Friday, September 13, 2013


TG.  We wish our lives away just waiting for Fridays to come.  For me, a weekend consists of half a day.  Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning still begins at 4 am. when I get up to get my own brood fed, and then myself caffeinated enough to go out the door at 5:10 to feed at 16 stops for the next hour.  I then come home, prepare the food for the homeless cats for the next day, and think about what I want to cook, as I quickly browse through cut out recipes before heading to Walmart for canned cat food, and then over to Wegmans for the rest of my list.  Once I return home around 8 am., I have a little breakfast and then its off to the races!  Meaning, the next three hours I spend cleaning my house from top to bottom.  And that's just surface stuff.  I wish I had an organizer to come over to my basement, and closets, and tell me what to get rid of!  I can then (MAYBE)  relax the rest of the day, before Sunday comes when I begin my early morning all over again, and MAYBE go back to bed for an hour, if I can fall back asleep!  The rest of the day is spent fixating on having to go to work the next day, besides trying to make my yard and garden a showcase while its still summer, in my dreams.  But this Sunday, I am hoping to rescue two females from the streets and bring them to the barn in Caledonia where they will hopefully live out the rest of their lives in the country, rather than fighting for their lives on the very mean city streets.

Laura was out there at the crack BEFORE dawn today trying to trap Neck Wound Kitty (Nicky) with her drop trap.  I don't think she had any luck, as its now 6:45 am., an hour and a half since I passed her, and no call from her.  I just don't know what to do with this - even the Queen of Trapping can't get him.  He just won't fall for a trap, yet he is suffering so much.  I've watched this for years and it breaks my heart!

I will have some updates for you on the recent adoptions I've placed hopefully over the weekend.  I also received a call from a friend named Bob who has helped me in the past with shelters.  His uncle's cat passed away and he was wondering if I had any adult cats that need a good home.  I racked my brain thinking of the street cats that need a home - and then looked at Leo sitting in front of me.  Leo is quite agitated with the other cats in the house, and I think he would be perfect.  So, Bob may come over with his cousin on Saturday and hopefully fall in love with Leo!  Leo was dumped by a family that moved here for a year or so in my own neighborhood.  I fed him and held him in the coldest part of this past winter, and finally had him neutered, de-flea'd and brought him inside.  He is a sweet boy, but I think needs to be the king of his own castle.  Wish me luck, and... have a great weekend!!!



  1. I know what you mean about Sundays and work, that is why Saturday is my favorite day, work (day job)is not on my mind. I never had a job before where I SO looked forward to TGIF, but the downside is that Monday is coming too! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Oohh, I met Leo at your house Janine, he is a sleek black beauty, I hope it goes ahead for him. Yes, the dread of Monday starts on a Sunday around noon.....Jeepers, if L. Burns cant trap him, then it is officially impossible.....this will probably not stop either of you, to outwit :Mr neck wound kitty" :) love you girls so much. oxox

  3. I'm crossing my fingers for Leo! He sure is handsome.