Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Barn Kitties

I heard from Denny the other day and he told me all was going fairly well.  If you will recall, Fern, from Ferndale, got out of the cage I placed her in within the first five minutes, and I was devastated, thinking about how she would be lost forever in the country, not knowing where she was, and Sally from Second being in the other cage, alone, never getting to know Fern.  But Fern wound up coming back from hiding that day, and Denny and his wife have been able to hold her.  She is getting to know the country shelter she will live out her days in.  Sally was let out of her cage on Sunday, and immediately bolted upstairs to the upper half of this large garage/shed/barn.  She was heard walking around, but she knows where the food is, so I pray I hear good news about her.

Little Red is coming along fine, but I am wondering how I can get him from being so very shy, to being a little more bold.  He just seems frightened to death right now, with his tail between his legs each time I hold him.  He loves my scratches, but the second I put him down, he runs behind the toilet.  His wound is not healing as well as I thought it would.  Might have to call the vet today to see if this is normal.  Here are a few photos of him:

I would love to find Little Red a better name.  I am open to suggestions!

On my way down Parsells at 5:15 am. this morning, on my way to my first stop, I saw a kitty on the cortner, and as usual, hopped out to bring it some food and water.  As I got out I saw a black woman standing there trying to talk to the kitty, so I walked up and I said something like - 'oh you like kitties!' - something dumb, as usual...  :) - but she responded that she loved kitties, and that she wanted one - she - Cheryl a/k/a Butters - said she lives at 470 Grand and was moving in October and she was hoping to get an indoor kitty.  I told her she had her pick in this neighborhood but she said she has cats come on her porch but that they were either a neighbors, or feral.  I told her I would keep my eye open.  I actually have one in mind!  I cleaned out my garage the other day and found I have a LOT of cat carriers, so I may be bringing her a new kitty in her very own carrier! 

Below are various pictures of some of my shelters that I took this morning - have a great day!
Garson Ave - where the mean person keeps removing the bowls

Hayward Ave - still a work in progress

Kitty on Hayward

Sixth Street Garage - I feed at least six cats each morning here

Pennsylvania & Fourth Streets Shelter

Pennsylvania & Fourth Street cats (middle one is the kitten - on the right is the new mother

Pennsylvania & Second Shelter

Central Park Cats (bottom one is emaciated - all are friendly, all need homes)


  1. great photos Janine, it makes such a difference when I can actually see how these poor creatures live, it is so very much day to day for them, how can you and they know if their food and water supply, shelter, will still be there tomorrow ? they are all so in need, and deserving of a life without this constant struggle on the mean streets. God bless you.

  2. hope you can snatch that Cenral Ave skinny!

  3. Hope you can trap and help the emaciated kitty on Central - doesn't look like it was feeding yet. God Bless...