Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leo - Day Three (and a half)

I never thought my heart could be so heavy - and I never thought I could be this numb - numb enough to have picked up another dead cat in the road this morning - on Pennsylvania and Fourth - and not feel much emotion.  I laid the poor, red colored, emaciated body - which I wrapped in a soft towel - in some bushes, so that it would not be hit over and over.  What ever scumbag did this and drove off will be judged for it in the end.  I have no doubt.

Before I get to Leo, Fern, the female kitty I 'rescued' Sunday morning from Ferndale and Webster, and brought to the barn in Caledonia who then escaped from the cage I placed her in to get acclimated for a week in along with another female, Sally from Second Street, has been found.  I was sick over this the entire day of Sunday, and this kind man Denny called me and e-mailed me saying that she was safe and sound.  I don't think they will place her back in the cage, thinking that she will now stick around as she knows where the food is.  I wish I could convince him to keep her safe in the cage for now, but I can't control that situation.  I have to have faith.

LEO (left)

Faith is not with me as I deal with the Leo saga.  I feel overwhelming guilt for giving him away on Saturday.  Not knowing how frightened he would be.  I went to this kind man's home last night after work to see if I could coax Leo out of the fiberglass heating duct that he was last spotted in, but to no avail.  "Mike" called a family friend who is in the heating/cooling business, and he kindly came over and they spent the next hour or so downstairs in the basement while I waited patiently for any word outside.  It was like my child was stuck in a well, or in a mine.  I prayed over and over.  Finally, theyh came out to tell me that he had gotten into the part that they hoped he wouldn't, Mike thought he had sealed it off so that he couldn't get further into it, but he was there, alive - and seen - but he wouldn't come out.  They unscrewed the heat registers to a room which would be his only exit, and I set a trap, left there, and here it is, 12 hours later, and still no word.  He hasn't had a bite to eat since Saturday morning when I fed him just before he left.  I am just heartsick.  If anyone knows anyone in that business, and would be willing to come over and try to figure out how to get Leo out, and do it pro bono - I would be forever grateful.  In the meantime, please say a prayer for Leo.

On another sad note, Penny - the pregnant cat my mother took in earlier this summer - who delivered three babies, two that died, and Katie, survived, is gone.  My mother let her out with her collar and bell in the morning - Penny always stayed right there at the house - and never returned.  The neighbors heard an awful noise around that time out back.  Penny has been like clockwork coming home, and its now two days.  She is gone.  My mother is convinced.

Laura is out again trying to get Neck Wound Kitty - Nicky - and I did not see little Red this morning - with his injured paw.  I was ready to get him, but no sign.

And to get all the cards out on table, I am going to be making an appointment to have Cinnamon put to sleep today.  She has stopped eating the little she was, and is now vomiting up what she does.  She is nothing but skin covered bones, and she is suffering.  My little girl (who really is a boy).  I've loved her for 16 years now - her brother Sugar will be waiting for her. 

I apologize for all this sadness.  This blog is sort of a personal diary, and this is sort of cathartic for me.  I find it hard to discuss my sorrow with others, so I write it out..  Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh Janine - I'm so sorry for all your sorrows. You seem to have more than your usual heavy load. Cinnamon will be at peace; you have to do what is best for the poor kitty. Leo got into that spot; he'll come down. Snowflake didn't get fed for 5 days when he got out. They're pretty resilient. I'm sending prayers your way today. Love you, Nancy C.

  2. Hi Janine. Like Nancy, I too am so sorry that your load is SO heavy right now. I know you are having a hard time having faith about Leo, but I truly believe he will be just fine and come out when he is ready. I believe this from the bottom of my heart. Take it a minute at a time today. xoxo

  3. We all have the same thought on this Janine a big :( face. Cinamon, still a gorgeous looking kitty, his/her coat long and pretty till the very last, but as light as a feather, an exceptional age for any kitty to be loved by his person xoxoxox

  4. Awww, I'm so sorry about Cinnamon. I know you've been dreading this day for quite a while. I've been thinking of you all day and praying for you and Cinnamon. As well as Leo and the other two cats. Things will work out for them and God is watching over them.