Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Meow Mix plastic cups - wet food.  

Well my day started off hopeful yesterday, knowing I had finally captured poor Patches.  But when I got in my car to come home from work, the check engine light came on, and I knew I had a problem.  But then I knew I REALLY had a problem by the time I pulled into my driveway and began to smell gas fumes, and saw that there was gas leaking from under the car.  I have been ignoring sounds that shouldn't be there for a long while now, and now here I am, facing an enormous challenge.  Money.  I frantically called a garage in Webster that has done work for me recently on the Jeep (which by the way, is not a trusting vehicle either), and they couldn't guarantee a look at it until Monday.  They are that booked.  They referred me to another place down the road, which after calling, can take a look at the car today.  Problem is, I need it towed.  I can't drive the car knowing there are gas fumes and leaking.  So here I sit waiting for the tow truck, dreading what I will find out today.  The car is 10 years old and just under 100,000 miles.  :(

As far as cats go, Patches was given a shot of convenia, had his manhood removed, and off he went to Hilton, under the care of a kind girl who posted on Facebook "my first foster".  So so so so thankful to her.  There is just one more that is in dire need to be rescued, Prince on Parsells, due to his obvious URI, which I have been treating by sneaking in doxy into his wet food, which I now have to stand there to make sure he is eating it.  He did this morning.  Such a good boy.  He is lovable and sweet and would make a wonderful companion to someone.

Polly's Mom and sibs are still out on the street - PARSELLS

Polly after her rescue!

Little Polly was spayed, to my surprise, because of her size and weight, she is so so tiny, but they did it and she looked happy and healthy when she returned here.  I figure she is about five months old.  Then, her new mom Vera came and brought her to her new home!  Hurray!


Little Cloe, the one with the bite wounds also went to the clinic yesterday.  One wound is still not healing properly.  She was put on yet ANOTHER antibiotic, and off she went under the care of foster mom Susan.  I held her briefly after her vet visit, and she is SO loving.  Just wouldn't leave my side, and purr purr purr.  She is a sweet little love.  Can't wait for her to heal and find her a loving home also.

On 2nd and Pennsylvania, I have been feeding a muted calico that supposedly belongs to the woman next door to the boarded up house on the corner, and her name happens to be JaninA.  A Spanish woman, she seemed very nice when I spoke to her.  She said her cat is outdoors, and after asking if she was spayed, she replied she thinks so.  After seeing her all summer, I assumed she was.  She runs into the road to greet me each morning.  She will be hit one of these days.

This past week I've noticed household items by the curb, and it didn't look like regular garbage.  In these neighborhoods, you always see someone's life on the curb after they have been evicted.  They leave just about everything they possess for the landlord to take care of.  This morning, I felt this kitty's belly, thinking 'boy, she is getting fat from the food I feed her' and she IS pregnant.  She, along with a beautiful grey and white cat that now lets me feel her belly as of today, are both pregnant.  I am begging if anyone has a spot at a clinic tomorrow, please, we need to do something.  Please remember, for each kitten born, TEN+ kittens are euthanized around this country.  I know those figures are wrong, its much higher, but we must end this cycle.    If anyone can get these precious girls in, we need to do it NOW.

Thanks, and have a great day.  Oh, and by the way, spider season is here.  I am walking through some big, gross webs in the dark!  EEEUUUWWWWWWWW  :(

Pic I took on Niagara Street, one of my old feeding spots.  YIKES!
PS, since written above, the tow truck driver saw my gas line was broken.  :(

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure."


  1. THANK YOU to the girl who took in Patches. I am so very happy this sweet boy is off the streets. You are an angel. Janine - great job on Polly and everyone else. I am going to re-tally your rescue and TNR numbers tonight and give them to you. You have been outdoing yourself!! I am sorry about your car. I know that is a big source of stress. I hope the fix is not too expensive :( xoxox -Kristin

  2. Yuck that spider is gross!