Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh What a Night...

Was that the Four Seasons that created that song?  Way before my time, for sure...  :)

Oh what a day yesterday, and what a morning today!  The kitty that went willingly into the carrier from Central and Third yesterday morning to be TNR'd turned out to be a female, but I had named her Chuckie.  Oh well, according to Johnny Cash, there's a boy named Sue.  She was returned after her spay after she was released from the clinic.  Another heartbreaker.  The Princess did very well, turns out she was in heat, and was 'mature post partum'.  So she could have had babies at one point?  Prior to the pickups, I received a call from a woman who is fostering the four kittens.  She said that Billy was having a hard time breathing.  Panicked, we picked him up and brought him to clinic for the pick up of the other two.  The tech looked at him, said he was fine, but advised to bring him for drop off the next morning.  So he shall be seen.  He sounds like he has URI.  The others seem fine.  He is such a little nugget, doesn't seem any bigger than a pound.  Very very loving, and vying for my attention as we speak.  Purring and rubbing against my face.  Love this little guy, but he and Midget, the girl tabby, will be going to their new home on Friday.  uggh.  heartstrings  broken.

(pause) - must pick up kitten, must give a gazillion kisses into its soft fur....   must do it again.

If you will all remember Cammy, who I rescued from Central Park a month or so ago.  For a very long time, Cammy wouldn't let me near him, he kept his distance from me as I poured food and water down for him, while he waited, starving, for me to leave so that he could eat.  He was a very dirty looking cat, but had the sweetest eyes, I could tell he was a good boy, just couldn't prove it.  After many many times, he finally started to get a little closer, and a little closer, and a little closer, until one day he let me pet the top of his head, and then eventually, a full pet.  He now trusted me.  For many months after that, I told him I will find you a home, you are on 'my list'.  After posting pics of him, a girl from a rescue group noticed, and said, I will take Cammy into my home, and into my group.  I was elated.  I told her the plan, that it was a TNR Tuesday for me, I would get Cammy, and after his spay, he would be going to her house.  After a few days, he had his official photos taken.  I was never more proud of a rescue after seeing him all cleaned up and in his glory.  Weeks went by and he was brought in for testing - he turned out FIV positive.  I don't specifically remember a conversation about being asked to test him, which doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Testing is not a norm for me because it wasn't something I normally do, and I have so much on my mind this past year with rescues, fosters, adoptions, kittens - ask anyone, my mind is a million miles away - so scattered these days.  I get a cat tested if someone specifically says to do so - I ask for it on the paperwork sent in. 

Cammy tested FIV positive I received the following note from the head of the group that took Cammy in yesterday:  Hi ladies, Ok I need some info on Cammy. I was very surprised when Karen messaged that he was FIV+ after she had him for a while, because I was very clear that the testing needed to be done prior to us taking him in, and if he was positive we could not help. So I just want to understand when/where was he tested? Test once or twice?


I told her that I don't think I had him tested, and then of course felt completely bad after receiving this note. I told her that I was sorry, and that I would take Cammy back in an instant after it was eluded to me that he may never be adopted because of this. Cammy is the sweetest boy around and deserves a good home and a long life. FIV is nothing but a lessened immune system where he should be kept indoors always and away from any virus, etc. It is not spread unless through a deep bite wound - I have yet to hear of this happening with cats that are indoors and together. I have three kitties in my house that have lived very long lives so far and not a hint of problem. Healthy as oxes. Again, I told her as soon as I was able to free up a foster, or free up space in my own home of extra cats, I would take him back in a heartbeat. I tell you this just for the fact that if you know of anyone who wants one of the sweetest cats in the world, tell them about Cammy! They won't regret it! :)

Please spread the word, and have a great day!

"Be strong, but not rude.
Be kind, but not weak.
Be bold, but not shy.
Be confident, but not arrogant."


  1. I am working with Cammy's foster mom to find him a loving home on our own. We have made up fliers and we plan to plaster Rochester with them!! We will get Cammy a wonderful home!! And his foster mommy loves him! ♥ -Kristin

  2. Please make sure Cammy's foster understands the difference between FIV+ and FeLV.
    Cammy will NOT spread FIV to other cats (I don't see her viciously deeply biting another cat, do you)? It's FeLV that's contagious from the cat's body fluids, including saliva. So even grooming an uninfected cat could pass on the FeLV virus.

  3. I have one positive cat also..very if I can place the other two I have... I would consider adopting cammy to be companion..for Harry., I was told that due to the injury Harry had..( large bite wound..probably dog) he should be retested for leukemia in 3 months..perhaps Cammy should also be restested...these street guys...suffering so...

  4. The initial test called the SNAP test can frequently be a false positive. I had that happen once with one of my cats testing FIV positive. I had him retested with the more accurate Western Blot test and it was negative. Cammy should be retested with Western Blot or at least retested with a second snap test before assuming he is truly FIV+. I think and hope all rescue groups already know this, but maybe that is why they were asking where and when he was tested before.