Friday, September 18, 2015


First I would like to thank a few groups.  One is Habitat for Cats.  They kindly offered me clinic spots yesterday for the two PREGNANT girls that I was able to grab yesterday morning.  Habitat for Cats has been around, I think, the longest of the few rescue groups we have here in Rochester.  They have helped me out immensely over the years.  The other is Operation Gypsy, I give a shout out to them  - they were able to take in a beautiful white kitty I rescued from Niagara to adopt out in their group.  Also to GRASP, another good rescue group – they were able to take in Cammy, my beautiful sweet boy from Central and Fifth, to foster.  I appreciate all of you so much.

Trixie and Alice

Speaking of pregnant girls – no, not me.  The two from yesterday, Trixie and Alice.  The plight of these two sweet girls touched the heart of many, knowing I would be returning them back to the street – Second and Pennsylvania – this morning after healing from their surgeries on my porch overnight.  I was offered the opportunity to get them fostered!  So they are safe and sound and now to get them adopted!  Pics will be coming soon, and a few words about their temperament, which I know will be positive.  They were sweet girls with me each morning that I stopped to feed them at the boarded up house there where I fed them each morning at 5 am.!

Sweet Peaches was adopted out yesterday.  It broke my heart to have her leave me, but its something that must be done.   Although this morning, I did pray that I would not come upon a cat that desperately needed to be rescued.  And when I say desperate – one that is sick.  I actually had the chance to rescue little Polly’s mom this morning, as she sat across the street under the tree watching me.  I placed food and water down for her, patted her, and thought ‘she will be my next spay on Tuesday’.  I pray she is there that morning!  I have to work on all the kitties in foster care now before I can rescue more.  Its not fair to those that are fostering.

As I pulled up to Second Street, behind Paul’s house where I have shelters and feed – and where I rescued little Cloe with her bite wounds, a black couple were walking on the street (yes, its 5 am.).  As I got out she asked if I had cat food, she recognized me from over the years, and I remembered her – Sonya.  She was inebriated again, smelling like booze.  I gave her a small bag, asked her about her animals, she said they had no food, said she fed them the food she eats.  I tried to tell her facts about animals needing certain supplements and that is why she should be feeding regular cat and dog food.  Said she had a pit bull that doesn’t like people around her.  She said she wasn’t spayed.  I told her she needed to get this done.  Ten minutes later, I saw her walking alone, carrying the food I gave her.  I stopped for a second time and told her she needed to get home and feed the animals.  She asked for a ride, I gave it to her.  As we drove, we joked about our own drinking habits, she didn’t deny she had a problem, and I told her that she needed to get on a ‘normal schedule’ of it.   Evenings.  Ha.  As I dropped her off she promised me should would take care of her animals. 

I thought about all the people I see in these neighborhoods each day.  Shady looking characters in and out of the bootleggers house for booze or cigarettes, the girls on the corners waiting for their next trick so that they can get their next fix, Crazy Maryleigh, Crazy Lisa, homeless Will – they are all out there trying to survive the only way they know how to do.  There but for the grace of God go I.

Its Friday and I am bushwhacked.  I just said a whole lotta stuff about nothing.  Thanks for reading. 

I wish you a good day.


  1. I am SO happy that I can move Trixie and Alice out of the TNR list and into the Rescue list!!! To whoever offered to foster them - you are an answer to a prayer. Thank you!!!! This is just wonderful news. And to Peaches/ Rummy's new mommy - thank you for giving this beautiful girl a loving home. I just LOVE these happy endings. To Janine, all the rescue groups, all the individual people and all the fosters and adopters - you are doing the most important work on earth - saving a fellow creature from a life of suffering. There is no higher calling.

  2. Wow what a great Friday/week for all the kitties, thanks to all your hard work!

  3. I'm so glad that Peaches/Rummy has a new mommy who's smitten with her! I wish them a long and happy life together!

    How awesome that Trixie and Alice will be fostered! Are they friends?

    God bless all the rescue groups that help the cats, but especially may God bless you, Janine!