Wednesday, February 7, 2018


____ outta luck today.

So I go to start the morning and going out to get Jeep - the cat mobile - warmed up.  Nothing.  Dead.  Call AAA.  Not the battery - 'could be the fuel line'.  Jeep towed.  Panic. Meanwhile, while waiting for AAA to come, I put out a post on Facebook. asking if anyone could help, and Beth to the rescue.  She was up, and lives not too far away.  She immediately came over, we transported all my gear to her car, and off we went to feed the hungry cats.  

Unfortunately, the cat I was going to rescue before the storm, Big Red, the elderly boy on Short Street, couldn't be rescued today.  Too much going on for me.  I was sad to leave him this morning.  I wished all of them well before the storm moves in today.  Another major wind and snowfall day today.  Another heartbreak for me this morning.

As far as me, I am praying that Johnny from Syd and Johnny's auto repair will inspect the Jeep, tell me he can fix it and pick it up today.  In all likelihood, it’s not going to happen.  I have no idea what the issue is, but I do know this is going to cost.  Its one of my nightmares - when the Jeep 'goes'.  What am I going to do.  For today, I will have to rent a car – I cannot ask anyone to go out at 4 am. to feed cats.  It’s a little too much.

It couldn’t have happened on a worse week.  My car was hit at work – luckily the girl that hit it reported it – and it is now at the collision shop being repaired.  For FOUR days.  Monday through hopefully tomorrow afternoon, Thursday.  What a helpless feeling I had while sitting there on the automated line with AAA.  What about the cats.  What am I going to do.  Thank God for Beth, who wasn’t sleeping well, to be awake and alert at 4 am! 

I just found out that Parsley and Hermie need to be picked up on Saturday, which is another nightmare for me.  I had a girl that offered to keep them indefinitely until we could find a good home for them, but now she has told me her landlord is giving her a hard time, and she may not be able to do it.  I still have Elsa, and Charlie, and I am trying to shuffle cats around.  And lets not forget Muffin, who is in Batavia, with a family that adopted him, but is sad to report it may not be working out for him with their dogs.  That is another situation on hold right now.


One other thing.  The girl that fostered Marti from Melville, the all white beauty I rescued a few months back, wound up wanting to keep him and renamed him Simon.  A week or so ago, she came home from vacation to find that Marti had escaped.  Someone left the door open too long.  He still has not been found.  This weighs heavy on my heart.  She lives in Caledonia.  She currently has Chewy under her wing, and I pray the same doesn’t happen for her.  Please everyone, be careful!

What is the saying… God doesn’t give us more than we can handle?  I sure hope so.

Have a nice day.

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  1. My heart is broken for Marti/Simon! I'm praying that someone has taken him in and will do the right thing by taking him to a shelter so his family can find him.