Thursday, September 19, 2013

We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. ... We shall go on to the end. .... Churchill.

Leo is home.  (do I hear big sighs of relief?)  I have never felt such emotion (who am I kidding, yes I have - remember when Monet was missing?  hee hee) - from total despair, to sheer elation, all in a matter of minutes.  I left work early yesterday, after getting a call from the homeowner where Leo had been stuck in his heating ducts since Sunday, that his HVAC guy had ripped open the bottom of a duct and out flew Leo, leaving quite a few scratch marks on the poor man's arms, and he flew into hiding from that point on.  They couldn't find him, but at least he wasn't in the ducts any more.  When I went over there, I searched from top to bottom of that room, and could not locate him.  I called some friends to come help, and Kristin was on her way.  I went up to talk to Mike for a bit, and then said, I am going to go try again.  As soon as I started down the steps, there to the side, on the ledge, in the dark, was a set of gold eyes staring at me.  It was Leo.  I looked at him, he at me, and I slowly lifted my finger to him, and set it on his nose, then up to his head, and then in a half a split second grabbed him by the scruff, immobilizing him, and carried him to the awaiting carrier.  Wow.  Unbelievable.  I went from believing he was dead, to scolding him, telling him he was a bad boy, and then promising him I would never do that again.  I would never give him away to anyone again.  He is my love.  He sure was dirty, and she sure did smell of dust and God knows what else, so I sponged him clean and he did not leave my side the entire night.

I am so thankful for all the prayers that you all said.  I would like to do something kind for this man - he went through an ordeal of his own.  I will ask his son what gives him joy.  He lost his other son in his early 20s due to an aneurism, and then his wife died and recently his 20 year old cat.  He deserves some joy, and I must figure out a way to provide that for him, for all the trouble he went through. 

I will have updates for you on Sally and Fern at the barn in Caledonia, and an update on some of my recent adoptions.  My little Monet, my little Cricket, my little Bobby and Charlie!  :) 

I did see Neck Wound Kitty this morning - I did not see Little limpy Red.   In fact, by my 9th stop, I had fed 25 cats already.  And I still had another 7 stops to make!  There are oh so many homeless cats on the streets, and some of them are so friendly and would love a chance to have a warm home this winter.  I must get some more pictures to post. 

Thank you Jesus!  :)  Have a great day!


  1. Yaaaaay ! what else can I say ? big smiley face to you and kitty and adoptive samaritan. Prayers answered oxox

  2. will try for NWK tomorrow - good news!

  3. Praise God (and Janine)!! Soooo glad Leo is safe & sound. Now you can sleep alittle easier. Nancy D.

  4. Hooray for Leo! Praise God for answered prayers. What a relief!! :D