Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leo - DAY 4

For some of you who may misunderstand why I occasionally repeat what I do on a daily basis, its because there may be someone new to reading this blog and I want them to know what I do, without having them go back to the beginning, which I wish you all could do, so see what I've done over the years even since I've been writing this blog.

As I went drove this morning, with the usual dread I feel about going out into the dark at 5 am., to stop at 15 or 16 locations, where there are an average of 3 cats waiting for me, for their one meal of the day, I actually was glad I was doing it today because it takes my mind off of the constant sadness I've felt since Sunday when Leo got into the dark recesses of the heating ducts at what I thought was going to be his new home.  This man has been very patient, but not as fast as I would have been had it been my home.  Granted, he may suffer some structural damage ripping apart those ducts, but its MY BABY LEO stuck in them, scared to death, literally, if he is not dead already.  He has not eaten since the meal I gave him Saturday morning before he was handed off to Mike's son, who thought he was doing a good deed for his dad after he had lost his cat of 21 years old.

I placed a call to John Betlem heating and they told me there was nothing they could do.  If I owned a company and heard about a cat in distress, I would at least go to the house and see if I could help.  I also placed a call yesterday to a fireman friend (I thought the fire department could help me, but no, they don't do cats) who told me I had to go through the proper channels of calling 911 who would then call animal control, who did go to the house to assess the situation - they managed to close off portions of the heat ducts, but the cat won't budge, and had crawled into an even smaller pipe.  I went there again after work and spoke softly to him, I brought him some nice smelly smoked salmon I had sent to me from family in Alaska, it was very quiet in this basement, but I didn't hear a peep from him.   They swear they saw him with a handheld mirror through the pipe, but if my boy won't come to me by himself, I believe he is dead.  I am sick over this.  Just sick.  What a horrible feeling it is to not be able to rescue an animal in severe distress.  I pray this man wakes early, and calls his friend over to dismantle the floors.  If anyone can offer their services, I would appreciate it.  Please.  Please say a prayer for Leo.

Neck wound kitty was not trapped, Laura was unsuccessful again yesterday morning.  He was there this morning waiting for me, but he is untrappable.  And little Red, on Webster and Ferndale has not been seen since I saw him limping two days ago.  Prayers for those guys too.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I am surprised Leo has not been rescued yet, even one of those long stick/noose thingy's could not get him ? I spose if water can be somehow placed in his tiny hiding spot he could stay there for quite a while.... sorry this has happened to you and all concerned Janine, you are doing everything you can, that we know. Prayers for y'all.

  2. Still praying for poor Leo! He'll come out! He's just scared.