Tuesday, August 18, 2015

TNR Tuesday - Hide and Seek! Eeek!

Oh Man, look what I gone and done.  :(  I trapped a kitten on Niagara.  And look at that face.  I am scardt!  He/she looks like the devil!  

Boy from Ferndale/Webster

OK, so today is TNR day.  I had a girl ride along with me – her mom has fostered for me in the past, and this girl is part of a dog rescue group out of NYC, but she had heard about the hernia kitty on the corner of Ferndale and Webster and her heart melted.  She offered to take Hernia Kitty with her if we trapped it this morning.  She was going to try to raise funds for surgery for the cat with the baseball sized ball hanging from its belly.  Slowly dying.  We have been unsuccessful in trying to trap it for months because of Maryleigh hindering our efforts.  So this sweet girl drives here all the way from Palmyra, and meets me at my house at 4 am!  Off we go, straight to Ferndale and Webster – 4:15 am., and there is Maryleigh, walking with her usual backpack, with the cats following her.  I hold back and let her walk past the driveway where I was going to set the trap.   I see her walking away, down the street.  I get out, set the trap, and set off to find where she is.  I drive a few houses down, and there she is, in her hiding spot in the bushes in the back of a vacant lot.  I shine my flashlight on her and tell her to come out from hiding.  Last time she did this I said “you can run but you can’t hide Maryleigh!”  This time she has a very bright spotlight and is pointing it at me.  She started back and I followed her very slowly, right next to her, and told her that the police would be called if she tries anything.  This morning she didn’t say too much, she just kept walking and finally towards her street a block over.

Meanwhile, prior to this, I tried for a black and white kitty on Melville, who is having a hard time breathing each morning when I pull up and it is starving, waiting to gobble up the food I leave.  I am able to pet it, so I tried to grab, carry it to the carrier, and he got away, never to trust me again I am sure.  L

Parsells Kitty
Off I go to Parsells around the corner, set the trap, and BLAM!  Got a very young kitty.  This is not really my ‘spot’, but the one which I have TNR’d most of the kitties there, and rescued quite a few too.  The most recent being Skinny Minnie.  Prince was there as usual, and as soon as I get this TNR thing over with, I will scoop him up and he will be fostered by my friend Donna.  It just can’t happen fast enough.  I have my hands full.

At the Ferndale location, I pulled up and SPLAT! trapped a kitty, but not hernia kitty.  It was this black and white.  I have not seen him around either.  All those sick and pregnant cats are still over on her street, and if I go over there, she will make such a ruckus that they won’t go into the traps.  She must be stopped!  I felt awful that this girl came all the way out to Rochester for Hernia Kitty and left without it.

After the ‘front nine’, I drive to the ‘back nine’ and over to Niagara (not one of my spots, but I do check on it) where I know there is a baby kitten, and I set a kitten trap.  SNAP!  Got her.   Her belly looks swollen.  Most likely worms.  Either way, she is NOT going back to that spot.  I would approximate her age to be 6-8 weeks old.  There are at least 10-14 cats there on Niagara.  Half still needing TNR.  All will need good housing this winter.  Shelters.  I have NO clue what I will do with this kitten.  NO CLUE.  I am frightened to death of being bit.  She looks at me like she wants to eat me alive.   So she is upstairs in my bathroom, while I still have the very very sick Francie (from Maryleigh’s area) in my downstairs bathroom.  HIGH STRESS.  Help.

What I see on a daily basis is very hard to see.  These cats have NOTHING, if not for me.   I must have pulled over twice to place a bowl of food and water down for a cat here and a cat there.  This is why its so important to be helped, in any way that anyone can.  Whether it be law enforcement just ‘keeping an eye’, help with trapping, financial help to pay for the trapping, fostering or adopting, donations of food, and even just a word of encouragement.  These are what help to keep me going.  I need help in so many ways.  Please spread the word.  Think about this.  I must be close to 40 trap neuter returns and 40 rescues, just this year.  Me myself and I.  It’s a great number for one person.  But I need more help.  And by spreading the word, you just never know who might be of help.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

"Dogs come when they're called; 
cats take a message and
get back to you later." 


  1. hahah I like the quote at the end! Thanks to your friend for fostering Prince!

  2. I was very sorry to read about Wally yesterday. It's sad that he made so many poor life choices and never seemed to be able to help himself. You did so much for him and have nothing to feel guilty about.

    What a bummer that you couldn't get hernia kitty today. Maybe the girl will come back and give it another try?

    40 TNRs and 40 rescues is AH-maaaaze-ing! Go Team Bean!