Monday, September 28, 2015


That's how many cats I have rescued so far this year.  Can you believe it?  I have found homes for 58 of those.  :)  Pretty cool.  Thanks Kristin for adding all that up for me!

She is probably thinking, reading this, 'but I told her 64'.  Well, I did it again this morning.  Rescue # 65.

Meet Princess Peanut.  She has a severe URI and I could not leave her another day.  I hope that my fosters don't get upset with me, taking in another cat when I haven't found homes YET for the ones they are fostering for me.  Please.  I just can't turn my back on a cat in desperate need.  She is filthy, EXTREMELY SWEET, but she can barely breathe.  She will go to clinic tomorrow morning for spay and get a shot of something for her cold.  Poor girl.  But lucky girl now.

Little Cloe was brought in on Friday to the clinic for hopefully her second to last visit.  Her wounds have all just about disappeared, except for one.  She is doing much better though, thanks for all of your concern.

Saturday morning I had quite a scare.  In all the years I've been doing this, nothing came close to this.  I was huddled down pouring food in the back of a vacant lot on Central and Fifth, and I thought, in the pitch dark, that I heard something.  I shined my flashlight and saw a black man in black clothes and a black skull cap walking toward me.  I got up on my feet, shouted CAN I HELP YOU, WHAT DO YOU WANT, as he kept walking toward me in silence.  By now, I am pretty nervous.  I started walking to the side, and he all the sudden stopped, as if she was in a fog, looked into the flashlight, at the shelter, and turned around and started to walk away as I said 'WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING??"  Still no response.  I was angry, and frightened at the same time.  A close call for sure, but its the first close call I've had in all these years.  So no worries everyone.  I am still here.  And no, I don't have a gun, and yes, I do have pepper spray, but by the time I had to use it, after all the finagling, I would spray myself in the face.  I have too much stuff in my hands. Another hazard of the job.

After my scare on Saturday morning I brought Petunia, the SWEET SWEET kitty I rescued from Parsells last Tuesday to her new foster home.  What great people there.  Two little girls, a pug, and two other kitties all welcomed her into their beautiful home in Webster.   I just couldn't do this without adoption and fostering.  Thank you so much.  You are allowing another precious, unfortunate animal to be rescued from the streets.  Saved.  They so deserve it too.  And there are so many more.  Please spread the word about foster care.

On Sunday, a family came over and was introduced to Barney, Billy, Midget and Widget - the kittens I rescued from Niagara, along with their mother Nora.  The kittens are doing great, and are ready to be adopted.  Although they are still just under 10 weeks old, they are all thriving.  Wonderful family had a hard time choosing a girl and boy between the two boys and two girls, but they decided on Widget and Billy.  I am so happy for them. That leaves two tigers, Barney and Midget, both available for adoption.

"To foster an animal is a great gift and act of kindness.  The animals hold a special place in your heart and you make a world of difference in their lives!"


  1. Janine,
    I cannot reiterate enough how amazing you are for all the excellent work you do on a daily basis for these unfortunate felines. I also want to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who helps you any way they can. I know you often acknowledge and appreciate the help you get from your devoted followers. Congrats on your 65th rescue this year!!! That number does not depict the fact that you prevented hundreds of Cats from being born into a life of hell on the mean streets of the inner city. I beg all your followers to adopt one Cat by calling RCAC at (585-288-0600) and making a $50.00 donation to your Spay/Neuter account to cover their altering, shots and flea treatment. Keep up your Excellent work (Cat Angel)!!! You certainly are making a big difference in the lives of every Cat that is fortunate enough to have crossed paths with you. Thank you very much Kristin for all your support also.

    Walt Simoni

  2. I of course second everything Walt said!!
    Janine if todays rescued girl can hardly breathe, DONT take her to clinic for spay tomorrow. She could die under anesthesia and wouldnt you feel awful about that. Really not a good idea. Better to give her antibiotics at home for a week first. I know it would be easier to take her in right away, and they might tell you they cant do her, but if they assume she is to be TNRd they will do her and she might die if shes having that much trouble breathing already.
    I felt obligated to say this.

    1. Have to agree with Carole about delaying the spay tomorrow, It could be too much for her under the circumstances.

  3. LOL_ You forgot about the DEAD MAN on Sunday at Central & Fifth, the same spot, next day! I hear Janine yelling at someone so I turn around and she's trying to figure out this "dead-looking guy" in an SUV, his head back, mouth open... I creep forward and we both stop and turn around as we see his lower jaw twitch. We're both like..."OK. He's alive. How creepy..."

  4. This article is about Batavia. Not sure how they did it but maybe someone has some connections out there to find out and that info can be given to ROC City council??
    Batavia, N.Y. - It is estimated that there are somewhere between 400 and 1500 feral and community cats in Batavia. For those who live in those neighborhoods, the frustration has been high for years. Now, the city has a plan to fix the issue. A task force was named to come up with an idea to tackle the community cat problem.The idea is called TNVR- Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release. Any cats that are too sick to be put back into the wild would be euthanized. Assistant city manager Gretchen DiFante led the task force and says the concept was used in numerous local towns. The plan is to use grants from the group Spay our Strays to help get started before hoping to team up with the county. For now, they're asking for volunteers and donations. Batavia City Council endorsed the idea Monday night at their meeting and could pass a resolution soon.