Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TNR Tuesday

Well, it started last night after I had phoned several times to the woman that has the cat that just had her second litter (I have her kittens now) and left her several messages.  I had the appt. at the clinic for momma cat to be spayed today.  This is the woman that lives across the street from Miss B where I just had two of HER cats spayed - her cats came from Momma's first litter!  I thought for sure this woman was going to back out of the deal.  She phoned back later, saying she would be ready at 7:45 for the momma pick up, and also said 'my husband wants the white kitten back' (white, sure... --- its calico).  After I told her no, the kittens are all adopted, she said he was going "to be mad at me" (her).  Later, I thought about it, I should have told her to stand up to him and tell him that they cannot afford a kitten, not even a cat!  I will be leaving them statistics of the rate of population from just one cat when I drop 'Precious' off today.  I still am not 100% certain she is going to answer the door when I arrive to pick up the mom cat.

I decided to place a trap at the Parsells location where I have been leaving food for many kitties - I just rescued Skinny Minnie from here.  I've had quite a few cats spayed there already.  I knew there was another female and a kitten here.  I set it, drove off, came back, and voila, a beautiful cat, I believe female.  She has huge blue eyes, and by the looks of the coloring, part Siamese.

So there I HAD my quota for the clinic this morning.  So off I go to the next few spots and finally I get to Webster/Ferndale, where Crazy Maryleigh hangs.  As usual, the hernia kitty that is slowly dying due to this ailment was sitting in the grass waiting for me.  This time, as I was leaving after hiding the food here at there, a calico cat/kitten came up crying.  She is emaciated.  I coaxed her with wet food and she came right over, crying.  I had my carrier ready and I swooped her up by the neck, and carried the poor creature to the carrier.  She weighs barely two pounds, if that.  I am figuring she is JUST UNDER a year old.  I am PRAYING that the clinic will take this poor animal and assess it.  I will have a leukemia test done on it due to its condition.  I have no idea what I will do with it after today.  Its too sick and weak to go back out.  You know they are friendly when they walk right up to you.  This one needs help.  Please someone, help me with this decision! 

Emaciated calico - yes, that is her bone on her back.  

Some really great news, Squirt has made himself at home with his new big human brother, and his feline brother Harold, who came from the exact corner of Third and Central where I had to get the poor boy Red that was struck by a car this past Sunday.  Harold was adopted several years back, and just two weeks ago, adopted Squirt, the little baby that walked up to my house out of nowhere!

Here are some pics!  (click on pics to see up close!)

Brady and Harold

Brady and Squirt (on his leg!)
Have a good day.

"Whoever saves a life,

saves the world entire." 


  1. Oh :( another sick kitty. See what the vet says and then make the best decision. It won't be easy.

  2. I am trying to go through your last couple of blogs and add up your recent rescues and TNRs. You are doing such an AMAZING job that it is hard to keep up! But you have rescued 37 kitties since January and TNRd an additional 48!!! You have helped 85 cats this year and August has barely begun. You are simply amazing. ♥ ♥ ♥ - Kristin

  3. Kristin, Just a quick note of thanks. I am a loyal Janine follower but felt defeated lately after hearing about yet another angry nut job that wants to hurt cats and another cat suffering an awful fate after being dumped on the street by a worthless human being. The money I donate, the people that have adopted, spread the word about Janine, built shelters, donated food, time, etc or helped out in anyway they can for this amazing cause, you can truly see it makes a difference in the numbers you added up. Janine has the horrendous job of seeing this everyday but thankfully she has a good cast behind her that is helping. We are all making a difference, one cat at a time. Great job Janine and all her animal lovers! Keep it up, we will one day end overpopulation & cats suffering on the streets!

  4. Janine...the cat with the hernia can't be helped?

  5. Aww, I remember Harold! I'm glad he's still happy with his family and has a new little sister to play with. She's such a cutie.

    I hope the skinny calico finds a foster soon to fatten her up. Does she let you pet her yet?