Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kittens Galore!

Tootsie before adoption
So, I am not in the kitten business.  This is reserved for those great rescue groups out there, the kind that take in little babies like these, they even pull from shelters to save them from euthanasia.  Shelter euthanize kittens nearly every day - its a little kept secret that the public does not know about.  I try to explain to the ignorant folks out there that allow cats to wander around pregnant, to allow their cats outside when they are unspayed or unneutered.  I explain that for every kitten born, there are hundreds being euthanized around the country.  I thank God for the few rescue groups we are lucky enough to have in Rochester.  But there aren't enough to go around for every kitten born.  I am now seeing kittens at the following locations:  Niagara (still another red one, actually Noodles sibling), Second Street (two red kittens - Cloe's siblings) and Third & Central (one kitten is hanging on the porch there, runs when I arrive).

I am more of an adult cat rescuer.  I see all the older cats, some very sick, others weary and worn, and they greet me, and then follow me when I leave. These cats are so deserving of a warm lap, a windowsill to look out, a pat and scratch and cuddle.

The kittens and mother kitten herself in the following pictures were dumped at the Susan B. Anthony apartment building’s fenced in parking lot last week, and the kittens have been surviving in a hole in the brick wall there.  At one time, there were at least 20 cats that I could count, but Habitat for Cats volunteers have slowly been TNR’g there this past summer, and many have been rescued this past summer, by me.   The last one I think was Noodles, but the one before that was the white cat with the one blue eye.  Its not one of my regular spots, but the girl that was doing it was overwhelmed and couldn’t handle it herself.  I check on it nearly daily, as she is not able to go there on a daily basis.  With the raccoons and all, there are many mornings that these cats have no food, no water.  I can count at least 10 that I see morning time.  The trapper had told me about these kittens a few days ago, saying that RAS was full, but I told her I would take them as I didn’t want them there one more day like that, especially knowing they are babies, so I told her I would take them and figure something out.

NORA from Niagara, the momma cat

All the kittens, including the mom, are friendly and sweet.  We got them before they went feral.  They are all available soon for loving homes.  Please share and spread the word.  We’ve got to get this overpopulation of cats under control.  It’s a nationwide problem, but we have to start in our own town, our own neighborhoods.  Please be someone to make a difference and volunteer to help TNR.  There are so many people reaching out for help in their neighborhoods, but there aren’t enough people to help go and do it.  The traps can be provided.  We just need your time.

Two red kittens from Greeley and Parkside were brought to my porch this morning after they were trapped last week.  They will go into clinic this morning for spay/neuter, and tomorrow morning will be brought to a barn in the country.  The barn folks are good good people.  They are the ones that took in Blackie, from Stout Street.  They have a beautiful home with wonderful conditions for the ferals they take in.  Please say a prayer for these kittens.  They are so frightened.

Finally, here are more pictures of the kitten I rescued nearly two weeks ago from Second Street.  Cloe had bite wounds which are healing nicely.  She is the sweetest little muted calico around.   She needs a home, ASAP.  Please consider her also.

Baby Cloe
Here is baby Tootsie, She is from the litter I got from Trust Street, near Portland and Clifford.  She was the first to go of the five - the others, Cleo, Blu, Dot and Stripey all miss her but know she will be cared for.  Cleo and Blu were adopted on Sunday.  Their new names are Cassie and Cooper.  They are very much loved also.  She is pictured with her big sister, in her new home. They love her so.  Here is what her new mom has to say:

"Hi Janine, We named her Bella. Since Thursday they are friends and they play and sleep with each other. I have been giving them the milk as you recommended. When we got Bella you could kind of feel her bones and she is now after a week finally there where she is bulking up a little. She is growing wonderfully and I hardly can tell that she is preferring her left paw or preferred her left paw at all. She loves to play. We have a bunch of the sticks with like feathers and stuff on them and she loves to play with the kids as well as Lola the other cat. They are all doing really great with each other and they are having fun. Bella snuggles up with all of us but she also likes after a while just to sleep at the end of the bed. Thank you so much. We love her so much!"

Baby Tootsie/Bella (black kitten top)
Have a great day.

No Longer a Stray

When you look into my eyes,
I know what you will see.
There is only love and trust
Where fear once used to be.
For I was an abandoned cat,
A cold and hungry stray.
But you reached out your gentle hands
And took me home to stay.
I've eagerly accepted the compassion you have shown.
I soon forgot the times when I was frightened and alone.
You opened up your heart to me
And taught me how to trust.
You've given me a loving home
Where kindness is a must.
So when you gaze into my face I hope you'll realize,
That "love without condition" is reflected in my eyes.


  1. I've shared your FB post. Fingers crossed. -carol

  2. Thank you for all that you do Janine. I know you are overwhelmed and feeling like no matter how much you do there are still so many more needing help. But you are making a huge difference so keep up the good (great!) Work and I hope that your energy keeps up for a long time! I just wanted to say thanks.

    1. Janine,

      Just wanted to echo what Carole stated above. You are Amazing (Cat Angel)!!!!. Thank you very much for all your daily sacrifices. You truly are making a significant impact on the lives of all the Kitties,who were fortunate to have crossed paths with you. Karon and I thank you very much for your devotion and compassion.

      Walt Simoni

  3. I'm so glad for Tootsie/Bella! She sounds like she's got a great new home and a furry friend to snuggle and play with.

    I can't believe you have MORE kittens!! LOL, well, actually yes I can believe it! I've shared them on FB and will spread the word as much as I can.