Friday, February 2, 2018

Hermie, Parsley and Muffin!

Well, Elsa, the little trollop, had all her female parts when she went into the clinic yesterday, and came out without some of her parts.  No, she was never spayed.  I was quite surprised, as I had never seen her pregnant in all the time I fed her.  Isn't that odd?  She must still be having 'her friend', or
'Aunt Flo must be visiting' because the boys in the house are still hovering outside the door of the room I am keeping her in until her 'scent' is gone.

I have been bothered by a situation for the past month, and I finally must do something about it.   I've never had a cat returned to me.  Right now, I am facing THREE being returned.  If you will recall, maybe three years ago, Hermie was a black cat that hung around on Webster and Ferndale when I had shelters at the house across the street from where I am presently situated.  He was semi-feral.  I would see him but he would never, ever get close to me.  What I could see of him was a huge baseball sized ball hanging from his belly.   Mentioning this to cat expert Laura Burns, she said it must be a hernia, which is something I had never heard of with cats.  I tried and tried and tried to trap him, but never could.  Laura offered, and was successful in doing it!  She is the expert drop trapper.


Hermie with his old foster brother
Hermie went to the clinic for neuter, and for the surgery on his hernia.  All went well, but I really didn't want him going back on to the streets.  Enter Melissa, who was a foster for the now defunct rescue group Another Chance Pet Rescue, which was run by my friend Julie and a partner of hers.  Melissa offered to take Hermie and try to socialize him.  She did, after many months of having him.  Socialized him enough to come out, play, and be seen in Melissa's small condo.  I finally found someone that wanted to adopt him.  A man with a small apartment who lived alone and wanted a companion.  We brought Hermie over there, and it took a while before he would adjust to new space again, but he eventually did.

Enter Parsley.  Parsley was a male cat on Parsells, friendly, and hungry, who hung at this location every day, even running to me when he saw the Jeep pull up.  He seemed healthy and strong, so no hurry to get him rescued, there were so many others at the time.  Then a girl - Emily I think - offered to take him, so I brought the carrier one morning, and picked him up as usual, and gently lowered him in, with him fighting me the whole way.  The carrier door unlatched and off he went.  I didn't get him to trust me again for at least a month or two after that.  I could have kicked myself!


Finally though, I managed it, and into the clinic he went for neutering and shots, and then I thought, OK, what to do with him now....  The man that took Hermie offered to take him as a companion for Hermie!  Hallelujah!   So off Parsley went with Hermie, where they've lived for several years now.

Today?  This man is having 'financial difficulties' and says he has to move, and cannot take the cats.  I am very troubled by this, but it is my duty to take them.  I know he loves them, and must not have any options.  He said he's been trying to 'find a shelter where they won't kill them.'   So now, I am trying to find a situation where they can go and be happy once again, but as we all know, there is no where.  A very sweet girl that I barely know has offered her basement for the time being, and that is the best I have right now.  They will be very scared and confused.

I don't know when this will take place, I have not worked out the logistics, but it will be soon.  I don't want to lose this person's offer of her basement.  If anyone has a better solution, please let me know.

The other kitty I was referring to earlier is Muffin.  Muffin is slow to adjust in his new home, and his dad feels he is very unhappy right now.  I've asked him to hold off until I can figure out the Parsley and Hermie situation.

So, there you have it.  No more rescues until I can get these boys in a happy place.

Sorry for the downer, but maybe we can make this a good thing, if the right people step up!

Charlie goes to his new home tomorrow, thank God because he is very bored being by him self in a room for the past three weeks.

Updated picture of Chewy!  Chewy is still gaining weight on her now 3.5 pound little body...  She needs adoption!

Have a nice day!

"Always turn a negative situation
into a positive situation."

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