Tuesday, September 15, 2015

TNR Tuesday!

GOTCHA!  After three days of not spotting our sick and wounded red kitty, he was there this morning.  I had the carrier all set ready to grab him and place in the carrier, went up to porch, up came Prince, and the other brown sweet tabby, all ready to eat, and I waited, patiently to put wet food down.  He didn't come up to the porch.  He remained under the bushes.  I placed the carrier back into truck, set trap up, and took off to do next couple of feedings.  I came back around and nothing. They are on to me.  So I put the trap back in the truck, got out the carrier again, and brought the wet food back up.  I started to place some into each bowl, and slowly, here he comes.  He came close enough that I was able to grab him from the front, around his neck, and hold tight enough to get him into the carrier.  He was not happy, and I am sure extremely frightened.  Covered the carrier and off we went for the rest of the route.  I snapped this pic when we got home. I assured him all would be well.  Click on pic to see up close.

PATCHES (Patch for short!)
I named him Patches because he has some patching up to be done at the doctors.  :(

I was only able to do this confidently knowing that someone, a few days ago on Facebook, offered to take him after his vetting today.  I haven't heard from her yet, so I am praying she meant it.  I will have to release him if I don't hear from her.  :(  I also determined that on top of being wounded, he has a severe upper respiratory infection.  I will also have him leukemia tested.  Poor boy.  He is scared.

Cloe (Sevigny - Second Street) is going in for another look at the clinic today.  Dr. Bender will determine if she will continue with her meds, or can go off them.  I am told that her wounds look better since I saw her Sunday.  She is being fostered along with the four baby kittens, which she doesn't much care for I am told!  This poor girl has been through a lot!

Peaches went in to the vet yesterday.  She had been drooling slightly from the mouth and nose and it was determined that she has an upper respiratory infection.  After a shot of convenia, this morning she was SO much better.  Spirited little girl she is.

As I pulled up to Third and Central this morning, a new black kitty I'd never seen RAN to me.  Starving, obviously.  I could tell from her saggy belly that she was a new mother.  I wonder where her kittens are.  It broke my heart.

And then on Pennsylvania and Second, for the past week or so there has been a gray and white cat hanging around, and gobbling the food after I step away.  I was able to feel her this morning, they learn to trust, and she feels pregnant.  I thought to myself, I can't grab her, I have nothing to put her in but the trap, and she won't go for that.  I felt horrible leaving her there.

I have determined that after I place food and water down at the two shelters I have set up on Short Street for Whiskers, Buttons, and a few others, that an army of rats descend upon them.  There is not a drop of food or water left when I arrive each morning.  But you can always hear the rats.  And occasionally find one dead on the sidewalk.  I picture the movie BEN, with throngs of rats surrounding the plates.

Please consider foster or adoption for some of these babes on the street.  Its such a good feeling knowing you have provided a better life for these animals, who have nothing.

Something to remember today - so make it a good day:

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle
you know nothing about.
Be kind."

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  1. Aww, Patches! He looks pretty rough. Did you get in contact with the person who said she'd take him?

    Ugh, you'd think the cats could take care of the rats? I don't know what you can do about them do you?