Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wally & Alex

Parsley and Hermie are at the vet as we speak.  They will undergo a thorough examination, and Parsley will hopefully get some relief having these very serious matted knots on his back removed.  Just getting updates now.  Parsley’s nails were really bad.  A couple of them had grown around his pads.  That poor cat.  I am sickened.  I believe this man should never own another animal again if he cannot properly care for them.  I am constantly touching, checking my cats feet, its just something you do.  Parsley is a loving cat so its not like you could never hold him.   GRRR.  Poor baby boy.

Some of Parsley's mats on his back, shaved, and a claw?
His foster mom sent me a message last night:  Good news!  Parsley was laying on bed, let me pet him and he purred!  So progress.  Slowly but surely, we will see their true personalities and find them a loving, caring home environment to live out their lives in.

Back in September of 2014, I rescued a cat from the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Second Street.  If you will recall, in the recent previous years, I was kicked off the porch of that house numerous times – shelters trashed.  I rescued a gazillion cats from here, but one in particular was Purrcy.  Purrcy was an all grey cat and sweeter than honey.  I had been feeding him for months, and this was his home.  An acquaintance reached out to me around that time to say she house cleaned for an older man who had just lost his cat and wanted to know if I had an older cat for him.  Purrcy!  I had wanted to rescue him but didn’t have any place for him, I had TNR’d him prior to that.  So, Purrcy was rescued, and brought over to this man’s house where he lived a very nice, quiet life until his dad passed just last week.  I was so sad to learn this.  Alex was 91 years old, and Wally became the love of his life after he adopted him.  Alex, in the past two months, had to move into a home after experiencing an illness that prevented him from living in his home any longer, and Wally went to live with Alex’s great nephew.  By the way, Alex renamed Purccy Wally #2.  Wally #1 was his first cat that had passed.   My friend Val and I went over at least once a month to clip Wally’s nails – Alex’s skin was paper thin due to his age, and Wally’s nails would clip him when playing.

I went to Alex’s wake this past Sunday.  Its odd, but Val and I had planned on visiting Alex on Saturday, this past Saturday, but learning of his death reading the obis last week, I knew I was too late.  I felt sad I never saw Alex again.  Alex kind of had a little crush on me, when I went there his eyes would light up – you could just tell he was enamored.  He especially liked the hugs I gave him!  HA!  At his wake, I met his nephew and his wife.  I have to say, Wally is well loved where he is.  I’ve never seen so many pictures of a cat.  He pulled his cell phone out and you would have thought he was showing pictures of his child.  They have a Labrador and he and Wally are besties now.

I’m so relieved.  So, something good came out of something sad.

Have a great day!

"If you see a stray,
provide shelter.
if you see neglect,
condemn it.
if you see abuse,
stand up and do something."

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  1. I am so thankful that Hermie and Parsley are with you and Joy. I know it's a hardship for both of you but I am sick to think that these kitties were neglected (maybe inadvertently) and hurting. A much better home awaits them. I am happy the man at least contacted you and didn't just dump them - he must care for them.