Monday, September 21, 2015

One Less

One less cat on Parsells today.  But unfortunately, it wasn't a rescue, it was a death.  Sometime between the time I left a feeding spot, and when I returned on my way home an hour and half later, one of my babies was hit.  Its face smashed into the road.  What kind of monster can hit ANYTHING and leave it like that.   Someone with no conscience. 

Here are bits and pieces of what I wrote on Facebook on how I spent this weekend:

So, I go to Miss B's house on Trust Street this morning, to wish her well with her party for the children in her neighborhood who don't have much, and there is a pit bull across the street emaciated, with a large tumor, or hernia, hanging from in between is back legs. I say to the man - is that your dog? 'yes' I say it needs to be looked at by a vet. He says 'don't start no trouble- I have no money for a vet - don't start no trouble.' Miss B starts to get upset, crying. I soothe her, telling her I won't start anything today, but when I left, I'm thinking I will call about the dog tomorrow. I can't ruin her party today. Then I thought, I will go back later to 'see how her party is going, but will give the man a choice: I will tell him "if I pay for the dog to be seen, will you let me do that - the other choice is to call animal control." The dog has been neglected far too long. He may love the dog, but I can't turn a blind eye. The man is very poor. Doesn't drive. Hispanic. Health issues. Daughter died last year. I feel sorry for him, but the dog has no choice, no option. 

OK, update on DOG. He (TEBO?) is an elderly pit bull (very sweet). Friendly, emaciated, dirty (nothing to lay on, I got towels out of my car and placed on the dirt under the tree). I had 'Angel' get him a bowl of water, which he gulped every drop, and I gave him cat food I had in my car. I offered him the choice to take to vet and pay, he agreed. I also asked if he would give the dog up, he said 'NO'. I love the dog. He brings it in at night. Problem: The dog has a very large prostate. That is the 'tumor' I mentioned earlier. I THINK its prostate (its HUGE). I told him we would pick up the dog at 1:15 pm. Monday for walk in clinic on Bay Street. I have a funny feeling their walk in clinic isn't until Wednesday. I hate to ask, but can anyone get him into their vet on Monday if clinic isn't open (it wasn't last Monday), and pay for this poor dog? I know a lot of you offered, maybe if we all chipped in - called in - wherever we can find a place, even Emergency Vet. What do you all think? (PS, SO MAD I didn't bring my camera with me - going there tomorrow again, and will get pics).

Sunday LATER
So this is Tebo. I went over this morning and brought him a cushy rug to lay down on, and food. I got him a fresh pot of water, and bowl of food. As you can see, from the size of the tumor on his groin area, he has a hard time sitting. I told the owner that friends were trying to get him into a vet tomorrow, and to expect a call in the morning. I then said to this man, choked up with emotions, that due to the dogs age, that lump may be cancer, and it would not be an easy fix, and could end up in euthanasia. I told him the dog was in pain, and suffering, and we wouldn't want to have him suffer any longer. The man hesitantly seemed to understand. So that's where we are at. I would appreciate it a call in the morning letting me know if someone were able to get an appt. at their vet, and we will transport him. All others that offered to donate, I hope you are still able to. I will provide a number for donations. Thank you for your compassion.

The appointment has been made for 10:20 at Fairport Animal Hospital -388-1070 - Please consider donating.


Have a nice day.


  1. My heart is broken for your Parsell's kitty. Seriously - I feel sick to my stomach now. That poor, poor baby. I will never understand in a million years the heartlessness of some people. I am praying for Tebo that he can be healed and his pain alleviated. I will definitely be donating. Whose name is the appointment under? Who is paying for it upfront? I feel so sad about these 2 babies in your blog today. :'(

    1. no one is paying upfront. the appointment is under my name. I appreciate all that can donate. thank you so much - will keep you all posted, maybe updating this post today sometime! 585-388-1070.

  2. I've been following this poor dog's story all weekend! I feel bad for the dog and the man who obviously loves his dog in his own way and doesn't want to let him go.

    Oh my gosh, that poor kitty in the road. I hope it was fast and didn't feel anything. Such a cruel world we live in. Lord, come quickly!