Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Vixen

Funny story:  ELSA, the ice queen that I rescued on or around the 13th of January this year from Garson...  I had been feeding her as far as I can remember (which normally would be yesterday) since springtime, all through the summer, fall, and finally, after the bone chilling temps and heavy snowfall we had, I finally said Let's Go, you look like you are FROZEN, you need to get off the streets and fast.  Elsa was not eartipped, but she never displayed a pregnancy, so I assumed that she was already fixed, but was an obvious stray, like so many others are. 

There is a cat on Hayward, or WAS a cat on Hayward that I have not seen in a long time, a red cat, that I trapped one day, brought to clinic for TNR, the cat had a microchip, and turns out it belong to the woman who lived across the street from where I trapped it - I had a shelter on the side of a house there a long time ago....  and when I found out, I brought cat back to the house, spoke to the person living there, yes, it was her cat, and yes, she adopted it from Rochester Animal Services!  She lets it go out!  The cat wound up on Garson and I fed it for quite some time because she kept letting it out.  There are many strays that never find their way back home, and in a lot of cases, the owners don't care too much.  

Anyhow, after rescuing Elsa, I brought her in to the vet for rabies, distemper, combo testing, etc. but they never shaved her very fluffy belly to see if she had a spay scar, assuming she was already fixed maybe, as I did.  That was on the 13th.  Last week, after having her out amongst the general population, my cats didn't mind her, and all were getting along.  On Monday, I noticed the other cats 'ganging' up on her, one at a time.  And she seemed to have no problem with it.  She seemed to like the attention my FIXED, adult male cats were showing her.  Lets just say, you could tell they were enamored of her until I shouted to them to 'get off' of Elsa!  At that point, I thought, Good Lord, maybe she is NOT fixed.

So Elsa went to the vet on Tuesday where they shaved her belly and looked for tattoo, or scar, but they couldn't find one.

So today, Elsa is under the knife, and hopefully being spayed.  If she is already spayed, they will mark her, and I will have to figure out next steps for my boys, and Elsa!  If she is not spayed, and they spay her, I hope her lustful ways diminish QUICK!  :)  Elsa, you little hussy.  

So that's my story.

Have a good day.


  1. Obviously Elsa is so darn sexy no male can resist her - spayed or not. LOL :)

  2. HAHAHA - put her up with MELODY - the slutty singing kitty from last spring !

  3. You did call her a sexy beast lol