Monday, September 16, 2013

Fern and Sally

I am sure I've lost quite a few readers because my blog is mostly a lot of sad stuff about cats living on the street.  Reality.  But for those of you still reading, today is just like any other day.  My weekend tale is a sad one, for me, and its really taken a toll on me, with the tale of Leo being included in it.

Most of us that rescue and place cats think we know whats best for that cat and just do it.  If cats could talk, would they try to stop us?  Would they say, "No Mom, we like it here even though we fight with our siblings, please don't give me away."  Such is the case, maybe, of Leo.  Leo was picked up by two cousins, and was going to be a surprise for one cousin's uncle, the other's dad.  I always tell people that there will be an adjustment period, as there almost always is.  The cat will hide, but eventually come out and sniff around, and get familiar with his surroundings.  Well, Leo had not.  I made a big mistake, have made this once or twice before, in not going to the location myself and introducing the cat and human, and getting to know the home myself - to be sure its safe for the cat.  And I ALWAYS tell people to keep the cat in a small room at first.  Well, Leo got out immediately and has not been seen since early Saturday.  Nor has he eaten, or used the litter box.  He is now wedged somewhere small inside the house, and I must go there after work today to try to retrieve him.

I rescued two female cats Sunday morning to bring to Caledonia to a large barn/shed.  The man was very kind, had two cages waiting, one cage being a little less secure than the other.  Sally from Second Street and Fern from Ferndale transported easily from the carrier they were in, to the cage that was set up with food, water, blanket and litter box.  I turned my back for a second, and heard a thump.  It was little Fern jumping out of the door of the cage and landing on the floor.  And I never saw her after that.  We looked and found a hole in the side of the barn, and went out searching and calling for her.  After a time, and after I instructed the man on what to do, i.e. set food down, blanket, and call for her as often as he can - telling him her favorite is wet food and she will come running, she is very friendly and will let you hold her, and asking him to get up very early in the dark and go out with the can of cat food - after all of that, I got in my car and cried.   I think I would rather get hit by a car than to go through losing a cat like that.  Fern has no clue where she is, and poor Sally was left in the cage by herself.  My heart is sick for this situation.   I couldn't even talk on the phone to friends yesterday, I was just beside myself.  All had gone so smooth, and then so wrong, in the blink of an instant.  Thank God Kristin came with me, because later that afternoon, she went back to this location, as she doesn't live too far, and tried to look for her again.  Her next plan is to set a trap today there when she gets out of work.  I am heartsick over this.  Please say a prayer for Fern and Sally

When I got to Fern's spot on Ferndale and Webster this morning, I noticed Little Red limping across the street.  He allowed me to pick him up, by the scruff, and I carried him over to the food I placed.  He can barely walk on his good paw.  I must do something about this.  If I could only find someone to take him in temporarily, after I get him to a vet.  Please, check around for me.

I would love to hear any advice in trying to get Leo today, and also with the barn cat situation. 

In the meantime, Laura tried to trap Neck Wound Kitty again on Sunday, but with no luck.  Is he untrappable?  Ideas anybody?


  1. what a terrible ordeal for you Janine, Kristen too.The kittys might like it where they are anyway and being a barn, will locate the food and water of other animals for sure, and steal from them. My prayers for Leo, he is like little Monet, hiding a few weeks ago in your house. Dont feel this your misjudgement, there is a percentage of animal care/behaviour we have not got foersight of....... as you know I live. eat ,sleep and breathe, trial sport for my dog, but something is amiss with him the past few days, he is not right and it is taking a toll on my household. Ifeel for you, and you have my prayers. Will try to call you later. xoxox

  2. I understand why you are upset. I would be too. But then you'd tell me... Rebecca, you are doing your best, wonderful things, and your heart is in the right place. Putting your heart in the right place makes it incredibly valnerable to heart breack. I for one appreciate the risk you take in getting hurt emotionally to help the kitties. I am praying for good outcomes and quick answers.xxoo- Rebecca and Colton

  3. Rebecca put it very well! Big hugs to you, my friend!