Friday, February 9, 2018


I had an anonymous comment  in yesterday's post remarking on how I could leave Big Red where he is when I have someone willing to take him.  My response to you is that you don't walk in my shoes everyday, nor know my life and whats on my plate.  I am not saying that out of anger or meanness.  Its funny, I was going to add to yesterday's post that other rescues/people might do things differently (because I just KNEW that someone would be thinking the same thing you wrote), but I have to do what I can handle myself, personally.

What I say to you is, maybe offer to come with me some morning, and bring a carrier, I will get Red, and you can bring him home, keep him in a place where he will be comfortable until you can get him into a vet appointment, or walk in clinic for deworming, defleaing, and up to date on his shots.  And then figure out when you can, out of a two day weekend, bring him to his new place and get him settled.  Never mind all the other stuff going on for you that weekend.  I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but you are right it doesn't sound right, to you.  I think if you put yourself in my shoes, you would understand.  :)  You cannot imagine how many cats come right up to me, that I trip over when I walk back to the shelter where I feed them at.  I have enough guilt.  There is a lot more behind the scenes than you can imagine.  I just don't put it all out there.  Its too boring.  But its enough to keep me from rescuing MANY cats.

I had the pleasure of having my neighbors, Taco's dads, ride with me this morning.  They were a great help, and riding with me surely opened their eyes to whats going on in the dark in these depressed neighborhoods I feed and shelter cats in.  Where most people drive through during the daylight hours and don't see what comes out at 4 am. in the dark.  There are so many cats.  I do what I can do for the ones I can.


Thanks Noel and Brandon!  :)

Chewy needs a forever home
This weekend I take possession of Parsley and Hermie, and Charlie is going to a home for a 'try out'.  A kind woman reached out to me who misses the company of a cat after three of hers passed away, and she wants to try Charlie out.  The perfect setting it sounds like.  So off he goes on Saturday before I have to pick up Parsley and Hermie.  Another Saturday for me that's about cats, and not me, but hey, who's complaining.  (me.).   The family that had adopted Muffin are also going to be returning him this week, and thanks to Melissa for taking him back to foster.  Its so imperative that slow introductions between dogs and cats is followed.   But it CAN be done!  This family was just very concerned about him being unhappy and miserable after close to two months in their home.   So,  Muffin is back on the market.


Its a lot on my plate.  I feel so overwhelmed sometimes.  Thanks to all of you for your support and kind words, and deeds.  The drop off of food, plates, batteries, hand warmers, towels, bowls, its so appreciated.

I do still need straw. Anyone know where I can get some straw?  A bale was picked up for me, and turned out that it was wet.  I needed some so bad on Short Street this a.m.  Big Red and the others, there is nothing for them to nest in.  I just need to know of a place locally I can easily grab a bag or two.  I don't need an entire bale.  Have no room for an entire bale.

That's it.  I finally get my car back from the collision shop today.  They've had it since Monday!  GRRRRR.

Have a great day!

I love this quote - it makes me happy!:

"Be happy
not because 
is good.  But
because you
can see the
good side of


  1. Hi there. I will bring you straw this weekend - probably tomorrow or whatever is best for you. -Kristin

  2. Janine, I hope you don't see this as an attack because it's not, merely a statement. The anonymous commenter yesterday may be simply referring to what you have written in your blog numerous times about fosters needed. You asked people to open up their extra rooms, bathroom, basement, whatever they had to get cats off the freezing streets of Rochester. So do you understand how confusing it may be for some of your readers when you have someone that wants Big Red,a kitty that you have blogged about so many times and mentioned how many years he has been out there? And... you may be a 'one woman show' but there are several people that have stood up, willing to help. You just have to accept their help and delegate.

  3. You know it is too bad that Muffin was give back. I took in a stray Mia along with her boyfriend Rudy. She never let me pet her. That was fine she was sweet and a good and clean kitty. She talked to me and came when I called her to eat. And yes she even understood German. I had her for 15 years and her last 3 she was blind. It was a challenge but it was a good one because all deserve a chance. Oh and I finally did get to hold and pet her when she knew it was her last days and all was good with the world.