Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sharing and Caring

Gidget, Bridget and Widget.  And Billy.  While these three are still too young to be handed over just yet to new homes, they still need to be shown, and pre-adopted.  I need to get them in to the clinic for their first shots in a few weeks - they have to be a certain weight, and they are not quite there yet.  They went in last week for their deworming, and sex determination.  Guess what.  Bridget is a boy.  By the way, thanks to whoever suggested those names, I love them!  But now, we have to figure out a better name for Bridget.  :)





Hats off to Sue, a kind woman who adopted Mellie from me, and offered to care for Cloe in her convalesce, and to help with Nora's four kittens.  Sue has managed to heal Cloe's wounds nicely, more than I was able to do.  It must have been the Clavamox wasn't a strong enough antibiotic, and after a second trip to the vet on Saturday so that Dr. Bender could check her wounds, her medication was changed, and she had new wounds that formed on her back.  Two old ones closed, but two new ones appeared.  Dr. Bender was very concerned, and wants to see her again today.  I think she will be surprised at how well the wounds are doing - Sue is a retired nurse, and is able to treat the infection far better than I can, always running here and there.


Speaking of running here and there, I had to bring Nora, the momma cat that had the four babies and were all dumped at the apartment building on Niagara Street over a week ago, to my sisters, who will foster her. Nora is the pretties, sweetest little baby momma.  She is ready for her forever home.  

And guess what I did on Sunday...  I rescued ANOTHER one.  This time, its Nora's twin, but younger - I would say seven months.  This flea infested little girl from Parsells, who I've temporarily named Peaches, is going to the clinic today for spay.  She is, again, one sweet little thing.  VERY affectionate!  I may have a home for her!

I just had to do it.  I couldn't resist this hat.  When I got to the counter at Petco, after having to purchase KMR (kitten milk replacement) for the wee ones above, I saw it and bought it.  I told the cashier, this will be the easiest $9 I have ever wasted.  Sure enough, it was tough to get my cats to keep this on, but Vanessa, and Smoky, were troopers.  Ole!


I have always said, the power of the internet is awesome.  There are two remaining kittens from the first batch I got earlier this summer.  Dot and Stripey.  Blu, Cleo and Tootsie were all adopted and into good homes.   After sharing their picture on Facebook, others shared, and out of the blue, a friend of a friend saw their picture below, and are interested in adopting both TOGETHER!  Years ago, before we had these vehicles, it would take forever to get fosters and adopters.  I am so grateful to those of you that share this stuff.  Together, we can save them all!

Dot and Stripey

Dot Stripey and Blu

By the time a weekend has passed, I have so much I want to share here, but there is never enough time.  I wanted to give the low down on the front and back nines of my morning route.  I wanted to share all the happenings with the people on the street I run into in the morning, reporting to Humane Society on Friday the hoarding of bunny rabbits at one of my locations, and just so much other stuff, but once again, full time job gets in the way, so this is brief.

The cat below is severely injured and I've had to walk away from it for the past three mornings.  He is on Parsells, where I trapped this morning hoping he would be my victim so I could get him to the clinic, as it is TNR Tuesday.  His eye is droopy, he looks injured.  He comes right up on the porch to gobbble the food down, he is starving.  The reason I cannot grab him is I have no where to take him.  I CANNOT rescue again until I have a foster. PLEASE consider, he needs help!

Instead of the injured cat above, I got this little thing:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I tell you what I see on the front nine of my route each day.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


  1. What about Bridges? Close to original name, and in his younger days Jeff Bridges I thought was a hottie!

  2. I think doxycycline would be the antibiotic for a wound infection like that. Is that what she was switched to?