Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Look at this baby.  I came home from work last evening after rescuing NOODLES from Niagara that morning.  I named her Noodles because I've never seen toes that long and narrow!  I went directly to 'her (his?) room' and got her out of the carrier, after it gave me a tiny 'hisssssssss'.  Within five seconds (OK, maybe a little more), her motor was full speed ahead.  Noodles is a cutie patootie.  What in GOD's name am I going to do with her.    Add her to the pile of kittens I already have I guess.  She has something going on with her ear, it appears elongated, but not infected.  Her face is a little off too, as you can see.


"I'm so happeeeee! - thank you for saving me!"

I let the other little girl back onto the street this morning.  In the pouring rain.  Broke my heart.  She was just shy of being a year old.  But guess what.  The other one - Felix from Fernwood and Webster, turns out to be Felicia, and SHE is microchipped.  I must find the owner before I let her back.  I feel terrible about it.  She just CAN'T belong to anyone on that street.  They hate cats.  And Maryleigh is just on the other street adjacent.  Her microchip number:  FDA OA133A4 (or V?) C4A  - must call RCAC to get those numbers again.  Can't read the writing on the paperwork.  She is a big girl too.  Scared out of her wits.  Who can blame her.  She spent the night in the carrier on my porch, as I expected to release her, but when I thought about it as we drove to the spot I trapped her from this morning, I knew it wouldn't be right to let her back without checking for an owner.  Wouldn't it be great if someone had actually been looking for her?  I need to move her along though.  My house is a mad house.  I have five kittens, a rescued kitten from Niagara, a rescued cat from this Ferndale and Webster that has been very sick every since, and Skinny Minnie from Parsells.  This is way over and above what I can handle.  Please spread the word about this sweet girl below.

UPDATE:  Owner found.  Its Crazy Maryleigh's neighbor, a sweet little old lady who is 'familiar with ML'.  I begged the woman to keep Mia indoors after I return her this afternoon!

Before I left for work this morning, I met a woman walking her dog. The dog looked half pit bull, half something else, but a sweetheart nevertheless.  Her name was Maizy.  The dog.  She was telling me that she adopted the dog from Verona Street this past winter.  She told me the story that Maizy was strictly left outdoors her entire life.  She said the owner brought her in and just before he left, he smacked the dog really hard.  Hard enough for the dog to yelp.  The workers there couldn't believe it.

I was reading bits and parts of a book entitled :

Overpopulation of Cats and Dogs: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

 By Marjorie Anchel, New York State Humane Association
I urge you to read parts of this - the question it asks is Who is Responsible for Pet Overpopulation?  The answer is US of course, but there is a lot more to gleen from it.  Both dog and cat ownership and responsibility.   Take a look:


"We do not receive wisdom,
we must discover it for ourselves,
after a journey through the wilderness
which no one else can make for us,
which no one can spare us,
for our wisdom is the point of view
from which we come at last to regard the world."


  1. Your comment about the owner smacking his dog literally made my stomach knot up. The people at the shelter should have called the police on him right then. Or beat the living shit out him right on the spot. I seriously hope there was some consequence for his behavior. that poor dog. Thank GOD the a**hole turned the dog in so he could be adopted by a loving person. Ok, I must calm down..... Great job on rescuing Noodles AND the microchipped kitty looks like Gemma. Could it be her?????? I know you are overwhelmed - I wish you weren't and that there were more fosters out there. And that more people would be responsible pet owners...... hugs to you. -Kristin

  2. Just to give you a good update. Nothing earth shattering. But, Sawyer's fine! He does have a little sneeze a couple times a day. But, other than's time to have his claws trimmed and we have that appt for next week at the vet we love. Dr. Licata at East River Rd. Sawyer uses his sisal post - well - most of the time. He still lets me know that he'd LOVE to go out into to garage on a regular basis! My friend/contractor did adjust the screen door latch to the garage so that I can have the "door" door open with the screen door latched. The major grate!!! that is on the inside looks like something out of A Knight's Tale. But....I had to do it as he had pulled the regular screen out. He'll LOVE having a sniffsniff place once this heat abates and into the fall. He is often Mr. Cuddles and Kisses. that's it from Sawyer and me(Lynne Stewart) *** I don't know how to do the select a profile thingie***.