Monday, February 12, 2018


Hurdle that is.  I managed to get through one this weekend.

Hermie and Parsley.

What a very sad situation.  They were picked up in carriers at this man's house, the man who has had them for nearly two years now, and driven to a temporary foster situation.  When I carried them inside, one carrier was heavier than the other.  Much heavier.  It was Parsley.  No weight problem there.  Hermie felt as light as he always did.  Now mind you, I have not seen either cat in nearly two years.  When I dropped them off, both at different times, I believe Hermie was first in the month of March, and Parsley was next, in the month of May. they were both in good condition.  Hermie had his surgery having the hernia removed, and both were spayed, given their shots, and were good to go.  Hermie was frightened of new situations, and always will be, but Parsley was coming around, a sweetie actually.  They both knew me, so it was hard to relinquish them to a stranger.  But I received updates for a few months, and then it stopped, until recently when the guy reached asking for their papers, and then telling me he was having financial difficulties, had to move in with friend, couldn't take the cats, and was trying to find a shelter that wouldn't 'kill them.' 

I had no choice but to panic, and start looking.  Thanks to a few of you that did offer to take them on a temporary basis.   Thanks to Joy who just said 'bring em over.'  'I have a bedroom they can stay in.'  So I did.  We opened the carrier doors and they did not bolt, in fact, as of yesterday morning, Sunday, they hadn't moved from their carriers nor used the litter box nor had they eaten.  now, when I was there on Saturday to open their carrier doors and to greet them, I reached in to pet both, and when I reached in to pet Parsley, I could see very large mats on his very short fur on his back.  So tight I am positive its hurting him immensely.  And I have a feeling he's got teeth issues due to a foul odor coming from his carrier.  I did not attempt to pick them up, they were terrified as it was, and I didn't want to disturb them, I knew they would come out on their own.

I will be calling the vet first thing this a.m. to get them both in to be checked.

I would call this neglect.  I am fairly positive it wasn't intentional, but this man probably did not have the money to bring them to the vet, nor the know-how to brush Parsley when the matting first occurred.

I am glad I got them out of that situation, but now I must find them a permanent spot for them to reside where they don't have to be moved any time too soon.  They must start to feel trust and safe again.

Stay tuned for more on this situation.

It's been a very hard winter so far - and its taking a toll on me.  My body aches.  Its from the shoveling, and after shoveling the shelters out, trudging through the snow.  It has snowed nearly every day since Thursday of last week when we received at least six inches, and then another the next day.  It takes its toll, really it does.  I haven't taken a day off since June 2016 when I went away for a long weekend.


My next hurdle is this week.  Muffin is being returned by his adopter.   They state he is just not happy there.  Many many thanks to Melissa for taking him back to foster.  He is a sweetheart.  I rescued Muffin from Parsells Avenue when he was about 7 months old, and Melissa had him to socialize before adoption.  He was born on the streets so he was quite taken aback when he was rescued, going from survival mode, to adapting to being in a loving home.  He is now about a year or so old, and ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmble!!!!!  

Have a nice day.

"People may
not always tell
you how they feel
about you, but
they will always
show you.  Pay


  1. Hey Janine !
    Ill make you an offer - I am willing to take your route for up to one week so you can have a vacation.
    I will learn the route, buy the required food for that time period, and then faithfully feed the cats for that time while you relax.
    Hows THAT ?

  2. Joel, that is an amazingly generous offer! Thank you! I hope Janine can take you up on it.

  3. WOW Joel!!! You are an ANGEL!!!