Monday, February 5, 2018

Nip It In The Bud

My needs:

1.  Heavy Bricks, or pavers, but not the cylinder type
2.  A heavy wooden door

Good morning animal lovers!

Its a cold morning out there.  There is snow and there is wind.  The standing still temperature is 18 degrees.  With the wind, its in the single digits.  Again.

It was the LAST thing I wanted to do at 2 am.  To have to get up out of bed and start my day.  GRRRRRR....  But start it I must.  All the kitties come milling around me, saying good morning!  All except for poor Charlie, who as of today, has spent 24/7 in a bedroom by himself since January 18th.  Charlie loves the ladies, but goes after the boys.  Not that he would hurt them, but he is intimidating them.  Charlie was rescued from Central Park between 5th and 6th Streets on a frigid morning.  No cat has any business being out at 4am. when its 0 degrees.  So I rescued him.  And I had someone interested in him for two weeks, and then it fell through last minute.  I feel very sad for him, because obviously, who can spend all their waking moments with one cat in a bedroom.  I need to find him a home with no other animals, someone who will give him all of their love.  Please help me find a home for Charlie!


I received a note from the clinic about 2018 TNR clinic appointments.  They are changing things up there.  Instead of me bringing in two kitties per week, on a Tuesday, which is manageable for me, they are now changing it to Mondays, and offering 4-5 slots.  I THINK that is what they mean…  I need to clarify.  Unfortunately, even so, I will not be able to AFFORD to do this on a weekly basis.  It will all depend on donations.  I have a single income household.  There is nothing coming in but my paycheck.  So if I get enough donations on a weekly basis, I can do it, most likely, but with some actual physical help.  I can’t possibly feed at 20 different locations around the Beechwood section of Rochester AND check on traps.  I will need help.  I will need help by someone sitting in their car and watching the trap.  I might need help delivering kitty to the clinic.  There are many ways I need help, and I am hoping some of you might step up to do this.  This will begin sometime in March, so I need to figure this out.

We MUST continue to spay and neuter these helpless animals.  We CANNOT have an influx of kittens like we did last year.  Myself, alone, had 60 kittens pass through my organization/home.  I cannot look into the face of the adult cats each morning knowing they are the ones that got away because I couldn’t do it alone.  PLEASE consider donating your time for just one morning a week, early, and helping.


Finally, a woman reached out to me last week, offering to actually BAG the dry food into the 2-gallon ZipLock baggies I use each day.  I use SIX of these each day.  She also donated some wet food, the big cans.  I went to meet her at her business to get the food, and to thank her.  Not only did she offer this, but she offered a large room in the back of her business in Penfield so that I could rescue Big Red #2 from Short Street.  She did not want this older fella out on the streets any longer.  My heart was filled with gratitude as she showed me this large room, with a couch, large nearly floor to ceiling windows with perches, she even mentioned a radio and television, as she is not always there.  Kitty would be alone for the most part, but better off on the street.  I then mentioned, well what about Chewy, who might not be as adoptable either.  So that Big Red could have a companion.  Then the guilt is less on us humans, right?  And then I got to thinking, its not fair to Parsley and Hermie, to be rescuing another cat before I find a home for the ones I have currently available.  I still don’t know when I am getting those two.

Big Red when TNR'd
To be clear, when a cat is returned to me for one reason or the other, its one less cat that can be rescued.  Its just not fair.

That’s all I have for now.

Have a good day!

"Patience allows life time to fall in place."


  1. If someone is willing to take Big Red #2, I think you should get him off the street. He's an old guy that deserves a home, especially if someone wants to take him.

  2. Janine, Lollypop has a feral cat spay & neuter program that is $40 for spay & vaccinations. They do their surgeries on Fridays. Isn't that cheaper than RCAC? Maybe you can alternate between the 2 places if you don't have enough transporters to Lollypop? I'm willing to help t-port to Lollypop to save $$$.

  3. Maybe we can get you some help for the new TNR schedule. This will require a meeting with wine and snacks... :) Let me know.