Thursday, September 10, 2015


Lets begin with this.  I took all these pictures this morning.  ZOOM IN ON THE PICTURES BY CLICKING ON THEM.  I quickly made up a poster to post on a tree on Parsells this morning, directly above where I rescued this poor little creature yesterday morning (naming her Poppy for now), and had to leave her mother, siblings, and a gazillion others, to eat out of the tiny bowl of food, and bowl of water I left beneath it yesterday.  I believe this is a powerful message to those that actually will notice it, whether they live there, or are driving by.   As i thought about it during my route, I thought I would like to get a couple dozen of them made, and post them on trees as I go along.  I just need a poster board, and two nails for each.  Its supposed to rain for the entire weekend, so would need to waterproof.  Lets see if it wakes the city up at all.

Just as I drove away from here, I spotted something in the road, which put the nail in the coffin that something needs to be done about this street.  It is overrun with unspayed/unneutered cats.  We have GOT to do something.  The sadness engulfed me as I wrapped this poor young tabby in a towel, that I had been feeding for ages, where Parsley hangs, and placed him on the side of the road under a tree.  Again, this is PARSELLS.

Back to our injured, or sick, orange kitty. I was offered a temporary situation for him, but I do need a foster, and a plan before I pick him up.  I also need to have him gain trust in me.  I slowly was able to pet his head while he ate this a.m.  I am also sneaking in Doxy into his wet food -  you can see a chunk of it in the wet food if you click on the pic.  He has something going on with his eye, and it sounds like respiratory issue.  I am just praying someone offers to take him in and care for him and we can then work together on getting him adopted out.  He may be the sweetest thing in the world, which they usually are.  We just don't know right now about this little boy (unneutered also).  He doesn't appear to be in dire straights, but he does appear to be sick, and/or slightly injured.

This pretty boy on Garson sits next to my car when I leave.

This new, unaltered kitty is waiting for me each morning at Baldwin and Grand.

Been feeding this grey baby for a long time now.  Central and Fifth.  He used to eat the food I placed for Cammy.

Third and Central:  These sweethearts keep their distance, but know me when I arrive.

This beautiful sweet boy has not allowed me to pet him, after months of keeping his distance.  He is sleek, and beautiful.

Well what do we have here?  Still Central and Third.  Click on the pic to see!  IF you can believe it, I actually grabbed those bowls and filled them on the ground, and put them back, all the while keeping my distance from this guy!

This baby red kitten is still on Niagara.  I believe it is Noodles sibling.  My heart sinks each morning.  I had asked someone to try to trap it, but it never happened.  :(  I hate leaving the little ones.

Parsley.  His adoption fell through.  He is so sweet, and so sad.  I want to find him a home before the winter sets in.  He is a throw away.

Please consider helping me make signs to post around the streets.  Maybe someone from the city government will notice.  Maybe someone will do something, get this noticed by someone who can make a difference for these animals.

I also need flea medicine.  I will never buy Frontline Plus again.  This little baby I rescued yesterday, POPPY, still has them after I applied a vial to her yesterday.  I also need paper salad bowls, and cat food.

Thank you for helping me to help them.

Have a nice day.

Kindness is a language which
the deaf can hear and the
blind can see. 


  1. Save your money on the signs and use it for something else. The obvious answer is 'No, no one cares', that's why these poor cats have to live like this. The people that do care are your loyal 'fans' that are doing something each day to promote you and save a life. If people do not have money to donate on food/supplies or vetting, then spread the word about you & your cats. Or simply look for 'junk' on the side of the road that can be converted into a shelter costs nothing. Not sure what happened to the NY TNR bill on Cuomo's desk but unfortunately, until a bill like that gets signed, no local government is going to help. We HAVE to be our own army!

  2. I will certainly help you make signs. If people in the neighborhood know that someone DOES care, it might help them to notice something they had previously been blind to. Raising awareness is the first step to solving a problem. I am so sad for the deceased kitty. And for all the babies out there fending for themselves when they are domestic animals and need human care. What is the temporary situation for the injured orange kitty? I will help with that too. Let's talk this weekend :) -kristin

  3. Flea treatment- I still swear by plain old Advantage II. In order to maximize doses, and minimize the cost, anyone can buy extra large dog size by mailorder/ internet or in pet store. Non prescription. Dog is same as cat. You just get a LOT more for the money. Dosage (using a 1 ml syringe) is 0.4 mls for cat under 9 lbs and 0.8 mls for cat over 9 lbs. Kitten would get accordingly less depending on size. Safe to use at 8 weeks I think package says. So you get 10 small cat or 5 large cat doses per extra large dog sized tube which is 4.0 mls and costs around $10-11 per dose bringing per cat cost down to $1-2 per cat. When you buy cat advantage you are paying for the packaging.
    I will try to get a couple tubes to you but not sure when I can probably not till next week. Just wanted to pass this info on to everyone that my vet gave me years ago.

  4. Make SURE you do not buy ADVANTIX!! That IS just for dogs and is toxic to cats! AdvanTAGE is 9.1% imidacloprid. Same in cat and dog packages.