Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go

I've seen so many little ones over the years disappear.  I can't tell you how many, but I was thinking about one in particular this morning as I got out of the car to feed Rollo, Cedric, and the usual Prince (who has not be around for two days now), and I remembered the very mean, hissy fluffy grey kitty that first started showing up on Second Street behind Paul's house, and then moved down to the Central Park location.  I was terrified of him, but I shooed him away each morning long enough to pour the food and water.  He was probably more bark than bite, but he looked evil.  I haven't seen him in over a month now.  I wonder where these poor souls end up.  I pray they are good, but you know the likelihood of that.

Angel Laura wrote me yesterday to say that she would take the emaciated kitty on Central to have her checked out at the vet, so my intention was to get her this morning.  She had recently been spayed, and returned to the streets.  As I pulled up, I didn't see her, but I did see this:

Another kitten from the house on the corner.  I believe this kitten is Charlie's brother, as they look to be the same age.  It was a little shy, but I could touch his head and body while he went to gobble the food.  This kitten has no business being out on this busy street.  If someone is willing to take the little guy, I will grab it.  Its a pretty little thing, that's for sure.  Aren't most greys boys?  I did, however, get the emaciated kitty, and she is on my porch now awaiting Laura's pickup!  She is a SWEET heart.  Very young also, but clearly a very young teenage mother at one point.

Before I drove away from another location this morning, a car passed me and the driver was staring at me, and I thought 'what are you looking at?' and then I thought, if it was me, and I saw someone out there doing what I do, I would do the same thing.  But then I thought, if there were more people doing what I do out there, it wouldn't look so crazy!

Then I thought about Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescue.  She lives in the city, and feeds ferals/strays on her porch, and provides them a shelter.  She also has taken on the responsibility of having them neutered and spayed.  Even though she has no money either.  If EVERYONE did something like this in Rochester, and in every city across the world, we would have a controlled animal population.  Even if it were every OTHER person, there would be less suffering.  Think about it.  Go get a bowl of food, a bowl of water, and place it outside YOUR door.  Make a little shelter out of a plastic tote, place some straw in it, shelter the shelter.  Help keep at least one cat fed and warm this coming season. 

Here are a few more pictures of some of the babies that need homes out there:

"Don’t promise when you’re happy. Don’t reply when you’re angry. And don’t decide when you’re sad. "


  1. Yay for Laura, she is as knowledgeable as any Vet, she will know just what to do for that kitty. I wish too, that more people would just do one thing for these cats, water is free, so is allowing the cats a place to shelter would mean so much to the kittys .

  2. What sweet babies! sigh. Glad you could grab the skinny one for Laura, an angel in deed!