Thursday, September 5, 2013


Sixth Street Garage - Six Kitties
I knew I would hear at least one negative comment about the decision I made to end the life of one of my very own precious ‘children’, Earl.  The only thing I will say about that is ‘walk in my shoes for one moment and you will see how I must make my decisions – it may not be the way you would handle one of your ‘children’, but it’s the decision I had to make at that moment.  If life were different, and there was more time, it might be a different decision.  Again, you need to walk in my shoes to know how and why I make the decisions that I do.  And that’s that.  I mourn Earl every moment, just like I mourn my dog Thunder still, and the loss of at least six of my long time babies that I’ve had to had euthanized in the past six months.  So again, lets not judge until we know all the facts.

Life on the sttreets is not fun these days. Never was, but now its even more stressful.  At one of my spots, on Webster and Ferndale, where the ‘kind’ Spanish couple allowed me to feed on their property, next to their driveway, have now given me the boot, and the neighbor on the other side, the ‘kind’ young man that works at Petsmart, he and his gang have destroyed the shelters I had placed there, and have now been trashing even the paper plates and bowl of food and water I left in their grass hidden under a bush the other day.  Nice guy – sure you are.  He and his druggie friends had better watch it.  I have never experienced a group of people living so close together that are as evil as they come, to take away food and shelter for these poor miserable animals that I have been trying to get neutered and spayed.  And along comes CRAZY Marilee, the nutcase who doesn’t believe in cats being spayed or neutered.  She tells me I am killing the cats by feeding them there.  That she is feeding and sheltering them at her house, a block down the street.  She called me and left a rambling message at one point a while back.   I need to figure something out for these poor souls, they have no where to go but to starve to death if I stop feeding there.  I am sneaking on their property now just to place paper bowls to feed these hungry babies.

The other problem is the people on Central Park, where I am feeding on paper plates also because they destroyed my shelters there, and trash the food.  This is where I’ve rescued three baby kittens already.  Bobby, Charlie and the little calico being the first.




The photo above is on Sixth Street – where I feed at least six cats daily.  This pathetic garage will soon be freezing due to the many gaps in the walls and ceiling, and windowless windows where the snow will soon whip through. 

Why would God create these precious animals, only to have them suffer like they do?  It really saddens my heart every day knowing they struggle so much to survive day to day.  And then you have these cruel people trying to make their lives even more miserable.  I just don’t know… 


  1. It distresses me to read any comments that question you Janine about the cats, more so when it is one you have kept in your home for years. On a daily basis you justify and placate unsympathetic people in the streets that have ill will toward you and the cats.Your honesty and sadness about all these cats that you share on your blog is necessary, to keep people aware, but leaves you open to debate on your decision, be it right or wrong.......For all that you do, "They", all of them mentioned today, Just wont cut you any slack will they ???? soldier on my friend, you know what your doing.

  2. Do you think that boy really works at Pet Smart ? because I know a store manager in a Pet Smart that would be interested to know about this and point me in the right direction to make personnel aware.....

  3. One should not shove their opinion on another, when an irreversable decision has already been made and followed through on, it serves no purpose other than to gratify in some way, the donor, of that belief/opinion . Sorry for all the shelter trashings, we will build more.

  4. Janine, I feel bad that someone mad you feel even worse about an already incredibly hard choice you had to make. Nobody has the right to sit and pass judgement on you, especially not knowing all the details. Judging you after the fact on a decision that cannot be changes or reversed serves no helpful purpose at all. I was sad and upset to hear that you put him to sleep, and it isn't the choice I would have made, but it wasn't MY choice to make, no MY situation to be involved in. Nobody can understand what your personal finances are and how tough things are or what a struggle you are going through unless they are living it. We don't have to all agree with choices others make, but making you feel bad after an already bad experience doesn't solve anything or help anyone. Just my humble opinion, for what it is worth. Julie

  5. Agree with all the above entrys, you should have been allowed to grieve in peace Janine.

  6. Janine, you did what you had to - under ALL the circumstances that only you know. NO ONE should question it, nor give their opinion as to what THEY would have done. THEY could have taken Earl in when you got him and were looking for a home. You are the most compassionate, caring person I know. I love you for it and would NEVER, EVER question your decisions regarding the kitties. Nancy C.