Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spiders in My Hair

You just never know what you will find when brushing your hair after doing what I do 365 days a year.

This morning I was pouring food down at the boarded up house on Pennsylvania and Second when behind me to the left I heard a loud bang, and I have to tell ya, it scared me because I thought it was a gunshot.  Out comes this black guy, and another one following him, and they are both yelling at each other.  The loud noise must have been the first guy being pushed through and out the door.  They stood there yelling expletives to each other all the while I am trying not to be noticed, and finishing up my spot there.  Well, someone else in area must have heard this noise and thought it was a gunshot because as I drove away to go to Paul’s down on Second, to feed the cats behind his house, I saw a police car in front of the house where the yelling occurred.  Meanwhile, the first man was heading down Second Street also, bag in hand, homeless.  I had assumed this because he was yelling toward the man at the house about him being homeless.  Then, as I got into the truck to head to my next and last spot on Niagara, two police cars passed me.  So not sure what that was all about.  I wish I had a police scanner. 

I am now medicating two red kitties.  The second one, on Central near Fifth, has now allowed me to touch and pet it.  It’s a very petite, young red kitty, its coat a mess, and it sounds sick.  I have been slipping in Doxy (thanks to Carole) into its food.  I am still medicating the first sweet red kitty on Bay Street, and it almost sounds better.  Someone has offered to foster this kitty, so I might make the attempt to get him next week.   He, along with so many others.  There are three that need homes desperately.  I will repost their pictures tomorrow.  In the meantime, please say a prayer for the one that I trapped this morning on Ferndale Crescent.  The poor thing has something wrong with its eye. 

After Wednesday, I won’t be posting as I am heading to Colorado for a family wedding.  It will be a very quick, expensive trip, but one I must take.  My friend, Sunday Sheryl will be helping Kings with my route.  Say a prayer for good weather for them!  The last time I went away, in 2014, there was a deluge of rain one morning for them, which was NOT fun, at all.  I felt so bad.  Thanks to both of you for your kindness.

My city garden is looking beautiful.  Thanks to Gary and June for the mulch – it was almost just enough to cover.  A very pretty golden brown.  I planted a few annuals and the tall grasses are growing in nicely.  Its still pretty sparse, but I am hoping it will fill in. 

My own home gardens are coming along nicely.  Did a lot of planting, but still have a ton of weeding to do.   Gardening is my escape from the sad morning rounds.  That, along with my Moscow Mules.  :)

My big azalea!

Pretty red azalea to the left:


Don't look at the mess behind the chairs.  Gotta clean all that junk up.  Lots of pots.  Anyone need pots?

Front still needs a bit of work.  Gotta get more color.

Its also TNR day. Poor Fizzie from Ferndale Crescent (where I used to have all those problems with Crazy Maryleigh), there is something really wrong with her eye.  It is like a bluish bubble on her eye.  Poor baby.  I hope they can help when she is seen at the clinic today.   Click on the pics to make them larger.  Can anyone tell what might be happening with her eye?

Ferndale Fizzie

I set one on my first Parsells spot, and BLAM!  Gotcha Pressly.  Not a happy camper.

Pressly from Parsells

Enjoy your day!

"As you start and end your day, 
be thankful
for every little thing in your life. 
You will come to realize how blessed
you truly are."

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Another morning where I don't know where to begin.

Hilton Head - 2014 (last time I had a day off!) (where I tried to save all the starfish)
First thing is that tomorrow is the first day of a four day weekend for me.  LOVING IT!  :)  Gotta work hard at work though, always want to be sure I've left everything in order, all dots are dotted and all T's are crossed. Is that the old saying?  I will be spending about an hour tomorrow morning in my city garden, spreading mulch and planting the few annuals I have.  I hope they spread and continue to bloom throughout the summer.  Between that garden and my own, I just couldn't afford to make it as pretty as I would like it to be.  I received a note from the city saying that it is my responsibility to keep the garden and the lot nice and tidy, mowing and weeding, which I will have to do.

Phoebe from Hilton Head (she stole my heart - total stranger)

My niece, who has had her share of ups and downs in the past, and who is MOVING FORWARD from hereon! is moving in on Monday to spend LESS THAN A MONTH with me.  Oh boy.  Wish me luck!  :)  She is bringing in her cat that was the mom to Peppercorn, who had to have emergency surgery, who cost me $400.  The cat will have to stay in the bedroom where niece will be.  Too much on my own kitties.  Wish me luck there also.  Pray the kitty is OK with this arrangement.  I wanted to board kitty, but it costs so much, just can't do it.

I have written my lawyer who is helping with the tax exempt status for me.  I am hoping he comes back with some good new shortly. It should be any day now!

I was thinking about the shelters I have all over the city.  Well, in the Beechwood section, near the Public Market, which is where I feed close to 100 cats daily, and try my best to rescue them and/or to get them spayed and neutered.  The shelters that are rarely bothered or removed are on vacant city lots.  The 'safe' ones are in the back of these lots, barely noticed.  The shelters that have been removed recently are on other people's property.  When I placed these shelters on others' property, I received permission, or the house was vacant for so long and no one cared for years.  When these people moved, or the house was cleaned out, my shelters were destroyed.  There is one house on Pennsylvania in which an older black man lived and died last year.  His house was untouched, light inside left on up until just this past few weeks.  He had allowed me to place shelters behind his house without ever communicating with me verbally.  He just let me do it.  The family or whoever has come along and trimmed some trees in front, and yesterday, all this man's lifelong belongings were placed at the curb for trash pick up.  I picked up a few nearly new hard covered Christmas books.  At least someone cared about his 'trash'.  I felt a sense of sadness - I could see ties, shoes, things that this man had, all at the curb.  When we die, who cares about our stuff?  Only ourselves I guess!  Anyhow, the thing about this is that they have not touched the shelters.  So much so that they actually took the time to place some of his furniture in the back yard, but they had to walk around the shelter to place the stuff there.  Who knows, it could be gone tomorrow, but it shows you there is SOME compassion in this world.  Because one week prior, the shelters on the porch of the vacant house across the street from this house were removed and put to the curb.  I must write a note to leave tomorrow thanking whoever it is for sparing these shelters, for now.

7th Street Lot - before I placed real shelters

I have so many thoughts, I could go on and on today, but must close.

Please consider rescue of one of these angels whose homes are displaced and they have nothing.  There are three on Parsells, and now two on Pennsylvania.  Its our responsibility to care for these guys and I can't do it alone.  Two more kittens are left also!  Please consider foster!

Have a GREAT day!

"Every man's life ends the same
way.  It is only the details of how
he lived and how he died that
distinguish one man from another."

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Humpty Dumpty Day

Humpty Dumpty - kind of a creepy nursery rhyme, now that I think about it!  

Where do I begin?  So much has happened in the past two days.  Lets see, it all started with me setting traps at THREE different locations, and winding up getting just this one poor girl, believed to be post partum, on Third Street. I named her Tinker.  She was a very quiet one, young, beautiful, black, sleek long haired coat.  Terrified all the way until I returned her this morning.  Sad sad sad to let them back out there.  My bill yesterday?  $107.

I then went on to a country trip to Lyons, New York with my mother and niece, (helping my niece through a situation), driving down long winding country roads.  I thought I was in heaven.  The houses, barns, countryside, I just love it.  Until I see .............  a cat!  In the road!  Dead!  Ugggh.  I can't get away from it.  I got out and laid it under a tree.  Poor thing.  And you tell me its ok to let your cats out, right?  As my mother said, some little girl might be missing her kitty.  Well, there it is.

My day ended yesterday by visiting Sparky in his new home.  I won't get into details, but lets just say yesterday morning started in panic, and ended much better.  A misunderstanding, shall we say.  I am not into defaming people if they really don't deserve it, and if they are giving an animal I've rescued a safe loving home.  She sends me pictures, I've received a refundable deposit from her for when Sparky is neutered, and hopefully we can remain in contact with each other.  Sparky joins his two great big brothers, huge labs, and a big sister, mom and dad.  He is loved.  I have learned a lesson also.

Well, I pulled up to my Parsells location, this morning.  If you recall, all my shelters were removed from the porch of this house by some Five Brothers property company back in late winter.  Then, across the road, behind this one house where I've been feeding for well over five years now, the property maintenance people moved all my stuff and told me it was illegal to feed animals behind there.  So I met the girl next door and she told me I could move my stuff behind that house.  So I did.  She moved out claiming her landlord wasn't doing any repairs of anything, etc., and when I pulled up this morning, all my shelters were by the curb.  I won't say the words I've been repeating over and over out loud and in my head ever since.  I did, however, leave a note:  Dear Slumlord.  NOW you decide to clean up your pig sty?  And displace homeless cats too.  I would love to meet you face to face.  and then left my number.  I don't think I've ever seen a more filthy, garbage strewn, tires, all over, car fenders, backyard.  Its been like that forever too.  And now they had to clean up.  I have had it with these nasty people.  So, I set plates in the front of the house for the seven cats starving, and got every thing moved across the street to another vacant house which probably won't last very long over there either.  I am sick over this.  Sick.

My garden is cleaned up and ready to have mulch added, and some bright and beautiful flowers.  A friend June and I planted a couple of marigolds for color, but I could use some colorful annuals if anyone is willing to donate?  This is the garden I, with the help of friends, created after applying for a garden permit, just so that I could keep my shelters in the back of this lot.  There were 8 cats depending on them, and they continue to do so.  Thank you to those that supplied perennials last year.


Today, Penny, the mommy cat of the kittens, is going to Caring For Cats for diagnosis of the following: (text I received from her foster mom) Penny is peeing everywhere but the litter boxes. The one carpet was saturated when I tore it up. This one is smelling pretty nasty too. Idk what to do to make her stop. She is also not consistent in pooping in the box- sometimes poops next to it. Suggestions please!! I wonder if she should be checked by the vet cuz of that bloody vomit incident over a month ago (I sent you pictures) and since has had a couple bowel movements with streaks of blood though not consistently . And there have been a few times when petting her I have wondered if she had a fever. Idk. Just thoughts. Also, her belly is still huge- how long after pregnancy does it take to go back to normal?

Doing the best I can.  I need help, financially for medical appts for these poor animals, cat food, and now heavy plates again as the ones that my friends June and Gary brought over last weekend were trashed and I couldn't locate them in all the garbage.

Have a great day!

"Never waste your time trying to explain yourself to people who are committed to misunderstanding you."

Monday, May 23, 2016


It was a quiet weekend.  The weather has been mild for the homeless cats of Rochester.  No snow, wind, thunder boomers and very little rain.  It’s comforting especially for a few certain cats that I’ve been feeding.  One being the red kitty on Bay Street, near Goodman, close to Seventh Street.  I have been feeding and medicating this poor animal for two weeks now and he still sounds and looks sick.  He is huddled on the side of a house each morning when I pull up.  He has finally allowed me to pet him, as he waits to come near the wet food I place under a bush for him.  His coat is dirty and unkempt, and his breathing is plugged.   I know he needs a rescue, but I just can’t do it without a foster to bring him to.  I must either switch his meds, or continue to give him what little left of the Clavamox I have left and hope that will do it.  Someone is sending me some Doxycycline, but I don’t know if I should be switching like that. 

I picked up a poor dead red kitty on the street - Parsells - on Friday morning.  Heartbreaking. These poor animals.

Out of the six kittens I’ve had the pleasure to care for recently, four have been adopted.  Peppercorn went first, then Sparky, and this weekend, a sweet girl came by and adopted Charlie and Arnie.  They will be delivered to their new home tomorrow.  Just Birdie and Poppy, the two girls, are left.  They are so innocent and sweet.  I just love them so, but they need to find their new home so that I can rescue more kitties. 

I just had an alarming message from the woman that adopted Sparky.   I allowed her to take Sparky on Friday without my normal delivering a kitten to the potential home, because I thought she was nice, and I did it on good faith with the agreement that I would stop over on Tuesday to check on him and to get the adoption papers and fee.  She has now blocked me from any conversation and I only have her cell phone, which she is not answering.  I have alerted my friend in law enforcement.  I cannot believe this woman has done this.  I am now demanding this kitten back.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


All the cats out there that need homes.  Click on pics to see up close.  Please consider foster or adoption:

Red on Bay Street

Seven on 7th Street

Sam on Short Street

Another quiet morning out there.  I've been medicating a red kitty on Bay Street, kind of near 7th Street, because he had a terrible URI when I first came upon him.  I had seen a calico by the side of the road, and then spotted this red kitty crouched in a corner of an empty garden in front of this house, then pulled over, put dish of water and dish of food near the red kitty, and heard him breathing and it didn't sound good.  This was two weeks ago.  I've been stopping each morning, placing a pill in the food, and slowly but surely, this cat has gotten closer, and closer, until yesterday, where it allowed me to pet it.  Its coat and appearance indicate its a stray, and its been out doors too long.  I have medicated it for about two weeks now and it sounds better, but not quite.  I am running out of medicine.  I could really use some donated Clavamox or Doxycycline.   By the way, this house, it has a self water feeder and a bowl, looks like could be a food bowl, on its porch.  Plus a cat scratcher.  So it looks like this person cares about cats!  I’ll bet the calico, who is eartipped, sort of belongs to these people, even though they keep it outdoors.  It is friendly too.  But poor Red, he is obviously homeless. And after reaching ‘back there’ yesterday, he is also altered, but un-eartipped.

I was walking back to my car after feeding at the last stop on Seventh Street, and remembered the kitty I buried in the ground there.  It was the one I found under my shelter ripped apart.  One of the five kittens born there last spring.  There is a lot of garbage in this vacant lot.  I thought to myself, I should clean this up, but then realized, he is not really there.  I often think about my father who passed when I was about 9 years old, and feel guilty that I don’t go visit his grave.  But then I remember someone mentioning recently that the dead are not really there, their spiritual presence are with God, not at a grave, or a hole in the ground.  So I feel less guilty.

I struggle with writing this blog every day, sometimes I have nothing to say but post anyway, usually something crazy comes out.   I am going to take a break tomorrow and I would really love it if someone could share a story with me, about anything, about your pet, or a favorite story.  With a picture would be even better!  I swear I am not whining, but sometimes I feel like I am writing a post just to make the few people I know that read this happy.  I don’t get much feedback about things, only by a few regulars, but would love to hear more about how you feel or see things.   I have two reasons for this blog, one is that it’s a personal diary of some sorts, to record the kitties I save, and trap, but also to make people aware of what is happening in our very own city, and perhaps get some much needed help for these homeless animals that I care for.  I can’t do this forever.  I know there will be a stopping point, either I just can’t walk anymore, or I die.  I am hoping that the city will recognize this tragedy and will help, and I won’t have to go out and feed all these animals, get them spayed and neutered so that they are not multiplying, and shelter them from the harsh weather.  And of course, get them off the street into well deserving homes.

So help me to spread the word.  Your help could make all the difference.  You just never know.

Thanks and have a great day!

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Hump Day

Pretzel, the pretty kitty from Parsells that I trapped yesterday was let back out this morning.  Poor thing.  Stone, the kitty that Trapper Jane, my mother, trapped yesterday in her hood in Webster turned out to be post-partum.  She was heavily lactating also, according to the girls at the clinic.  She must have just had a litter, so Mom, and her neighbors, will hopefully do their best to scout out the babies.  Poor things.  Life is so hard for these homeless creatures.  We must do our best to spread the word to SPAY and NEUTER ALL ANIMALS.  There are too many out there suffering due to human negligence.

I pulled up to one of the spots at Second and Pennsylvania this morning, and all my stuff was removed from the porch of the boarded up house.  This is the same house where there was a murder, or death, across the street, and the news reporter came up to me asking if this was my house.  This is where I quietly said to myself 'yea, sure, I live in this boarded up house lady...' (but I did tell her what I was doing there).  The property is 140 Second Street, or 140 Pennsylvania.  If anyone can find out what is happening with this house that has been vacant for many years now, it would be appreciated. They did leave the dishes on the steps, but all my shelters and boards were trashed on the side of the road.  Today is trash day in the City.   I pray these cats will take shelter across the road, behind the house of the man who died last year.  There has been some movement going on in the front of his house, tree cutting, but they haven't gotten rid of the shelter behind the house, yet.  So upsetting.

Sunday morning on Seventh Street, after getting out of the car, I spotted two chicken on the end of the driveway across the road.  Clucking away.  And each morning, there is a rooster crowing, coming from either the back of the houses there on Seventh, or behind the houses on Sixth Street.  Isn't it illegal to have chickens in the city?

Such happenings!

That's about it.  I have a girl coming to look at the kittens this Saturday morning, and I am trying to convince her to take two, if she is eligible for the adoption anyways.   I have made the decision that I won't hand my cat over to anyone that I wouldn't hand over my child to.  What I mean is, I would have to trust the person to know they are going to give this animal a happy and healthy long life.

Please spread the word out there about all these kittens and cats still on the street.  They need our help, and I need more fosters.  Thanks and have a great day.

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

TNR Tuesday

My mother calls me yesterday.  She lives in Webster.  She and her neighbor - I call them the two crazy cat ladies, have been feeding feral and stray cats for a long time now and is always telling me about this one or that one, but when she called yesterday, she was dead serious and asked if I had a trap.  She said she thinks there is a pregnant cat out there.  So the trap was brought over, and set.  BOOM, the cat went in.  Unfortunately, this was mid afternoon, so the poor baby has been in the trap since then.  Its on my porch ready to go into the clinic this morning.  I can't tell anything.  What sex, or if pregnant.  But its quiet, and scared, and young, and gorgeous.    I've named him (or her?) Stone  (Stone Phillips anyone?) after the street name she lives on - Stony Point Trail.  :)

STONE from Stony Point
Then, BLAM!  I got this little buddy on Parsells this morning.  I've named him Pretzel!  :)  My hope was to catch the poor kitty with its tail severed.  Get some antibiotics into him.  :(  Maybe next week.

Today:  These two cats will cost me $120.  Somethings gotta give.  :(

Pretzel from Parsells
Kristin and I have been talking and we are hoping to have the 3rd Annual Meow and Chow fundraiser this September.  We figured it wouldn't be as HOT as the past two events have been - 90s.  We are also thinking clams!  Would love to do a clambake.  With some bands, lots of food, and good company, it should be a blast.  As soon as I have that Saturday date, I will let you all know so that you can save the date!

Have a great day!

"The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."

Monday, May 16, 2016

I Love Mondays!

Not really.

Plates.  Actually, if I could design plates that are needed for the cats - they would be shaped like pie tins, with lower sides, but high enough so that the food doesn't slide off, and heavy enough not to blow away in the wind when empty!

Saturday morning I pulled up to Parsells #1 spot and saw a cat run off the porch where the food and shelters are.  As I shined my flashlight, I could see the poor cats tail had been severed midway, and it was bloody at the end.  I thought how horrible this is.  Its unbelievable how much cats can endure, and you wouldn't even know they are suffering.  They can't tell you, or for ferals, they are too afraid to show it.  I haven't seen it since, or maybe its been there but has run before I even get up to the porch.  Poor baby.  I would leave antibiotics in every bowl if I only had a supply of them.  Just to help these poor angels, many of whom are suffering some ailment that I just can't see.

Again, my wish list would be for money, food - both wet and dry, tuna for TNR Tuesdays, large heavy plates, donations to the clinic, and fosters so that I can continue to get many of these cats off the streets for socialization and eventual permanent homes.

A Clump of Kittens!

Tiny Angels!  All need adoption!
CLICK on picture above to see up close!

I think about this often:  I haven't had a day off since April 2014.  That's 730+ days.  Can you imagine yourself - getting up 730 straight days in a row, at 2:45 am. and going out into the dark, no matter the weather, and feeding a bunch of cats?  Good God.  What is wrong with me.

I'll tell you what's wrong with me, I am nuts!  I saw a white hooker this morning on the corner of Bay and Seventh.  I had stopped to put food and medicine down for a cat that I've been medicating, who, by the way, let me pet its head Sunday morning.  Breakthrough.  Its very sick and looks very unkempt.  Poor thing.  Anyways, I then saw a shiny new white car drive past me, turn around in a driveway, and then turn at Seventh Street where the hooker was, and stopped.  I then got into my car to drive to Niagara, and as I did, I don't know what made me do it, but I stopped, she looked at me, I yelled out to her, DON'T DO IT!  The car then drove away, I yelled to her ITS TOO DANGEROUS!  DON'T DO IT!  and she mumbled something about minding my own business.  Hey, who knows if there are more Arthur Shawcross' around.  This is the very neighborhood where he picked up hookers way back then.  Was that in the 90s?  I know i am nuts, but maybe, just maybe, I prevented something pretty bad that might have happened to that girl.

Have a good day!

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is not to stop questioning."

Friday, May 13, 2016

Rainy Days and Monday's Always Get Me Down!

I go through at least 44 (FORTY FOUR) 5.5 oz. cans of wet cat food a day.  It take 6 cans to fill up a large yogurt sized container, and I fill six of those.   I fill up three 2-gallon bags of dry food, and then wind up using another small bag to make it through my morning.  Every single day.  If anyone is ever wondering how they can help?  Its food.  Not just food, but also donations for medical treatment at the Rochester Community Animal Clinic on Bay Street.  I have an account there, where there is always a balance due.  I am charged $60 per cat for spay/neuter.  Maybe that will change once I establish a tax exempt status which is being worked on by a very esteemed law firm.  Should be any day now!

Smoky says Hi!

Buster says TGIF!

Scooter says FEED ME!

Midnight says "I LOVE YOU!"

I could also use some heavy plates that have sides to them, so that the food doesn't easily slide off the sides.  Heavy as in ceramic, or glass.  I had three nice ones that someone donated that were trashed recently by the jerks on Parsells Avenue who put everything out to the curb after many years of housing cats behind their property.  Actually, the jerks were the property managers.  Seems many slumlords nowadays have 'property managers'.

Oh!  And I need medicine.  Doxy and Clavamox.  I continue to medicate the red kitty, who I think is getting much better after hearing its SEVERE URI.  I am stopping at this non-stop (this isn't a normal stop for me) each day just to medicate this guy.  But need to get him TNR'd too!

These are my needs.  Plain and simple.  Life just doesn't get any better, does it?

Someone continues to come out of the gated apartment complex on Niagara Street and removes the food and water for the cats inside the gate there, daily.  I don't think its the BFJ as I think we have an understanding now, but who knows.  Would love to catch the creep someday.  In the meantime, waiting on some nicely built shelters to be built for across the street to make it more attractive.

Speaking of, there is a commercial each morning now that I see that features SWBR Architects and how they are doing volunteer work for the community.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if THEY could make some neat shelters, professionally designed and ones that the city wouldn't object to.  I think it has been done in other states, but I can't remember who told me about this.  Kristin?  If anyone would care to do some research on this, I would sure appreciate it.  Here is SWBR link.  I would think if we were to contact them, we should have some examples under our belt.  http://www.swbr.com/

That's it for today. Work has me crazy, and tomorrow, I am travelling with my mother to a town near Albany, to and from in one day, to attend my nephew's graduation from college party.  Should be interesting.  :)

Have a great day (despite the rain!).

PS, lets get these kittens adopted!!!  They alone are costing me $20 per week on food alone.  That creep never bothered to send any donation toward the help of these five kittens and the mother that were in his mother's house.

Sometimes that's all you have
when you have nothing else.
If you have it, you have everything."

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Cats Rats!

Rats and Cats - I don't get it.  I am, and have been for a while now, seeing rats the size of cats.  Well, I might be exaggerating.  Large kittens at least.   And they run right under foot of the cats.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the rats come and chow on the food as soon as I leave.  The dishes are sometimes scattered and turned over.  You can tell if it was a raccoon because they are very messy eaters and will leave bugs and worms and rocks in the dishes.  How come the cats are not chasing away the rats?  Its getting harder and harder at some of my spots to keep clean, and make sure its the cats that are eating the food.  Does anyone know the psyche of these creatures, and how they live together peacefully?  I thought cats hated rats!?!

I had to let Spencer back out onto the streets yesterday after I had him at the clinic for neuter.  It was very sad.  He stayed overnight in a very large carrier and I am sure was scared to death.  One day I will find him a home.  Please help me find him a home, and the five kittens and their mom that are in our care.

A few houses down from Crazy Lisa's house on Parsells, I feed a few kitties on the porch of a vacant house.  Its a duplex.  After Lisa had begun to throw the food I was leaving under a tree outside her house a year or so ago, I looked around and found this porch.  One day a young black girl, school age, was standing to the right of the house, on her porch.  I told her about what I was doing and was trying to find a spot to feed the kitties, and she said it was ok to put the food on the porch next door because her grandmother had died and no one lived there.  So I've been feeding there since.  Have trapped a lot of kitties, and rescued a lot.  Most recent, I think, was Patches.  Before Patches it was my Skinny Minnie, the pregnant kitty.  This morning I pulled up, and its garbage day for the city, and I saw some furniture put out by the family next door.  Looks like a faux leather couch and chair.  The arm of the chair is very wide - looks like it was comfortable back in its day - it was wrapped in duct tape.  Not just one piece, but the whole arm.  I thought to myself - this is poverty.  This family, this young school girl, they could not afford another chair, and had wrapped this chair up so many times, they just couldn't do it anymore, and off it went to the side of the road.  I immediately thought, oh, I would love to get someone to donate a used chair for them.  But then realized this might be an insult to them, and it would also bring attention to the feeding next door.  So I let it go.  But how sad is that.  There are people living in extreme poverty right under our noses.

So today, I will be thankful for the little I have.  Everyone is fighting some battle, so be kind, and be generous.  Do something kind for someone today.  No matter how big or how small.   The young, the old, the innocent, the poor.  Everyone and everything matters.

"We are not rich by what we possess but by what we can do without."