Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Rescue from the Streets!

Little Red
Its Little Red, and boy, he doesn't look happy.  I hope he lightens up, he doesn't know how good he could have it!  Little Red is from Webster and Ferndale - I've been feeding him for two years now - he was hanging at abandoned house that was torn down, that was next to the Devil Man's home/storefront.  I then fed him, along with a cast of others, in the empty lot where the Devil Man tore down shelter after shelter, until I had to beg the Puerto Rican couple on the corner to allow me to shelter them, only to have them kick me out too.  Little Red had been limping the last time I saw him, and I didn't see him again until this morning.  I grabbed him, and chucked him in his waiting chariot - I mean carrier.  :)   My friend Kristin, after consulting with her saint of a husband Darrin, offered to take him and get him treated.  He is not a happy camper in my bathroom right now, but from what I can observe, it almost looks like a bullet wound on the side of his front leg.  I am going to give him the day to calm down a bit, he is hiding behind the toilet and looks a bit mean - so I will tend to him when I get home from work today.

Laura is out there, like a trooper, again this morning trying to get the elusive Mr. Neck Wound Kitty.  Please Nicky, let us get you some help!

Speaking of help, I will be coming home early to get my little Cinnamon, wrap her up in a blanket, bring her to Dr. Boehm, and say my final goodbye to her.  I am so thankful to a couple of people that spoke to me yesterday about her that sometimes animals can't tell us when they are in pain, and I suspect that Cinnamon may be, just from the way she walks, and that made me feel better.  Because she is still eating, she is still walking - barely, and she still comes
up to bed every morning for that cuddle.  She looks at me with so much love.  Its going to be heartbreaking, but I must do it, for her.  I love you my little Cinnamon.

Cinnamon a/k/a Cinny - 9/19/13


  1. Now I am crying and I've never even met Cinny.

  2. I'll be thinking and praying for you this afternoon Janine. It needs to be done - poor Cinnamon. But what a life he/she had!! Nancy C.

  3. I want to come back to earth as one of Janine's kittys , it is true "what a life it is for a kitty at J's house" xoxox

  4. Fly high, Cinnamon. <3

  5. Sweet little Cinnamon! I'm praying for you, for a peaceful goodbye, and a joyous reunion for Cinnamon and Sugar today. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could see it?