Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hooking Up

I passed one of the hookers that I usually see on the corner of Bay and Seventh - I hadn't seen this one, she was white.  They are usually older black females, and not the prettiest girls in town, and you have to wonder who these guys are that are feeding their habits by allowing them in their car for five or ten minutes those early mornings.  I remember one girl named Tamara, I used to occasionally bring her sandwiches, and listen to her - she was always down about what she did.  She was always drunk too.  I would tell her that there was hope out there, that she didn't have to continue doing what she did.  I gave her a ride once, after she had been out all night hooking, she needed to go to her 'home', whatever that was, to sleep.  Then there is 'Seven', who had her little baby Henry while she was still walking the streets.  I still see her out there, she gives me a big hug, I ask how Henry is doing, she babbles on like a good mother, but boy, that little boy, can you imagine his life...  They all know who I am, they never bother me, except to ask if I have a cigarette or some change if we happen to cross paths, which is rare.  They call me the cat lady and tell me God will bless me for what I do.

All is well, everyone was out in full force this morning, the kitties I mean.  All were waiting for their one meal a day.  No encounters with the raccoons, which I want you to know that I am always super careful doing what I do, and am a good raccoon spanker, I have it down pat so that they would never be able to retaliate!  I have them running for cover!  :)

Little Red is getting less shy each day.  Today, he actually got down from my lap, went to his food, gobbled a little, and came back to me and rubbed against my leg!  So sweet.  He is going to make someone a very special companion.  Please spread the word about him.  He needs to get out of the tiny bathroom I have him confined in.  PS, he tested negative for disease!  And he knows how to use the litter box, its AMAZING for an animal that has lived on the streets its whole life to know immediately what that box of litter is to be used for.  Amazing. 

Leo walks around the house as if the nightmare that he put me and a few others through last week never happened.  He still smells like dust.  Even though I did wipe him down.  Yuck.

Have a great day!


  1. Good work with little Red janine, I would love to have him as a friend to my Sandy and Monkey, but they are an old married couple together out in their cosy retreat, I dont think Sandy wants to share he's much younger and very pretty "wife" with anyone, except me. I often feel a pang of guilt for the others out there, the two you gave to me have taken to being indoors so well, they dont ever try to leave their beds and play all the time with toys. :)

  2. What a life those poor women have chosen. :( After all they've seen they still have compassion for the animals.

    Glad to hear that Little Red is acclimating to being indoors. I like the name Toby. :)