Thursday, August 13, 2015

Balls of Steel

Sorry if that offended anyone - they're just words anyway.  I was thinking about our men and women in blue.  Some are small, some are large, but all of them are the bravest individuals - besides me of course.  I have had the guts to go out into the dark every single morning for over 15 years (can't count anymore) now, go behind abandoned houses, to the back of vacant lots, in a not very nice part of town, just to feed and shelter and check on the welfare of the animals I am caring for.  The men and women in blue face far greater danger right in their face each day, putting their lives on the line for us, and I applaud you.  

Yesterday afternoon, I had a call from Kristin who has a friend who wanted a boy cat, any cat, as long as he was fixed.  She thought of Parsley, the boy I TNR'd just yesterday morning (trap, neuter and release).  I knew it was going to be nearly impossible this morning to get him again.  I knew his trust in me was gone after that ordeal of being kept in a carrier for 24 hours, and having his manhood taken away from him.  But I tried this morning - carrier was ready.  He was there, but kept a good distance from me.  I felt bad.  He is a nice cat, but needs to trust me again.  He has this amazing opportunity to be saved from a life of hell on the streets but just doesn't know it!  C'mon Parsley!  Tomorrow!  Be ready!

FERNIE.  No, she is not as mean as she looks!  Putty!

The other cat I had spayed at the clinic yesterday, Fern, who was pregnant and sick, spent the night in my bathroom.  She also was offered a reprieve from going back to the corner where I feed these cats that is just around the corner from that crazy @#$#@@#  #$%#$%  #$%$#$% Maryleigh.   My friend Patti offered to foster her.  She is extremely shy, but yesterday, I went in and got on the floor, she was in the carrier towards the back hiding under the blanket.  I put my hand back there and began to stroke her neck, then her chin and cheeks, and slowly pulled her by the scruff out of the carrier and placed her on my lap.  After speaking to her very softly, she began to purr.  This morning, I found her in the window, still scared to pieces, but she didn't flee.  I pulled her down, onto my lap, and after gently stroking her, she actually head butted me!  Its amazing how these cats will come around with just the right attention.  I thought of myself as the cat whisperer as I sat there!  :)  God only knows what she has been through living in that area, with that despicable woman living there.  Knowing what she does to animals.  Unfortunately, Fernie is breathing heavily, and I will be calling my vet today to get her in.  She may have an upper respiratory, I don't know.  I wish the spay clinic had given her a shot of Convenia while she was there.  My vet will also suggest a leukemia test, which will cost me $55.  There goes another $120 today, if I am lucky.  :(

On Pennsylvania and Second, for the second morning in a row now, a black kitten has been coming over for food.  I believe its about six or seven months old, on the tiny side though, and I also believe that this is Brenda's cat's kitten that was born in the spring,  and was pregnant again just last month.  Remember Brenda wouldn't allow me to take her to be spayed.  I think this kitten is from the first batch.  I noticed its belly was swollen. I thought, oh no, she is pregnant.  But after scooping it up, I realized it was a boy.  I would bet anything its worms.  Very round swollen belly.  I will have to wait until Tuesday when I have some spots at the clinic and pray he will be there waiting for me, hungry, on Tuesday.

As soon as I can get Skinny Minnie to her new home (Saturday), and Fernie to her foster (hopefully Friday), I can grab black and white Prince from Parsells and get him to my friend Donna for fostering.  There are just so many that need homes!  Cammy from Central is next, and then the pretty demure calico on Melville.   Please consider foster or adoption!

Some baby pictures to leave you with.  The little calico (Cleo) and grey boy (Blu) have been (un)officially adoption, but Stripey (grey), Dot (grey) and Tootsie (black with white) have not been.  Please spread the word!

Cleo and Tootsie!

I'm a Big Girl! says Stripey

Have a great, and SAFE day!

"He is not wise to me who is wise in words only,

but he who is wise in deeds."

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  1. Janine,
    I admit I was very offended a few months back when it was quite evident that a few of your Blog followers were taking cheap shots at Law Enforcement. I know you personally respect the Police for what they do on a daily basis and I salute you for recognizing them in your Blog today. Lastly, Thank you once again for the daily sacrifices you make while assuring all the Kitties on your Beechwood beat are fed, sheltered and as healthy as can be .These defenseless animals find themselves in their unfortunate predicaments because of irresponsible people and are very fortunate to have such a devoted, compassionate and loving person like you taking care of them. Never!!! let anyone suggest you are not making a difference Cat Angel, because you certainly are every day you go out on your beat coupled with all your follow up work.

    Thank you Janine,
    Walt & Karon Simoni