Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bobby and Charlie!

It was a very tough weekend.  It started on Friday when I trapped two more kitties, thanks to help from Laura - who was able to get the hard to trap pregnant kitty on Webster and Ferndale.

(On a side note, my computer - this blog - is not allowing me to do pictures correctly, nor correct my own typing, so this is a poorly written post today, my apologies - I could not even add the things I wanted to add - maybe tomorrow, but there's enough here for you for today!  :))

I named her Fern, and the boy kitty that was also trapped, Dale - get it, Fern & Dale ?  So Saturday morning I had to release the both of them, and as always, its very hard for me to do.  Dale is an especially nice boy, very friendly, and this is not a good neighborhood that I had to return them to.  When I pulled up to this location, I noticed the plastic totes that had been cut into little shelters filled with straw that I had placed there a while back, when the nice spanish couple allowed me to do this.  They were now trashed and the bowls were gone.  But five kitties were still waiting for me, and I had to release these two, so I replaced the bowls and plates, filled them generously, and released Fern and Dale.  I quietly cursed the monsters that could do this to the innocent animals.

So, just after I dropped them off, I rounded the corner to Short Street off Goodman but just before that turn, I saw something in the street, in the dark, flopping around.  Sure enough, it was a precious black kitty that just been hit.  I freaked, got out of the car, got back in, grabbed my favorite kitty embroidered towel, and placed it gently but hysterically over the poor dying animal, its eyes popped out, and started to cry.  A couple came towards it, and instinctively, I asked if they had a gun because I just wanted it out of its misery.  They said no and left, I called 911, they must have laughed and I waited in the middle of the road directing traffic around and within a minute, the cat had stopped breathing.  Heartbreaking, this was.  I scooped up this poor innocent animal and placed him gently at the side of the road.  And on I went. 

I got to my second to last spot and lo and behold, on Central, there was a six week old kitten outside 'the house' I've spoken about in the past, and I just grabbed him.  The occupants were sleeping, and I would never let a baby stay there, on this very busy inner city street.  I brought him home, named him Bobby, gave him a bath to get rid of the millions of fleas on him, and thanks to Diane from ACPR, she gave me some flea med to apply to him.  He is the little red guy. 

The very next morning, I went to the same spot, to feed the six plus kitties that half are still needing to be spayed/neutered, and there was this little guy outside, in the dark, all alone, outside 'the house' with the occupants sleeping.  This little guy is about 14 weeks old.  I named him Charlie, brought him home and washed the many fleas he was covered with, applied flea med, and look at him now.  Two gorgeous little boys needing homes!  And lets not forget Monet!  They are three of the sweetest little treasures - and I am so thankful I was able to swoop them up out of the danger they were in.  Of course my little niece Hanna just had to spend the night with the new kittens!
If anyone is able to help out with these precious babies, I sure could use it.  Either foster or adopt, you've got yourself flea free, litter trained, and cuddly little babies, any one of them.  Monet has already been neutered and given his shots.  Please, spread the word. 




  1. OMG Janine - what an exhausting and rewarding weekend you had!! While others are enjoying the long holiday weekend with picnics, etc., you and Laura are out there saving more lives. We are all so grateful to you two. We love you. Nancy C.

  2. Hey Janine, what a weekend for you...
    I'm a little concerned about Charlie - he's got that lethargic look. Could just be anemic from fleas, or perhaps he's got a fever. Do you keep them separate?

  3. They are sooo cute!!! Love the pic of Bobby on the shoe. Your niece is a cutie, too. :)

  4. Charlie lethargic ? hah ha,
    Charlie bit me and ran up my leg the day I saw him, looks great to me "Ouch Char-lee, that really hurt " ;)