Friday, September 6, 2013

Thank God....

Its been a long and crazy week.  I thank those of you who continue to read my blog, and those of you who continue to make donations, however large or small they are.  Without that, I would lose a lot of hope and faith that I’ve come close to losing many times before since I started doing what I do way back, at least ten years ago feeding homeless cats at only one or two locations, which has now grown to at least 15.

This blog is really a diary of my thoughts, opinions, and experiences I have on a daily basis.  I hold back a lot – I try not to offend anyone that cares to read my blog – I know some subjects are more sensitive to others than to me, and vice versa, but again, these are my opinions, and experiences to share, and I hope the majority of you have gained something good from it.  I know I couldn’t walk into a shelter without crying – or watch a television show where lions are chasing other animals, its just too cruel for me to watch.  I am a very sensitive person – I cry at everything - and still can’t believe I continue to get up daily, trudge out there into the dark, and into neighborhoods where there are shootings all the time, where most of the people hate cats, and could care less about their fellow human beings, at the same time, feeding at the same locations, seeing as many sick and injured cats that I do, and still go on the next day.

But thankfully, I still have hope for this city.  With help from you with donations, I can continue to make spay and neuter appointments at the clinic to get these poor animals sterilized so that they can’t continue to produce babies.  I know I’ve made a huge dent in these neighborhoods where people despise me so much, and its all and only because of my love for these furry creatures.  Only because I care.  It costs me only $32 to spay or neuter one cat that will prevent them from producing at least five cats per litter.  I had someone make a donation directly to the clinic I use to cover the cost of sterilization for a few, and that was enormously helpful to me – I spend every last dime I make at my job caring for these animals. 

So, thank you to each and every one of you who has helped me in the past.  I just couldn’t do it without you. 

Have a blessed weekend!

PS, two more cats were picked up this morning for TNR thanks to Laura!


  1. Hey Janine - what's the latest with Neck Wound Kitty? Has Laura trapped her yet? I was thinking about her this am driving into work. Have a good weekend. Nancy C.

  2. Janine, we couldnt do it, without you ! have hope, that is. We love you so and believe in you
    :) xoxoxo M

  3. Two more kitties! Go Laura! I can only imagine the dozens of kittens that must have been prevented from being conceived because of you and Laura. Awesome job.