in that house come and go over the years right next to Paul's house, she was pregnant, and she asked me if I was taking cats from the street, in a hostile, aggressive manner.  She told me her neighbor told her that.  After my disappointment in not seeing red kitty, I walked over quietly, explained what I was doing, and that NO, I was NOT taking people's cats, and that I have been helping this neighborhood for years now.  I told her to tell her neighbor what I do and if she had questions about any cats missing, to talk to me.  I can always be found.  I am like clockwork in these neighborhoods.  She told he she had a cat missing, that it was on the porch one day, and gone the next, and they haven't seen it.  I asked her if it was fixed.  She said no.  I told her as a cat 'owner', she had a responsibility to have the cat fixed, and collared.  It kills me the lack of knowledge a lot of these people have when it comes to animals.  I told her about the pregnant cat, and the new kittens running around here.  Again, it makes me sick to know that no one else is trying to help the situation.  The landlord of the house across the street where the Puerto Rican couple that alerted me to the kittens in the tree, he must have thrown away a little bowl I was feeding the mother from in front of their house.  I had left a bag of food with a note for the couple to place for the kittens so that I could get them used to feeding, and then get them trapped and fixed. All was gone.  I am sure it was the ignorant landlord.  So much opposition.

Ahhhhh, my chores are done for the day.  Feed 50+ cats at 5-6 am. in the morning at 14 different locations, come home and replace the food for the next day.  It is a chore.  Its a pain to me most mornings, but a satisfying one knowing I've filled a lot of empty bellies. 

Have a good day.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."


  1. According to Zillow 144 Chamberlain is not for sale, off the market. Last sold in 2006 for $25,000, so hard to tell if he is telling the truth or not. Built in 1900, it's old!

  2. On the COR website (https://www.cityofrochester.gov/app.aspx?id=8589934610), the owner is listed as :
    Property Address: 144 CHAMBERLAIN ST
    Mailing Address: 50 EAST 42ND ST STE 501

    Tax info: (looks like taxes have NOT been paid recently. Water bill said last pymt was 2005
    Installment Amount Due Date Paid Payment
    07/31/2014 $300.24 N/A $0.00
    09/31/2014 $139.00 N/A $0.00
    01/31/2015 $139.00 N/A $0.00
    03/31/2015 $139.00 N/A $0.00

    Total Taxes Paid to Date: $0.00
    Current Annual Tax: $717.24
    Principal Due: $2,590.13
    Interest Due: $307.67
    Total Due: $2,897.80
    Annual Taxes without Exemptions and Interest: $717.24

    NEW YORK NY 10017

  3. Janine,

    I checked with the City of Rochester(NSC) 428-7640 and than referred to their FOI Dept. 428-7135 in an attempt to get a phone number of owner(s) for you. After lengthy research it appears the City of Rochester took ownership on 06-30-14. However , I am awaiting confirmation from Monroe County Deeds to verify this. Karon agrees that the NO TRESPASSING sign would probably have a City insignia on it. We are curious who put it up. Will advise you Janine when the County calls me back. Walt Simoni

    1. Hi Walt, thanks for doing all that. And thanks to the others who sent me similar information. i believe this guy that owns the house next door did all that, and bought the sign and pasted it there. I will have to have a conversation with him. I believe he should have returned my property to me. I am not letting people like that get away with nothing. I am glad I have proof that it is not his property. Thanks all.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that is was the city who boarded the porch. The porch was emptied and boarded the first day of July and the city officially took over the day before, the 30th of June. Probably not coincidence.