Thursday, February 8, 2018

Live and Learn Baby, Live and Learn


So I've been letting Charlie out into the general population lately.  He seem to be doing better and better daily.  His only set back is when a cat hisses at him.  And that's usually Skinny Minnie.  She's a brat.  Then he starts going crazy.  That's when he goes back into his room.  But he sure does appreciate the exercise of being let out of the room he is kept in most of the day,  He loves to explore, and wander, and sit and watch the other kitties.  He really can't see much past the gate while he is in the room.  He can hear the others, but not see them unless they walk past.  He must think 'HEY!  what are YOU doing out there!  How come I can't come out!!!'  We must get him adopted!  :)


It was not a pleasant route this morning.  The shovel got a workout.  I had to dig every shelter out except the first one, which is under a carport on Melville.  At each spot I shovel in front of the shelter, so they can get out and stretch.  I can't shovel all the paths I cross, some go all the way to the back of vacant lots, but I shuffle my feet to and from to sort of create a path.  On Pennsylvania, when I pulled up, I could see two in the back where the shelter is.  I could see them struggling to get through the snow, sort of hopping to get to me.  They love to greet me, and then follow me back to where I feed them inside the shelter.

(L to R - Big Red, Mr. Whiskers, Shorty, Sam)

I made it pleasant for them for the day, that's all I could do, feed and shovel, and give a pat to them that will let me.

3rd and Central

Because of the situation looming this weekend, where I have to pick up Parsley and Hermie, I am unable to rescue Big Red.  Its just too much for me.  Things need to be in place for me, or somewhat in place.  This situation has got the best of me, because its an uncertainty that I can't control.  A friend has offered her spare bedroom with windows for them.  I am extremely grateful that she has, but now I have to worry about what I will do with them in the long term.  I would love to get these two adopted, both seniors, together.  I don't know what their personalities will be like, and I've forgotten what they were like two years ago.  I kind of remember Hermie was very shy, while Parsley was very sweet.

Albeit my friend's room is better than a basement, which is another alternative I was offered, its not ideal.  These cats will be frightened, and I want to give them as normal of a situation as possible.  I don't believe its healthy for any cat to live its life in a small room.  So, please help me to find Hermie and Parsley a new home.

Hopefully things will settle after Saturday, and I will think of rescuing Big Red next week!  His new mom, or foster mom, is excited to get him!

The Jeep is fixed, until Monday when I need to bring it back for steering column repair (dangerous to drive right now).  I was quoted $350+  for that.  Yesterday's damage was $170+  - they "replaced broken ground wire to rear wire".  ok......  This 2004 vehicle is costing me a lot of money, but I am not ready for Plan B yet.  Ca Ching.  Ca Ching.

That's it for today.  Spring is 40 days, 15 hours away💙💚💛💜Woo hoo!  💃

Have a great day!

"The pessimist sees difficulty in
every opportunity.
The optimist sees the
opportunity in every difficulty."

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  1. wait - you have a foster waiting for Big Red AND someone willing to foster these two kitties but you're going to wait until next week to rescue Big Red because it's too much for you to handle? That doesn't sound right