Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cirque du Soleil Rochester

Happy Birthday Kristin!  Correction.  My Cammy is being fostered by GRASP, not Operation Gypsy!

Here is his picture!  He is so happy to be off the streets!

Cammy - saved!

Here are the facts of today:

  • I tried to rescue Prince from Parsells as my friend Donna was going to foster him.  He has a mile upper respiratory problem.  I had an 11 am. appointment at County Line for him to get treated and tested for Leukemia.  He was not there this morning.  
  • I went to my Baldwin and Grand location where there is another black and white cat who I had neutered this year with a severe upper respiratory.  After feeding at all my spots, I went back to this location because I had tried to give him Clavamox by pill hidden in his food - which I had left on a lid of a wet food container I brought.  I went back to get the lid, and made the decision to grab him and bring him to the 11 am. appointment instead. He is suffering a great deal.  His breathing is rattled.  He is scared and sick.  I will have to return him if the vet says its OK to.  :(  I wish there were more like Donna to take in a sick one like this.  She will most likely wait for Prince.
  • These two red kittens that were trapped over a week ago on Greeley and Parkside at the older woman Gael's house by Kristi and her boyfriend, on my behalf, were neutered yesterday at the clinic.  Both are feral, and both are going to a barn situation this morning.  As you can see, the kitten on the top is a bit more feral than the other.  These poor angels are scared to death, and have been through a LOT over the past week.  I pray that the transport and getting them into their cages, which they will spend a week or two in, goes smoothly.  Gael called me this morning to advise there there are now even tinier kittens eating on her porch.  She said they are so little she doesn't know how they make it up her steps. More for me to worry about.  I can't take it.  She calls me incessantly telling me about all the cats on her street.  I need help here.  



  •  Nora, the mother of the four kittens I inherited yesterday was brought to County Line for spay yesterday also.  She was delivered back to me last evening, and I have to tell you, she is the SWEETEST little kitten herself, and the prettiest, with big round eyes.  She loves to be held, so much that she feels lifeless when you cradle her like a baby in  your arms.  She is going to make someone the BEST companion EVER.   She is ready for a home!
  • Her four kittens remain the cutest little buggers ever.  They will have to go to the clinic next week, if I can afford it.  There they will get checked, get their first shots, etc.  They will then be ready for adoption also!  I spent $60 on flea meds for them yesterday that my own vet office charged me for.
  • Cloe, the kitten that was bitten by a large animal continues to heal.  She is another of the sweetest little things int he world.  I left a message at the clinic for them to advise if it was safe to spay her.  And then at that point, I believe she is also ready for adoption.
  • Skinny Minnie continues to be the cutest little wallflower.  She loves attention, but I don't have enough attention for my own kitties these days.  She keeps to herself, but when she see me approaching, she up on all four skinny legs begging for me to stop and cuddle her.  I love her, but she needs a home desperately.
  • I am out of my mind - it was a zoo at my house this morning.  Between the kittens on the in carriers that spent the night, between Cloe with her meds and dressings, between the four kittens and the mother, and now the sickly boy in a carrier in the car waiting for an 11 am. appointment.  I am overwhelmed and underpaid.  
What I need:
  • money (I am using other vet services for some of these cats, depending on what they need)
  • money for spay and neuter (or call clinic to donate 585-288-0600)
  • cat food - both dry and wet - I am going through 30+ pounds of dry now PER DAY.  A case and half of wet.  PER DAY.
  • paper salad bowls
  • fosters!
  • people to help trap!
  • adopters!
  • good weather!
  • to be younger!
  • to be skinnier!
Thats it.  As I said, I am extremely overwhelmed.


  1. Nora is like Fraser. A light furry limp ball that loves to be held. She's got that same darker nose and round eyes. I will second that thought about her being a perfect pet.

  2. OMG What a full house you have! Thanks for taking them all in!

  3. Amazon says they delivered the food I ordered last week. I just ordered some more dry food to be delivered to you.

    1. Carrie, if you can read this, could you please advise your address so that I can properly thank you? It was not on the delivery sheets.