Sunday, September 29, 2013


Meet my latest rescue!  This is the little grey (with white) kitten from the Central Ave. location that is teeming with kittens and cats.  I first rescued the half dead calico that was lying on the porch in the summer amidst several adults, then little Bobby and then little Charlie!  And now Greybo!  He has been out for several days on a very busy street corner in the city, and I just couldn't allow that to happen for another day, not under my watch.  I have picked up too may adult cats, let alone this little 8-10 week old mostly grey with white on his chest and feet kitten.  Is he not the cutest little guy??
I could not rescue this little guy without knowing I would have some relief.  My neighbor Tracy stopped by on Thursday to tell me if I was able to get him, she would foster him indefinitely.  That was all I needed.  Any more kindhearted folks out there willing to take the chance to get yet another kitten or adult cat off the street and into a good home before the winter sets in?

It was a very busy weekend indeed.  No rest for the weary, for sure.  I rescued Greybo on Saturday morning, and Sunday, I brought Little Red - now named REDFORD - to his new home in Webster.  I am on pins and needles to hear how he did his first night.  Redford never got over his shyness with me, even though it got much better than when I first took this kitty from Webster and Ferndale who I had been feeding for a couple of years, through thick and thin.  He had been limping and that was when I decided to do something about it.  He took a trip to the vet the next day, and since his antibiotic injection, he has healed up quite nicely.   So thank you Nancy, and Craig, for taking in yet another of my rescues!  Redford joins another of my blog subjects who I wrote about for a long time, Mr. Whiskers from Sixth Street!

I also had the honor of meeting a girl who has recently begun reading my blog.  Sheryl does something extremely wonderful, as a part time hobby.  She tries to reunite lost cats with their 'lost' owners.  So many people out there have had their pets go missing, and Sheryl now has a new avenue to check out which is my blog, where I try to post pictures of strays I feed frequently.  I was hoping two of the kitties I feed were two lost kitties to two lost owners, but I don't think it was a match.   Sheryl did a ride along with me this morning, and she is either crazy, or is very brave, but either way, I was grateful for the company, and for her insight.  I've had the honor of just a handful of people tag along with me in the morning - its so important to me for people to really know what I do when I venture out at 5 am. into the hood, feeding over 50 cats each morning, to feed them their only meal of the day, until I arrive the next morning.  Some of us may never know the feeling of an empty belly and what that meal means to the starving street cat. 

Thank you for continuing to read my blog.  Have a blessed day!

"You'll never accomplish anything if you don't believe
you can do it."


  1. Greybo is so adorable!! I'm a sucker for gray and white cats. And black ones and orange ones, etc. ;)
    Glad you and Sheryl got together! I think she's pretty brave!

  2. Boy does he clean up well. I've been told I do too! And I'm not sure BRAVE is the right word... naive, maybe or just plain dumb :)