Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Lowdown

Its Thursday, the day after my birthday, and I have to say it was pretty good.   Thank you to all that wished me well on my day!  Very sweet!  My co-workers at my office surprised me with six cases of Friskies cat food piled up on the conference room table when they called me in at lunchtime!  Oh boy, I must have a reputation around the office as being a cat lady, ya think?  :)  It was very sweet.  They also had banana creme pie, lemon meringue pie, and my favorite, chocolate creme pie, and pizza - for them.  I am on a diet, but managed to wolf down a piece of chocolate pie!  There are times when I absolutely hate my job, but I have to be grateful for the people that I work with, and for having a job at all.  But when that lottery hits.......................................!

Laura and I released four kitties this morning.  We trapped yesterday, she was able to transport them to Lollipop and keep them over night, and met me this morning for release.  We got two boys and two girls!  Thats FOUR baby makers off the streets!  Wish I could do this (even though I HATE it) once a week, and we would be able to get this overpopulation of homeless cats down to a small number, but I am only one person, and can't do it by myself.  Its costs money, and time.  I am very grateful to Lollipop for allowing me to be part of a grant of Friends of Lollipop so that I could trap, neuter and return over 70 cats since last spring.  I couldn't have done it without the help of Another Chance Pet Rescue, who helped me in the beginning, and of course not without Laura's help.  She has been a Godsend.  Before last spring, I was able to do it on my own, and have done MANY, but it was far and few between.  I had a tough time, and will continue to have a tough time, with transport to clinics.

The pregnant kitty I rescued yesterday morning was handed over to Linda after work, who has graciously offered to foster her.  I am still waiting on a name, and her vet results from her appointment that she has this morning.   Fingers crossed she is healthy.

Yesterday, while feeding and setting traps, at my spot on Garson, where I have had trouble in the past with the owner of the abandoned house that I feed at, where I recently rescued Big Red (Sandy), and Talkie (Sunny), I noticed the guy had come by and removed all my stuff and put it to the curb.  I went and got most of it and placed it right back, neatly, and filled the dishes with water and food for the two that I still feed there and left.  This morning, I went there, and the plastic tote was once again moved to the curb and food dishes with it.  I went back up onto the porch and placed food and water down, but left with the tote.  I had a feeling he would wind up taking it and those are too precious to lose.  The guy is a jerk with no compassion for these animals, and so we will see how this 'cat and mouse' game will go on for.  I have left him notes in the past, but he is obviously just a total jerk, or is getting ready to fix  up the house, so at that time, I will have to figure something else out even though there aren't any other abandoned houses around that spot.

Thats the scoop.  I have tomorrow off - yay - well deserved!  My next post will be a run down on all my spots, and who I am seeing out there at this point, after having rescued so many recently.  I certainly am proud of what I've accomplished in this part of the city of Rochester.    Have a great day!

"Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind." 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, I turned 39 today (or I will at 10:57 am., so says Mom)!  Really!  I swear!  I love being 39, its a GREAT age!  :)

All good news today!

I started off my birthday morning, with the help of Laura at a different location, trapping four cats altogether (well, five, I had to let one of mine go because she had already been done a year or so ago) and they will be brought to Lollipop for neuter, and then return to the city.  Laura thinks she got the pregnant one that I have not been able to get on Second.  Pray.  I then returned to the location of the kitty that I thought was pregnant on Hayward, who I believe was the one that was trapped in the house next door last week, and I got her!!  She is safe and warm in my bathroom until Linda, this kind girl who fostered Taffy last year, another pregnant cat I rescued from Grand Avenue last year, offered to foster her until she has her babies, and I will meet her for drop off later.  Here is the latest pregnant beauty that has no name at the moment - she has the most unusual markings...:

Thank God for Linda, because Another Chance Pet Rescue is stretched beyond their limit!  They just received three newborns that were dumped into an ashtray at a factory in the city.  A kind woman found them and called the rescue for help.  This is hard to see, but its a good ending for the three:

Other good news:  Harold/Stretch, who I rescued on Saturday morning, and he was adopted out Sunday by a family that was going to return him by Tuesday...  I spoke with the Mrs. last night, and unfortunately, the kitty was let out in the general population when they got home and that is when the trouble began.  I had told them the proper procedure, but they wanted to just try to see if they could just let it happen, as their one cat had already come up and sniffed at Harold while he was still in the carrier, and just walked away.  Harold is a non-agressive kitty toward others, so they thought it might work out.  After a little consulation on the phone with them, they are willing to give it another try.   I will keep you posted!

And in some other really good news, Pumpkin and Magic are getting adopted!!!  If you will remember, my friend Jessica recently lost her kitty Gxir, who's picture I posted a week and half ago.  She wanted to get two males that were friendly with each other because she has one remaining female cat that is a loner, and she wanted to be sure the new cats would have each other for companionship.  Due to the overwhelming number of kitties I had recently rescued and were in my house, Pet Pride of NY offered to take them as they would show far better there than I could on my own.  I brought them there last Friday, about a month after they were returned to me from a previous adopter that had allergy issues.  I was then notified by Jessica over the weekend of her wishes for two males.  I felt SO bad that I had brought Pump and Mag in already, but I didn't know!  She called yesterday and informed me that she and her mom are going to Pet Pride today to get them!!  YAY! 

The little kitten Paddy, who I rescued two weeks ago, is being brought in for his neutering this morning also.  To take a kitten that was born on the street, scared and lonely, and see him turn into a sweet and loving little purrball like he has become is like a gift from God.  He is ready for adoption! 

I just can't believe how wonderful all this is.  Its truly remarkable all the cats I've rescued recently and found homes for.  I think I will slow down after today, and not push my luck!

Have a great day!!! 

"If God had wanted me otherwise,
He would have created me otherwise."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Complications & Another Rescue

Its amazing how fast things change.  How I am on top of the world one moment, and the next, its all down hill.

First off, I have total anxiety today, which is what I ALWAYS feel the day before I have to TNR.  I have four more slots with Lollipop for Trap Neuter Return through the grant they graciously allowed me to participate in last spring.  Thats tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck.

Second, I got a note from the family that came over on Sunday to adopt out Stretch/Harold.  They want to return him, as he has gone into hiding, and was howling all night, his first night.  The only thing I can say about this is that its sad all around.  I wish they would give it more time, but you can't convince people to always do this.  The other sad part is that I am going to have to bring him to Lollipop.  I have no one else that will take him (anybody??) when he is returned, and I cannot have any more cats in my house at this time.

The next bit of bad news is that there is another pregnant cat on Hayward, and I believe this is the same kitty that was trapped for days in the apartment in the house next door to where I feed.  She is a very petite little kitty, and friendly, waits for me each morning, and let me feel her tiny, but I think growing belly.  I am not sure what to do with this one.

Angel/Red and Lucy are doing fine at the Finger Lakes Racetrack.  I got a picture of them this morning where they are hanging out in the rafters, eating well, still not socializing with their new 'mom', and it does take time, but they will come around.  I guess that is good news.  I would rather they do that than be on the street that they came from.  They at least have access to shelter and food - which is not guaranteed on the city streets. 

The only good news I have to share today is that I rescued a kitty from Parsells, I am calling her Alexis, and she is very pregnant - she is pictured above.  I had made arrangements with Another Chance Pet Rescue the day prior, who will take her in to foster her and her babies when they are born.  That is IF she passes the combo test which is scheduled for this morning at 9:20.  ACPR is already overloaded with kittens and still pregnant moms being fostered, so I am forever grateful to them for whatever they can take.

This is so hard for me.  I try to do so much - It seems like I take two steps forward and one step back almost daily.  Not only do I get up and feed 40 - 50 cats a day, 365 days a year, but I rescue them, I get them neutered/spayed, I try to find them homes and they don't always work out.  To take them back is the hardest part of all.  With Stretch/Harold, I could see what a really good boy he was for me.  Its just sad.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

And They're Off!

Thats what they say at the beginning of a horse race, eh?  It is appropriate for this post today, because I rescued TWO cats Sunday morning, and brought them to a girl who posted on Craigslist for barn cats, and I fulfulled her wishes!  :)  Quite proud of myself.  I was able to pick up Angel and Lucy from Second Street.  I've been feeding them FOREVER.  You will recall last year Angel was neutered, and was going to be fostered by someone, but wound up biting her because he was terrified, and he had to be let back out onto the street.   He and Lucy have always been a pair, she following him when he ran to greet me each day.



He was aptly named Angel because he would do angels in the snow when I pulled up, rolling over on his back, anticipating my arrival, and wet food, even in the worst of weather.  I renamed him this morning to Red, as in Fred and Lucy - the old Lucille Ball show?  Weren't those the characters names?  I also thought that made a more masculine name too, especially being around all the big boys, the horses, at the stables. It was a cool experience, for sure.  They were both frightened, but I am looking forward to updates from the very wonderful girl who took them.  These city kitties are now living the country life!  I got a bonus, her daughter drew me a picture too!  :)

And get this, Saturday morning, I rescued another kitty, Harold!  This is the kitty I was telling you about that I was thinking of bringing to Lollipop for adoption, and then thought I was going to bring him to the barn.  Well, it only took one day in captivity to discover what a WONDERFUL SWEET kitty he really is, and knowing that I might have TWO possible adopters coming over today to meet Daisy, Paddy and Earl, now they can also choose from Harold!  He is a true lover boy.

Can you imagine?  I rescued THREE off the streets this weekend???  I still can't believe it.  I am so happy.  I would LOVE for someone to go back in my blog, to 2008, and count how many cats I've rescued! 

The kitty that had been stuck in the apartment last week?  I pulled up yesterday, hoping that the cop made good on his word, and got in touch with the owner/landlord to let the cat out, and I heard its cry again.  I flipped.  I went on the rest of my round, and drove back and knocked on the door myself to the next door apartment.  A woman answered, and lo and behold, she had a key to the apartment.  She must have just gotten it, as she really didn't have one the day before.  I asked her to unlock the door and leave it open for a while, I did go up and see the cat at the top of the stairs.  It looked very very thin.  It was scared so wouldn't come out for me.  Later in the day, I received a call from Animal Control, and didn't mention the above, mainly because I wanted a record of it, and I wanted to be sure the cat was actually gone from the apartment, which it was because they called back to confirm they went through the apartment. 

All in all, a good weekend! 

(UPDATE TO THIS POST - several hours later...  the family that came over to adopt a kitty, I had the youngsters, Daisy and Paddy all set to show, and guess who they wanted to bring home?  HAROLD!!!  Harold, who is a few years old, has been around the block, and who I didn't have high hopes for was the chosen one!  I can't wait to see how he settles in with his new family!  GREAT NEWS!!!  So many have been rescued from the city streets of Rochester!)

Friday, March 22, 2013

OLD Man Winter...

just won't go away!  Its like a blizzard driving out there this morning.  We had another two or so inches on the ground.  Spring will come, just not soon enough.

What a morning.  This morning I had to say goodbye to Magic and Pumpkin, Vanessa's little babies, that I rescued from the streets last July, all three, when the two were just babies.  Mom was a willing bystander too.  I got them adopted out within about two months of having them, when they were just under four months old.  A month ago, they were returned due to allergies in the family.  They have been the sweetest angels, getting reintroduced to their mom, and the other kitties in the house.  Two days ago, the girl who runs Pet Pride of NY, Inc. and is an occasional reader of my blog offered to take them.  They will get far better exposure to potential adopters than I could give them, and my house is too overcrowded right now to pass that up.  The guilt and sadness are huge, but I know its the right thing to do for them, and for the others in my house.  I will follow their progress and pray that they go together, even though that might not be the case.  They have been through thick and thin together!

And in other news, as I got out of the car on Hayward, to feed the various kitties that are there waiting for me each morning, where Bugsie and Boots were just recently rescued from, I heard meowing from a distance, and it sounded muffled, like a cat inside a house somewhere.  I walked over to the house next door and confirmed that there was a cat crying inside a door.  I walked around, shined my flashlight into the windows that I could reach, couldn't see a thing, determined that a cat was indeed inside and could be stuck, went and fed the kitties at the other house, got in my car, called 911, and as I was talking, a police car pulled up behind me.  I got out, he said he just happened to be around the corner when the call came in.  A nice VERY young man.  We both determined, as we stood there talking and looking at the house, that indeed the apartment where the cat was crying from was an upstairs unlived in apartment.  He started to tell me it could be days before they are able to free the cat because they have to contact the owner by pasting a note on the door first.  If no response, then they kick in the door, so to speak.  I was flabberghasted, but before I could begin my protest, he went and knocked on the obviously sleeping neighbor's door.  After a few knocks, a woman opened the door and I could hear her telling him that she had called the landlord about the cat, and that it was very hungry, but that the landlord never did anything about it.  So the cat had been there for days.  I was overjoyed after she gave him the number, and he promised me that he was an animal lover and would get in touch with the woman landlord as soon as he got back to the office.  Poor animal.

On Second Street, as I was pouring food and water on the porch of the nice Spanish man that lives  across from Paul's house, who has his own indoor cat, and calls me 'mama' (I think he forgot my name and just started to call me that), one of the two that I know of pregnant kitties came up and started to eat.  I grabbed her by the scruff, and held her with my other hand under her big pregnant belly, and walked to her car, and just before i could open the door, she squirmed very hard, and went to probably bite me out of fear,  and I had to let her loose.  What could I do?  I felt terrible.  I pray she begins to trust me again before she gives birth, and I will have my carrier handy tomorrow, outside of the car.  If she makes it.

Have a safe weekend.

"Living involves tearing up one rough draft after another."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pussy Galore!

Thats the name of a character in a James Bond movie!  Its also the state of affairs in the kitty world right now.

Pictures below are of the kittens young Hailey had yesterday.  I rescued Hailey just last week off the street!  She had four kittens, and one was stillborn.  It was a very sad day for Julie - from Another Chance Pet Rescue, who is personally fostering Hailey.  It was a very hard thing, and IS a hard thing, to see, I am sure.  I've never seen it but I can bet you it would be very upsetting if I had.  Julie said she its paws were crossed like an angel.  Today though, Momma and kittens are doing well.  Hurray!


This is how bad I am getting, I can't remember if I shared with you that Sabrina had her babies too!  I rescued Sabrina from the street three weeks ago, and had her kittens the end of last week.  Sabrina had five live kittens, and one stillborn.  One of the five died the next day, and one of the remaining four now is not growing at all.  Diane from Another Chance Pet Rescue is fostering all of them, and was heartbroken as well.   I can't imagine any of these kitties having their babies under a porch, especially in this weather. 

All of that is good news, and sad news.   When I can rescue these cats and find them good homes, or fosters - thats the rewarding part of what I do.  Those are so few and far between.  Thank God I am a very positive thinking person.  If you could see what I see in the mornings, and were not positive about what you do or life in general, you wouldn't be able to do what I do.  Or see what I see. 

This morning, on Second Street, there is a very young cat that is very pregnant.  I can see only her silhoutte in the darkness, she has a small little body and a very heavy middle.  She dances around with her tail straight up in the air, and waits for me to leave to come to the food and gobble it up.    I had to shoo away a very large raccoon this morning.  I drove away from that spot just as sad as I could be.  Julie told me that when they give birth, that they are very loud, because of the pain.  I can't imagine this little girl on the street having her babies in a pile of dirt somewhere.  This is a heartbreaking business I am in, but I have to pull myself together in these sad moments, because I know there is so much joy in knowing all the good that comes from what I do, and from what other rescues do.  

The kitty I've mentioned that is out there, and I am contemplating bringing to Lollipop, I may have an opportunity to place him at a barn situation in Farmington.  He is a sweet, large neutered male.  Fingers crossed!

Please continue to share this blog with others, in hopes that it may spark some interest in someone who may be willing to adopt, or foster a cat.  Thank you!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Hood

Just another cold morning out there. Changed a few frozen towels, emptied a few frozen water bowls. You would be surprised to know just many cats are homeless in the city. I’ve said this before, most of you are tucked into your nice warm beds in the early hours of the morning, still dark as night out, and the only time you venture out into ‘the city’ is when you either go to work, or the public market, or you might work or live just on the outskirts, but the real hood is a scary place to go to, in daylight, in my opinion. In the darkness, at 5 am., its quiet and quite pleasant actually. No one is around, especially in the wintertime. In the summer you find a few prostitutes in the Bay/Central area, and some of the druggies sitting on a bench in the median of Central, near the bootleggers house on Second where they get their fix at all hours of the night and day, but they don’t bother me, they know me as the Cat Lady, and I’ve gotten to know a few of them if only their name, and what they might want me for. I’ve brought sandwiches, and water to a few in my time. I even supplied a blanket for a homeless guy that was sleeping on the porch of an abandoned house where I was feeding cats earlier last spring. He moved on shortly thereafter, but I am sure he was grateful for the bologna sandwich and the blanket at the time. Seven, the prostitute that greets me fondly each time she sees me, and is amazed that I can remember her baby’s name, Walter, who will be two years old this year – how could I forget – I called the police on her once when she had to be eight months pregnant and running around drunk out of her mind at 5:30 in the morning. She never knew it was me. Then there is Tamara, who is wild and crazy, but is respectful of what I do. I haven’t seen her around in a very long time, and recently Seven told me that she might be ‘back in jail.’ She was heavily into the booze and drugs – and had been in and out of rehabs before. She would cry sometimes when I would stop and talk to her, begging me for money or food. I gave her food, or a ride, but she knew I would never give her money. Don’t carry it, and don’t have it! Anyways, those are the tales of the streets, besides the cat tales… And there are a ton of those.

There is one kitty that has been hanging around for about a month or so now, on Central. He is a big boy, and I think he is neutered. He is very sweet, loves a good scratch and pat, and doesn’t belong there. I am going to try to get him tomorrow and bring him to Lollipop for hopeful adoption. He follows me from spot to spot on Central. This morning, he followed me to my car, wasn’t even interested in devouring the food like the others do. I know I can’t save them all, but I can try to do it one at a time.

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too Little, Too Late, Too Many, Too Early!

Jack, the Country Dog
(Parents:  Kristin and Darrin)
 Sometimes I say things on this blog that I probably shouldn't.  SOMETIMES.  But most of the time, this blog is for me to spew what is on my mind - its about my thoughts, my feelings, my opinions.  The worst thing is the world for me would be to hurt someone's feelings.  So, I apologize now if I ever hurt you or will hurt you with my opinions, honest!  I cherish each and every person in my life for different reasons, there are so many reasons to cherish each person in my life.  I may get frustrated with people in my life, but I don't hate, and don't hold grudges.  People have to do what they need to in order for their lives to work.  I understand that.  But I also believe that we all need to think of the consequences of our actions.  There is a bigger picture than what you see.  There is more going on than what the eye can see.

I am finding it hard to rejoice in the wins in my life.  I got a note yesterday from someone pointing out the fact that most of the kitties I brought to Lollipop have been adopted.  I couldn't even get excited!  I am focusing on too many negatives right now.  Sabrina, the cat I rescued who gave birth within a week after that lost another baby.  She has four surviving kittens now.  Pumpkin and Magic were returned to me two weeks ago after four months.  My own 10 year old puppy Thunder - we are seriously considering ending his life.  He has bladder cancer, and is having a lot of accidents in the house.  He is slowing down too, for sure.  Its a sad thing to have to watch.  And now there is Howard.

I got a note last evening from the family that adopted Howard, the eight month old boy I rescued from Second Street about four weeks ago.  I brought him to his new home maybe two and half weeks ago, and he joined a female cat that had also just been recently adopted.  Unbeknownst to the humans, the female cat was pregnant and just gave birth this past weekend.  Apparently, even before this, the female hated Howard with a passion.  There is much conflict in the house, and the two are separated.  The family now wants to return Howard.  I have since had two other cats returned - Magic and Pumpkin - due to the husband's allergies.  I also just rescued little Paddy last week.  And Earl is still the Duke, he hasn't been adopted out yet either.  And remember Daisy?  She is still with me.  I am having a hard time now - I need to get all four adopted out quick!  My house is chaotic as it is, with all the different personalities.  My own cats, they are as patient and sweet as they can be, accepting all these new cats, but there is conflict, and there are a few Time Out rooms set aside for the scrappers.  Its hard, but what am I going to do?  I couldn't leave these babies on the streets - and I most certainly cannot now bring them to Lollipop to sit in cages waiting for adoption, they are too used to roaming free amongst the warmth and comfort of my home.

I am praying this woman will think twice and give it more time.  I know that even the worst of cats will eventually learn to get along.  If anyone has any wisdom or advice, I would appreciate you passing it along so that I can pass along to Howard's mom, so that she doesn't make a decision that will upset all parties - her, me and Howard. 

Above is a picture of my pretty boy Pumpkin, who needs a loving home.  He is about 8 months old, and a very sweet and loving personality. 

Above is a picture of pretty boy Magic - Pumpkin's brother, who needs a loving home - same age, same circumstance! 

Above is pretty boy Paddy, five months old, and as cuddly as can be.  He needs a home! 

And finally, here is Earl!  Earl will do well with less cats in the house.  He is stalked daily by Scooter, the brat. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Trust Issues....

The picture above is of the little kitten I rescued last week.  I brought him for combo testing as I had plans to bring him to Petco Saturday morning for their weekly adoption event - they require that the cat be tested - the event was cancelled, but luckily, the little guy tested negative for FIV or Leukemia.  Whew!  The doc also confirmed he is about four pounds, and maybe five months old.  I have to tell you, I was thinking about this, here I take a cat that was most likely born outdoors, five months ago, that would be in November, survived throughout this terrible winter we've had, on the streets, and most likely is motherless and brotherless - he cried and cried every single morning, but wouldn't come close enough to me, and he has turned into the sweetest little boy that can't get enough affection when you hold him.  He never wants to be let go!   I can't say I would consider this cat a feral, in the feral definition.  He looks bigger than he is in this picture, and he is very thin.  You can feel all his bones on his back.  HE is waiting on a name that a co-worker's friend's little girl is going to give him.  Its a name for donation exchange!  I thought that was a pretty sweet deal, but I hope we can get a name really soon!  In the meantime, I called him Paddy all weekend in honor of St. Patrick's Day!  He needs a home, and so does Daisy, Earl, Pumpkin and Magic!

Spring has not sprung in Rochester, NY, so I continue to bundle up each morning.  My journey gets me up each day around 4 am. so that I can head out from home, armed with two eight pound ziploc bags of dry food, 2-1/2 gallons of hot water, and four large tubs of canned cat food.  I stop at 15 locations and see an average of three cats.  I downsized recently from 16 because one of the abandoned houses I fed and sheltered at was demolished.  I think about each of the really nice kitties that I recently took off the street in hopes of adoption at Lollipop - I hope you all read my post from Friday with updates.  I miss them so much.  But there are all new ones out there, and some old timers that I am not sure would be adoptable, so I continue to keep my eye on them, and in my prayers.  Another thing I can't believe is how fast a feral cat will begin to trust a human.  Do you remember the four baby kittens I saw in November, on Baldwin.  Laura was able to trap two in January, and I am still waiting on word on what she is going to do with them, and then there was one left.  I am not sure what happened to the Mom and the other little one.  I've been stopping every day since I first spotted them, and the one surviving kitten now rushes to greet me!  He went from running around the corner, to keeping a good distance from me, to now greeting me at my feet - that was this morning!  I would have to say he is about four to five months old.   Its amazing the trust a cat can give.  Have a great day.

My advice to you is not to inquire why or why not,
but just enjoy the ice cream while its on your plate.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday News

A while back, I sent around a picture of a senior dog Cassidy - 8 year old Rottie - that had been neglected due to its elderly owners and was brought to the Livingston County Humane Society, and needed to find a home.  My friend Nancy, who recently lost her dog Riley suddenly, opened her heart and home to this 'young' lady - now named Kasey, and brought her to the vet after observing a lump on her, and I wanted to share with you the news she received:  "the vet just called about the biopsy on the tumor. Kasey has breast cancer. I honestly thought it would be bad - she had a tumor removed in 2010. She said I can do a chest x-ray to see if it's traveled to the chest but honestly.....I don't want to put her thru it and I'm NOT putting her thru chemo.

They said to just watch for more growths, which they'll remove and if it's gone to her chest, watch for coughing and difficulty in breathing. They can relieve some of that with steroids but it would be a matter of time.

This poor ole girl has had a rough time. With the heavy smoking going on in that house, I'm not shocked - plus with them not spaying her."

Nancy will give Kasey as much love as she wants during her time here on earth.  Thank you Nancy!

On a slightly happier note:  I received this update from my friend at Lollipop on the kitties that I took off the mean streets of Rochester and brought them there for hopefull adoption, and at least a more safe and comfortable environment.  Here is the latest!

"Sorry it's been a while, but I thought I would send some updates!

Sunny (Talkie): Doing well, still waiting for the abandonment letter to be returned... then she will go up for adoption!

Franklin: Healing well, and available! LOVES to look at the birds out the window and be pet.

Grady: His scratch hold is up today, so he is available for adoption again! His picture online is not too flattering because he had conjunctivitis for a little while, but he is doing much better now!

Bully (Renamed Billy): Available for adoption, and his foot is now totally healed. Check out the pictures of him on the website: WHAT A HAM! <3>

Nugget: What a cute cat! She is available now too! LOVES her catnip.

Boots: Renamed Orion, he got adopted yesterday!! Now he is livin' the high life in Pittsford. He was scared and frustrated when he first came in but quickly warmed up and became a staff favorite!

Bugsy: Available at Petsmart in Henrietta!

Hopefully this is helpful and I didn't miss anyone... I hope you're doing well, and I will continue to keep you updated!"

On another note, meet Pip (thats what I am calling him for now - I have given a co-worker naming rights in exchange for a donation - his daughter will name him - hey, I'll do anything for a donation!).  Pip is the latest rescue, just yesterday.  Pip is about five months old!  I need to find him a home!


Thursday, March 14, 2013


First off, I just got the news that Sabrina, the kitty I picked up two weeks ago off Central Park that was very very pregnant delivered her babies overnight.  She had five live kittens and one stillborn.  I can't tell you how sad this made me feel hearing it.  I can't imagine a mother delivering a dead baby.  You have to wonder if these animals feel grief.  She most certainly felt pain, from what I heard.  She was a tiny kitty to begin with, and to have six babies inside her.  Unbelieveable.  I am so grateful to Diane, who was her 'midwife', and stayed with her throughout the experience, and is grieving right along with her.  And you know what?  These are tragedies, not only the stillborn, nor the birth of five more unwanted kittens, but also the irresponsiblity of HUMANS!  How can we allow animals to roam free and procreate right under our noses!  I don't care if you are rich or poor, black or white, educated or not, we must get a handle on this!  The suffering I see on a daily basis is sickening to me because it could be prevented!

And then you have the other half, the dog owners, that adopt a cute little puppy or doggy, and then decide that you can't keep it for one reason or another.  They are YOUR responsiblity!!  If you die, thats one thing, but allergy sufferers, you can get treatments - I have a girlfriend that has four cats - two she adopted from me when I needed her to, and she is highly allergic, but lives with it.  She LOVES her cats, and wouldn't think of giving them up.  You have a child?  Well, your animal is a child too!  "Product of divorce - neither party can keep her?"  Are you serious????  I guess I am on a rant about this because today I received TWO e-mails asking me to send around a note for each to try to find these poor dogs a new home.  I am not blaming the people that sent them, they are just trying to help the animal, but it saddens me, and thats the way I start my day, after seeing what I do on the streets to begin with each morning.

Someone said to me the other day 'the older I get, the softer I get'.  Thats what is happening to me because this morning I rescued the little kitten from Second Street.  He is about four or five months old.  Just a little itty bitty thing.  I will have pictures tomorrow, and I sure do have a full house now, but with the temperatures being in the teens this mornings, winds whipping over 40+ mph, I just couldn't allow this little guy that was hovering under me waiting for food to stay there.  I need a name for him, would love some suggestions.  I was thinking Pippa, but thats kind of a girls name, and I think he is a boy.

Please everyone, take a stance - make a difference, try to help in some small way - either by adopting or fostering a dog or cat, or help me to help them.

"Make the most of yourself, because that is all there is of you."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

But they're all sweet Janine...

Those are the words of my mother, I will always remember her saying this, because she says it each time I tell her about a new kitty that I see on the streets and plan on rescuing or have already rescued – or when she comes over for a visit and she sees the latest one I’ve got in the bathroom that I had just rescued that morning, or the night before (usually a weekend!).  And its true, I fall in love with each and every one.  I was just noticing the morning, after I patted the head of a large male that runs from across the street when I pull up each day on Central.  He is a sweet boy.  Most of the really friendly ones I’ve rescued this past month – they’ve all been adopted, or gone somewhere that they will be adopted – four of which are still in my house.  Two pregnant kitties being fostered by Another Chance Pet Rescue.  The latest I have my eye on is a four or five month old kitten that let me pick him up this morning.   I hemmed and hawed, and decided that I would get him tomorrow morning.  He has been elusive – he never allowed me to get to close to him, and is a crier from the distance, obviously very hungry, and knows that I have food each morning – and for some reason, when I plopped down that wet food this morning, he let me touch him ever so gently, and then I scooped him up and he became a tiny fluffy purrball in the palm of my hand.  I didn’t want to make any sudden movements, but I wanted to see what sex it was, and I think it’s a boy, but he is still too far young for me to be that certain – in the dark.  Now, what do I do with him when I get him?  He is SO SO SWEET.  But Janine, they all are…

On another note, I took Miss B. and Wally out for a car ride last Sunday.  It was a dreary day, but I knew they needed it.  Neither of them drive, and they live in such sad surroundings, both deep in the hood.  They always enjoy them selves, and get a kick out of my stories.  I always bring a little whisky for Wally, and Miss B. enjoys the little extras I bring for her - especially the piece of lasagna I made the day before that I wrapped up for the both of them to take home to eat for their dinner.  We went to a duck pond near the zoo and fed the ducks, with cat food.  We always forget to bring bread!  I thought i would share the pictures I took of them, not the greatest, but at least you can see what they look like, Miss B., Wally, AND the ducks!  :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What If?

As responsible adults, we make all sorts of “arrangements” in our lives. We make arrangements for our children, our elderly parents, our finances and our assets. Some people buy life insurance and designate godparents for their children, to ensure their family is taken care of should the unthinkable happen. Many people do not make arrangements for their pets.  Its not because we don't love our cats. They are like my children to me - I never had any human ones of my own!   So why haven't I discussed with anyone what I’d want for my babies if something happened to me - am I assuming my mother will take them all???   I think I am in denial. It’s not that I believe I will live forever or that nothing could ever happen to me. I understand that life is unpredictable, and you just never know. Still, sometimes I think people – myself included – sweep these thoughts away because we want to believe that all will be well. Usually it is.  But what would happen “if.” I don’t really like to think of that, but I should.

This was brought home to me after receiving an e-mail this morning from an acquaintance who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and she had adopted three cats that I rescued from the streets four or so years ago, and brought them out to live their lives in her horse barn and garage in the 'country'.  She now has to downsize to live with her daughter, and cannot bring them and asked for my help in finding them homes, again.

Its imperative that I arrange for my cats care should there come a time when I wouldn’t be able to. I could never leave it up to chance. I could never just live my life “hoping” that my cats would be taken in by family and if that wasn't possible, that they would make sure my cats had wonderful, loving homes with people who cherished them.  And who would feed the 50+ cats that I do on a daily basis in the hood?  Who is going to care for them?  I need to start DOING something now, rather than just thinking about it now.  I am NOT going to live forever.

I would also like to share with you a picture of a cat named Gxir.  Gxir was the 'daughter' of my friend Jess, and Gxir passed away this past Friday.  Gxir had a long and happy life, and was ready to be home with her Lord.  She will be missed.  She sure was a cutie pie.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hailey's Comet!

Please remember, my yahoo address is not working so temporarily I can be reached at

Here we go again.  Look what I rescued Sunday morning!  A very young, pregnant female.  I named her Hailey, because she was rescued off of Hayward, and its a pretty name!  Hailey walked right up to me as I lay down a little dish of food and water for a cat I saw hanging out at the corner.  When I see a cat out in these neighborhoods, I know they are strays, or ferals, and so I always place a dish of food for them.  I realise that in the daytime hours, the food and water dishes will be destroyed by mean people, so I plop a big helping of wet food for them so they get that one decent meal.  It was a struggle to get her in the carrier after I realized she was pregnant, but once in she was as quiet as a mouse.  She is in her early stages of pregnancy, but visible enough to detect.  I am so lucky to have it in with Julie's Home for Unwed Mother's (aka Another Chance Pet Rescue)...  :)  Julie offered to take Hailey, after of course, she is combo tested and given Revolution flea treatment.  So, I will be making an appointment for her this morning at my vet and fingers crossed, all will be well and she will go to her foster home tonight! 

And speaking of rescues, I rescued the third kitty from Parsells Saturday morning, Sylvester!  I drove him straight to the farm out in Canandaigua to join his brother and sister, Stanley and Sadie.  I am so grateful to Mary Ann for providing a wonderful comfortable barn for these kitties to live the rest of thier lives in - they have female sheep and their babies, and chickens to play with.  They have plenty of straw to stay warm in, and they were even fed leftover beef stew that morning! 

I just can't get over how many cats I've removed from the streets for a better life this past year.  I've done plenty in the years before that, but this year takes the cake.  I am not one to pat myself on the back, but I do so quietly today.  As my blog is titled, rescuing Rochester's cats, one at a time. 

Update on Sandy (aka Big Red) and Monkey Girl, both of which were adopted by Maree after I rescued them from the streets a few months back.  They are playing in their new cat tree - do you think they are happy??  They certainly are healthy and thriving in their new home.

Sabrina, the kitty I rescued a week and half ago from Central, who was hugely pregnant, will give birth any day now.  Her new foster mommy is ready and awaiting the birth of her babies!

Pumpkin and Magic are still looking for a permanent home.  In the meantime, I am enjoying them for their beauty, and the fact that they are true cuddlers.  Aren't they beautiful....

I also took a drive out to Scottsville on Saturday to visit with Banjo, the dog I rescued in the inner city a few weeks back.  I can't tell you how much his family loves him, and how happy he is with his new family.  And what great fun he will have this summer running around helping his new dad with chores on the farm.  He went from a chained up inner city outdoor dog who didn't get a lot of love and attention, to a comfy cushy life on a farm.  Great news! 

Have a great day!

Friday, March 8, 2013


I see so much each morning, and I rarely mention it due to all the rescues lately.  This morning, as I turned the corner from Pennsulvania onto Third, I saw a huge crane to my left - my immediate thought was oh no, they are going to tear the house down, the house that I have fed for years at, the house that I have rescued SO many cats from, most recently Bully and Grady, two of which my mother has, Mike and Gracie, and as I got closer, I realized that the house wasn't even there.  They demolished it yesterday.  I can't describe the feeling I got.  It was really a sadness, knowing all the work I went to securing warm shelters on the porch for all those cats, the bales of straw that went under the porch for the ones that took shelter there, all the raccoons I shooed away, and all the little ones that took refuge through the window into the basement.  I got out and looked around, and didnt' see any of the cats that were left that I had been feeding under the porch.  Nevertheless, I set down two bowls of food and a bowl of water on the sidewalk in front of the lot next door, and said a prayer that they would either find one of my other shelters nearby, or find this food that I lay down now.  I also prayed that they cleared the house first of any animals that could have been in the basement.

I was reminded of another situation that happened a few years back, when I was feeding at a house on Niagara, where the workers had boarded up a house with cats stuck inside.  I share with you the letter I wrote to the Chief of Police at the time, Chief Moore, after the situation happened, which will explain the circumstances.  I pray that this hasn't happened again, but I doubt it.

Dear Chief Moore,

In the spring of 2010, I contacted your office to applaud the commendable work of one of your animal control officers, Elaine Lalka, for rescuing newborn kittens inside a mattress in a boarded up house on Seventh Street in Rochester. (see my very first post of this blog).  The house was demolished later the very same day.

Today I contacted your office on a different matter and was informed I could forward all my complaint information in an e-mail to your kind assistant Cheryl and that it would be passed on to you. This e-mail allows me to express my thoughts and concerns for what I consider a tragedy of justice. For the past 15 years I have personally taken responsibility for feeding and rescuing homeless cats in Rochester. We have a severe problem in our city and I am trying to make a difference. Through the years I have found homes for many strays, lately resorting to trapping the feral and sick animals and bringing them to a shelter for care in hopes of adoption. Those that do not survive are euthanized, more humane than starving and suffering on our streets.

Recently, a most tragic event occurred. Last Friday, on October 1st, I called 311 to report a cat trapped on the roof of the city owned and boarded up house (the window with a hole was reboarded on September 30th) on 61 Niagara Street. I assumed my calls would be reported to the proper authorities. Each morning I called to report the cat was still on the roof, and each time was assured that Animal Control would be notified. On October 5th, after calling 311 again that morning because the cat was still there, I was told the message was relayed to animal control officers only two to three times, despite my daily calls.

However, Officer Lalka, who had been the responding AC officer the day before did request the boarded house be opened for the animal to exit. A day later, due to the city's delayed response to the request, a woman who similarly rescues cats, has a not-for-profit animal rescue organization called Sheperds' for Animals, is a Rochester city school teacher, and father was a sergeant with RPD for 30 years, had been monitoring the animal's condition, and at my coaxing she accessed a hole in the lower window of the house that the cat had originally gone into, to free itself from the house. Gina was immediately arrested as she was leaving, and placed in a police car for 45 minutes. Her name is Gina Specksgooer, her ticket number is 204318, and her arresting officer is K. Pitts, ID#1762. I cannot speak for Gina, but I find this situation humiliating and degrading for a person performing a humanitarian act. This aggressive cop should have called dispatch to corroborate the story of the stranded cat before arresting her. If this was perceived as an improper act she only needed to be informed as to the violation. As it stands now, she has attorney fees to pay for something very inconsequential. It was a humanitarian act, not a criminal act.

Chief Moore, summarily I have three issues:

1. 311 - calls were not relayed to animal control, specifically on 10/5

2. the police officer only had to interview Gina Specksgooer to better understand her motives and actions

3. city workers should be thoroughly checking houses for live animals before boarding them tight.

I appreciate the time you took to read my letter. My grandfather was a state trooper and I have always had respect for law enforcement. I hope you will forward my concerns to the proper department and I hope to gain whatever guidance they can offer to me.


Of course I never got a reply to this, but I hope I caught the attention of a few.  

There are two, possibly three cats that are pregnant now.  One on Second (hoping to trap again tomorrow to get her), one on Webster (I saw her this morning, very very pregnant), and one possibly on Seventh.  She is there every morning, very sweet and lets me feel her belly, and I suspect she is in early stages.

I have to travel for work early next month, and I am worried.  I need help with the kitties feeding them each day.  I am hoping I can recruit a few brave strong friends to the 50+ kitties I feed each day, breaking up the routes so that they don't have to feed at all 16 (strike that) 15 locations, and at thier own convenience - not everyone can get up that early, or brave the dark like I do!  :)  But I pray that I can get help for these four days I have to be away.  Of course I would supply all the food too!   In the meantime, I wish you a good day, a great weekend, and I hope you can make a difference in someone's, or something's life in some small way.  :)  

"You can't test courage cautiously."  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Think Spring

If anyone is unable to contact me through Yahoo (now defunct), please use the following new address: - thanks!

There isn’t much to report out there today. I am thinking spring, as there were wet towels from the snow melt, and I might have imagined that I heard a robin singing! Its very tiring to do what I do though. I can’t tell you how many mornings – this one included – that I just wish I didn’t have to go feed and could stay all warm and cozy in my bed. My little cocoon. Then I remember that these cats have no real cocoons to rest in, and are hungry and waiting for Janine, their Saviour, to come feed them and give them a pat on the head and say a few words to them.

I asked for help in trapping the pregnant kitten that I see every day now on Second, but she had no success this morning. My job was to NOT feed there, but apparently there was still food there so kitty wasn’t desperate to eat. I see a total of at least five cats running for me when I open the door each day, and those are the ones I see. There are others lurking in dilapidated garages, under porches, behind bushes, waiting for me to leave so that they can scurry over to get their morning meal. Some have to wait for their share as there are only a few bowls to eat from. My biggest fear is the mornings I don’t see pregnant kitty, because I know she will have gone into hiding to have her babies. And in a month time, I will see them. And so the vicious cycle will begin again.

Banjo update:  Here is what Banjo's new mommy has to say.  I am proud to say that I rescue dogs too!  :)

"Banjo is doing AWESOME! He is getting more and more adjusted to being in our home. He seems very relaxed and is incredibly affectionate. He just eats up all the attention he gets. He does have a habit of chewing shoes--it was hysterical one morning when he picked up my husband's boot and carried it over to his blanket; I told him, "Banjo, that's bad. Put that back!," and he got up, boot in mouth, and lumbered over and dropped it back on the pile of shoes! I thought I would die laughing! He is VERY smart and is learning things quickly. He loves Bailey and is even getting used to the activity level of my girls. We are taking him to the vet this evening and then I will be able to make a grooming appointment. I'm sad to think they will probably have to shave him because his fur underneath is so thick and matted, but whatever they have to do is another step toward him being beautiful and comfortable. We will see what they say.

I can't tell you enough how much we are enjoying him. The whole process has been very smooth. I am proud to tell you he will never again have to be lonely, neglected, or hungry (unless of course I go broke from buying his dog food--he eats like a horse!!!)"

"Don't find fault.  Find a remedy."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


If anyone sent an e-mail to my Yahoo address yesterday, I apologize - I am having trouble logging on, and as usual, these big companies are not very expeditious in correcting problems.  Its been over 24 hours now and I have not heard from them.  Any suggestions?  I cannot log in!  I have no other e-mail except for my work address.

I share with you a picture of Patric (now named Merlot), a kitty I rescued last summer from Short Street, and adopted out at the end of last summer to a co-worker and friend.  She sent me a picture of him today - its such a sweet feeling to know these kitties are off the streets and into good homes!  Here he is with his unrelated brother Mickey - it took some time for them to become 'friends', but friends now they are indeed!  Thank you Vera, for being such a great mom to your babies!

Merlot (aka Patric) and Mickey

Merlot (aka Patric)
I was able to rescue Nugget this morning off of Second. 

I have been trying to find Nugget a home for a long while now also, as she is a young girl and very very friendly.  She ran to my car every day and allowed me to pick her up and hold her inside the car to give her warmth.  She would instantly begin to purr once she knew it was safe and could feel the warmth, and kindness generating from my hands.  This will most likely be the last I bring to Lollipop for hopeful adoption due to the update I got yesterday from my friend at Lollipop: 

"Franklin is doing great. He is a cutie! So sweet, and his abscess was drained so he is looking much better.
Talkie's (Sunny's) abandonment letter was just sent, but she's doing well too.

Bully is looking better and up for adoption now, and Grady unfortunately scratched a supervisor by accident when she was holding him. When this happens we have to put them on a ten day hold (per the health department), but he will go back to the adoption floor after that!  He is a sweetie. 

I found Boots and Bugsy! They are cuties.

Since they are all strays we have to keep them, so I am not worried about the ones you bring in. However, if someone else brings in house cats they could be euthanised for space if we're full. I'm not going to tell you whether or not to bring cats in, but it's something to consider! You are the one who sees them everyday, and I am always an advocate of getting the injured cats like Franklin in to help them out!"

So, thats it in a nutshell.  I won't bring any more sweeties anytime soon due to kitten season, and the fact of cats being surrendered would be in jeopardy of euthanization because they are full.  But I am thankful for the ones I was able to get off the street for now.  I miss each and every one of them each morning when I still pull up to their spots to feed the stragglers left behind.    This Sunday I am hopeful to get one more, Sylvester, from Parsells, to join his brother Stanley and sister Sadie at the farm in Canandaigua where their new mom reports:  "Sadie and Stanley have ventured into the great outdoors! Sadie came back with a big fat field mouse,Stanley empty handed, maybe he ate his in the field! Now they are sleeping inside the barn door, where the sun hits. Just like sunbathing! I am guessing they will go out to hunt everyday now they really like the fields."

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."
~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fe Fi Fo Fum

I was reminded of Jack and the Beanstalk story this morning as I walked up to the shelter behind this guy's house that I've built for a few ferals that I feed on Pennsylvania near Third.  I've never met the man, I know he has a big truck in his driveway, and I know that he is allowing me to walk on his property to feed the kitties that live under the boards in the back of his house.  Or they take shelter there often.  This is where two years ago I trapped some feral kittens with the help of Heather, from Another Chance.  I also know the man has put out food for these cats in the warmer weather before, as there are several of his little dishes back there.  Each time it snows, there are my fresh footprints walking to the back of his house.  I often wonder what he thinks, and how long he will allow me to do it.  This morning, in the fresh snow, I saw a pair of HUGE footprints, besides mine, and thought of the giant in this fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  I will be leaving him a note when the weather is drier on his windshield soon, thanking him for his compassion. 

After recent encouragement from my friend at Lollipop that they were still short on adoptable cats and to bring in the friendly ones, I got Bugsy and Boots this morning.  I have been trying to find them both homes for close to a year now with no luck, after I got them both neutered last year when they were very young, and returned them to Hayward .  I've held them both and cuddled them on very cold mornings, as they run to my car every single day.  In fact, this morning Bugsy was on Garson where he sometimes goes, which is just a block from where I normally feed them, and upon seeing me, ran with the car (at 15 mph!) down the street to Hayward where Boots and a few other kitties were waiting for me.  He is a little cutie, and I know they both will be adopted.  

This by no means lightens my load in caring for all these cats.  I often worry about how long I can continue do this.  Money is tight.  I continue to spend well over a hundred dollars a week just for food for the homeless cats.  I don't get much in donations, but when I do you can't imagine the relief I feel.

At the Third Street shelter, the abandoned house that had the orange fence with Asbestos signs, has now been absolved of the abestos and will be torn down soon.  I continue to leave bowls of food and water under the porch of the house, and this morning left a paper plate note saying there were animals in the basement and to please check before demolishing, which I imagine would be any time now.  I am hoping, but doubtful, that these city workers could care less.  They've boarded up houses with cats still inside, so why would they care about this. 

I have rescued many many cats this past year.  It amazes me.  Yet I still feel guilt about decisions I felt had to be made, and I still continue to feed just as many cats despite all of my rescues.  There is a pregnant young girl on Second that I cannot trap.  She just won't fall for it.  There are still so many sad situations that I see,   I know I've made a difference, but its still a problem that will continue to grow if trapping and neutering isn't continued.   I wish I had more help.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger
than the brain cell it occupied."

Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet Franklin.  Franklin is a very sweet tabby cat that I've been feeding for a few weeks now on Hayward, along with Boots, Bugsy, and a few others.  Yesterday morning, Sunday, I noticed a very large abcess on his cheek, and knew I had to do something.  This morning, I swooped him up, and placed him in my carrier.  He is in my bathroom now, and will be going to Lollipop for hopeful treatment and adoption.  I will alert my friend there to keep an eye out for him. 

I have a lot of people who are opposed to me taking cats to Lollipop, a humane shelter, that has had bad statistics in the past of euthanasia of cats.   But I would say to  you to walk a mile in my shoes each and every day, where I see an average of three cats at each of my 16 shelters, thats about 50 cats every single morning, and some are tough and I know will survive another day, and then there are the sick ones, the ones who are suffering with one wound or another, and I have no other alternative for them.  Can't I bring to a vet for treatment?  IF I had the money to do that - and then what, let them back out?   To face the same danger that injured them in the first place?  I am struggling to pay my own household bills let alone feeding 50 cats every single day and I need my job, I can't be late here and there.  I am confident that Franklin will have a great chance at adoption because he is so very sweet, and so affectionate.  I am confident that they will treat his abcess and put him out there for adoption.  I'm the one that gets up every single morning, never missing a day, facing all kinds of brutal weather out there, seeing their faces when I pull up.  How do you know they aren't begging me to take them from their surroundings?  Wouldn't you be?  Or are you willing to take them?  I will continue to ease the ones that are suffering out there.  Whether you like it or not.

This weekend I also had two cats returned to me after being adopted out last November.  Pumpkin and Magic are the sons of Vanessa, the new mom I rescued from Pennsylvania Street last fall.   The woman that brought them back yesterday, due to her husband's allergies...............  (I won't say anything)......................... were well cared for.  They have to be two of the prettiest cats I've seen.  (see pictures)




Each is a red and black fluffball, their tail, as you can see, is a puffball.  I have four now that I need to find homes for - Earl, Daisy, and now Pumpkin and Magic.  Spread the word!

On another great note, I adopted out young Howard on Saturday, two weeks to the day I rescued him off the streets, to a GREAT set of parents!  I am thrilled about this, he will be a lake kitty, with lake views from just about any window he curls himself up to.  I will be happy to share pictures as they come my way.

And finally, Sabrina, the very pregnant kitty I rescued Friday morning has gone on to her foster home awaiting the birth of her babies.  Thank you Diane and Julie!!! 

Friday, March 1, 2013


I thought after the Banjo drama this week that I would have a nice quiet Friday.  Well, look who I found this morning walking down Central.  She was on the other side of the median as I was driving to my last spot on Seventh.  I, as usual, quickly spotted her and stopped my car as I would for any cat at 5 am. out on the street wandering, and placed a bowl of food and water down and she came running.  And thank God she did.  She is ready to give birth!  I have named her Sabrina for now.  I had no idea what I was going to do with her, but I HAD to get her off the street before she had her babies under a bush somewhere.   The second I got her home, she warmed up to me and turned into the sweetest little love nugget.  She is so pretty!  After rushing her in this morning to the vet to be combo tested, she will now be fostered by Another Chance Pet Rescue.  Thank you Another Chance, for giving so many cats ANOTHER CHANCE!!!

On a sadder note, I spotted a young female on Second that looks to be in early pregnancy.  She won't let me close to her though.  I must get her trapped and somewhere.  She can't have her babies on the streets!  There are so many new cats to take the place of the ones that I get adopted out.  There are so many new unspayed and unneutered cats out there.  Its so hard to do this all on my own.  Its so disappointing.  But I suppose today was a win win.  I'll take it.

I wish you all a very good weekend!