Monday, September 9, 2013


NOTE:  This is what I wrote yesterday, Monday. 
Once again, Blogger is causing me problems!!  :(  Wanted to share pictures with you too, will have to see how it goes in the morning.)
Monday, AGAIN.
It was a chilly morning this morning in the hood.  I had thoughts about having to get my shelters, the ones that are somewhat secure, ready for whats coming.  WINTER.  COLD.  SNOW.  The UNSECURE shelters are Spot #2 Parsells, where the guy John has allowed me to feed there since last spring, a year ago, when I had to move my stuff from Grand Avenue because of the evil people there.  Another unsecure spot is on Webster and Ferndale, where the ‘kind’ Spanish couple have now booted me from their property, and someone from there is picking up the bowls I leave there each morning and trashing them.  I had a few kitties neutered there, including Little Red, a red buff pregnant female, and a small teeny tiny black female.  I found someone looking for two females for a barn situation in Caledonia, and ideally would like to get the little red buff female and the teeny tiny black female from here for this.  At least they would know each other.  If not, I need to find a semi friendly female at another location, which I have a few in mind.  This  will all take place next weekend, hopefully.  Two more off these evil streets of Rochester.  A third iffy location that my shelters are in jeopardy are always the houses that may be torn down, and the abandoned garages that may be visited by the owner of the property, who doesn’t like cats, like the guy on Garson.  Here, they are lifting my bowls daily now, again.  But Casey, and two others are waiting every single morning there for me, and I won’t give up feeding these poor animals.  People are evil.  To pick up food  that a starving animal depends on and trash it is evil.  To trash a 2X3 ft. plastic tote shelter with straw in it, to keep one cat warm and safe, to sleep in - the only comfort it has in its life, that’s evil.
My friend Jessica’s dad made me two shelters and I got them this weekend.  What kindness this family has shown me.  Their grandmother purchased food for me, as she does occasionally, and its just the sweetest gesture from this 90+ aged lady from England. 
On Friday I had two kitties awaiting for me on my porch when I returned home from work.  Laura had trapped them and brought them to the clinic, they came from Central Park – where the gazillion other kitties wait for me each morning – in the dark I was able to discern that there are just two black males that need to be neutered, I think.  Unless there are shy females hanging around that wait until I leave to come out.  This is where little Bobby and little Charlie came from.  Laura has also offered to take Neck Wound Kitty and have him treated, IF I can catch him.  He’s a tough old bird though, he is scared – but very sick.  He waits for me every single morning under a car when I pull up to the first Parsells Avenue feeding spot.  He scratches away at that neck wound he has had for years.  He howls too, he is suffering.  I must get him.
Speaking of, Monet was adopted on Saturday!  My old neighbor, and friend, Deanna, came by with her two young boys, and fell in love with him and took him away to join their other indoor kitties, Peanut Butter and Oreo.  I will share an update as soon as I have one.
Bobby and Charlie are going to Pet Pride tomorrow, thanks to Norma’s kind offer to take them.  They have a GREAT chance at a GREAT adoption through them.  I have had my successes, but these kittens will join their family there until then, where they will be loved and showered with attention.  Right now, I have them in a bedroom as they are too tiny to roam my house with the ‘big guys’.  The guilt I feel when I leave them!  J
Have a great day!


  1. Waaahh ! why wont they leave the cats alone ? whats wrong with them. I cant imagine how you motivate your self every day to go out and do this work that is constantly thrown back in your face. It hurts all of us, but we will never give up if it means even just one more kitty being comforted by food and shelter. xoxox

  2. Hi Janine. I do hope you can neck wound kitty - and if I can help in getting him let me know. He deserves to be healed. And wouldn't it be a miracle if we could find himn a loving home before winter?? Once again, you are out there making a huge difference - and we notice and we applaud you for it and admire you. Great job my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!