Monday, August 17, 2015

The Seed is Sewn

Larry, from a life on the street, rescued from 4th and Pennsylvania five or so years ago, to living with Wally, to living with my niece, and now in heaven.

I received very sad news yesterday.  If you recall, I had been helping an older black, half blind man many years ago.  His name - Wally.  I helped Wally move from Grand Avenue into an apartment my uncle had available, I helped him furnish the apartment (he had nothing) thanks to many friends who donated stuff for him, and Wally also took in a kitty for me - Larry.  After many years of us trying to get him to go see a doctor, which he never did, Wally was found dead in his apartment on Goodman Street yesterday.  I had not seen Wally in a year or so and always felt guilty about it, but he had left his apartment once with the cat in it and wouldn't go back to feed it so I wound up taking the cat back and never called him again.  Wally was only in his mid to late 60s.  May God rest his soul.

As many of you know, I have been feeding and sheltering 8 or so cats at a location in the city.  That location was behind a boarded up house.  For at least five years now.  That house is now being renovated and the owner wanted my stuff out.   Julio.  There is a vacant lot next door.  I moved the shelters to that location and tried to reestablish the feeding and shelter of these cats there.  One day, I pulled up and my stuff was being trashed by the neighbor on the other side.  Tim.  Police called, arrived, said that the permit for a garden I had applied for that very week would go a long way, and by chance, the permit was granted and in the mail the very next day.  Basically, I could do what I wanted with it as long as I maintained it.  Tim couldn't touch my stuff now, legally.   So, in the past three weeks, I've had a 10 x 10 foot plot in the middle of the lot staked out, rototilled, dirt dumped, and as of yesterday, plants planted.  I need to get a border around it, and maybe some mulch on top.  It looks beautiful!  I am pretty proud of myself really.  There isn't much I WON'T do for the safety and security of one of the cats I care for out on the street.   So I made it happen.  Now I need to build up the shelters in the back.  These cats depend on it.  Especially during a winter like we had last year, its their only survival.  So I need to come up with some decent shelters that will withstand the weather and keep these animals warm.

Come fall, I will be planting some bulbs for spring blooming, and hopefully some summer blooms as well.  Thank you to those that donated the annuals, and perennials that I have so far.  What a blessing!

There is a baby kitten on Niagara that I will try to trap tomorrow.  I can't go another day seeing it and hearing it cry waiting for the food I bring it in the morning.  Its behind the fence, and I will drive INSIDE there tomorrow and set the baby trap.  Its killing me.  Actually, there are two.  One long haired tabby and one red one.  They both look to be around 6-7 weeks old.  Babies.  Killing me.

Tomorrow is TNR Tuesday and I will need help.  I need someone to keep Maryleigh Frank away so that I can trap the hernia kitty.  I will be setting two traps there, most likely at 4:15 am., and would love the help of someone sitting there in a car watching for her. 

Little Francie, the calico that I trapped from this corner (Webster and Ferndale) last Tuesday is still very sick and in my bathroom.  She has a severe upper respiratory and is still having a hard time breathing.  I ran a bath on Friday for her, let the room steam up.  She had fluids at the vet, she is getting two medications a day (and is so good about it).  She is one sick little girl and my heart goes out to her as I whisper to her each morning that she will feel better, eventually.  Her foster Mom Patti is waiting for her, but I told Patti I want to make sure she is better.  I feel like her mom and nurse right now.  Her spay was $50, and after two vet visits, she has cost me a total of $350.  Tomorrow, the Jeep I depend on will cost me another $1000 +.  I am in dire straights financially, so if anyone is able to donate to the cost of spaying and neutering at the clinic, its your way of sponsoring the care of these animals.  I thank you in advance.  Their number is 585-288-0600.  Rochester Community Animal Clinic on Bay Street.

Once Francie is better, I will be able to rescue Prince from Parsells, the black and white kitty that follows me to my car each day, waiting to be rescued.  My friend Donna has offered to foster him.  There is still the other calico on Melville, and Parsley just up a ways on Parsells.  And then there is Cammy, who has waiting patiently for me all spring and summer to be rescued.  I love him dearly.  He is just like my George, and Sawyer who I rescued last year and was adopted.  Please spread the word about these angels.

Have a good day!

O, with what freshness,
what solemnity and beauty,
is each new day born;
as if to say to insensate man,
'Behold! thou hast one more chance!
Strive for immortal glory!'


  1. RIP Wally, the streets take their toll on people and animals. The garden should be named Wally's garden, I think he would have liked that.

  2. Garden looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! EXCELLENT job by everyone!! We animal lovers are all making a tremendous difference to our furry friends!!

  3. I can be there early to help you with the trapping Janine...should I meet you at your home? tell me the time..and place.