Friday, July 25, 2014


Breeding.   I was thinking, to me, its on the list of one of the most inhumane things you can do in this present century.  As I finished up this morning, walking through the field where my last spot on Seventh feeds at least four adult cats, and now two baby kittens, a dog barks from next door every single morning.  One day, through the rickety wooden fence that the dog is enclosed in, I peeked through and could see it’s a female pit bull with signs that its been bred over and over again.  If dogs could talk, do you think they would say, please stop impregnating me over and over and taking my babies from me, over and over again.  Don’t we have enough homeless dogs in shelters that are being euthanized every single day, because they are unwanted?

I have a new neighbor since early this year, and don’t get me started on him – he is a creep in many ways.  I have always had good neighbors living there over the 20+ years since I moved into this ‘starter’ home (first and probably the last with my financial status!).  But this time, I didn’t get so lucky.  Without getting into specifics, he recently came home with a puppy.  A very cute puppy, golden retriever, aren’t they all adorable, but I asked where he got it and he said ‘a breeder.’  I just wanted to smack him.  I said (and yes, I am very honest, to a fault) ‘another strike against you Scott’.   I just can’t believe that in this day and age, people are still buying from breeders.  Do some research!  I’ll bet you can find the dog breed you wanted, or something very close, in a rescue, or shelter.  Save a life!  Each time we allow an animal – dog or cat – to breed, there are hundreds, thousands more being put to sleep every day in a shelter because they are unwanted.  Shame shame shame.

That's my opinion.  That’s my rant for the day.

Little feral black kitten, DAISY, is now in the custody of a kind woman and her daughter in Fairport, who will be working with little kitten to get her more socialized, which I don’t think is going to be hard to do.  She was a frightened little kitten at first, never having had human contact, but she will come around, I am sure of it.  She also agreed to take the little calico still out there, if I can catch her.  She was there with her mommy this morning, waiting on her breakfast.  So pitiful to see this, but I drove away knowing I was filling their empty little bellies.  UPDATE:  you aren't going to believe this.  Look at the picture JUST sent to me of her, with the words:  "look how calm and sweet she is already":

Holy smokes!  I am THRILLED!!!  :)

I have not seen Tuffy around, nor the black kitty that was dwindling before my eyes all summer on Seventh.  Tuffy, as of the last spotting, was not looking good.  I wish I had not put him back on the street when he was recently neutered.  I have a lot of regrets in this respect, but nothing I can do about them now.  I did see the baby black kitten on Short, the one I thought was pregnant.  Its got very tiny short legs, very low to the ground, maybe six to seven months old.  I did not see the two baby baby kittens on Seventh this morning, but did yesterday.  I did see Neck Wound Kitty on Stout come out of the garage for its meal, visibly irritated by the constant open wounds on its body.  We are figuring its has some kind of skin condition, or bug.  I wish we could get him trapped and looked at.

Which leads me to my plea – please help me to help them.  Anything you can do, your time, your donation of money toward spay/neuter and food, or just a delivery of food.  I will do the hard part, you can do the rest.  I have a fundraiser coming up on August 2nd, here it the flyer.  I would love to see you, or hear from you, if you can or cannot attend. 

Thanks for listening, and have a great day!

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  1. Fantastic news about Daisy! I hope you can get the calico baby soon. And her mama. How about both at once? Might be easy to do it that way!