Friday, August 14, 2015

Evil Really Does Exist

I know mental illness can't be helped, I do have compassion for people with this infliction and I sympathize for their families that have to go through this, but sometimes, when that illness is evil, like the mass killings of people, or the torture of animals, I just can't find that kindness in my heart.

I am infuriated when I think about what this vile woman Maryleigh has done to try to stop people to help with the overpopulation of cats, SICK cats in her area, in front of her house.  What she has done TO these cats.  Think about this.  In the past TWO months, the little red cat now named Sabrina/Peanut was struck by a car in front of her street, one her "HER" cats.  She was brought to RAS for healing, and luckily I got a call asking if it was ok to release her because a rescue group knew I fed in that area. I said no, I found an adopter, and PEANUT is doing very well, even though she needed a full tooth extraction and hernia surgery.  Then there was the cat I rescued - Frisco/Foster, there that was literally starving to death due to the chicken bone lodged in the roof of his mouth and couldn't eat or drink.  He is now in a beautiful home and named Foster.  Then the Calico cat that walked up to me nearly two weeks ago, FERN,  as I snuck food under the van there (because ML can't reach under it to throw the food out)  that was a skeleton, and is now in a new home putting on weight.

Hit by car

Chicken bone

sick, in front of maryleigh's house

Starving to death.  skeletal

pregnant, severe URI
And now we have Francie, trapped on Tuesday, brought to the clinic for spay, pregnant.  A friend, Patti, offered to foster her.  When I picked her up she was breathing through her mouth.  Tongue hanging out.  I thought the clinic would give her a shot, thinking it might be upper respiratory.  They didn't.  I brought her to my own vet yesterday.  Another $120.  SEVERE upper respiratory.  Nearly eight old, barely a tooth left in her mouth.  I sat with her this morning, listening to her trying to breathe through her nose, softy crying every so often.

Each one of these past four cats are all from this corner.

How can we allow this to happen?  There are many more on Webster Crescent - where she lives - that must be helped.  They are all sick and dying over there, and we have this nutcase trying to stop us!  Something must be done!  She must be removed from that area while we try to trap these sick angels.  What is wrong with Humane Society, this is a case of animal cruelty!  upper respiratory, she would slowly die if I had put her back.  Thats four very sick animals.

To top off the morning, I pull up to Second and Pennsylvania, and who starts hollering over to me is Brenda.  This time, she has this long wig nearly to her waist on her head.  I can tell she is drunk.  She says' 'did you take my cat???'  I walked up to her and said ' no, but do you see why you should not let cats outside?' - well, she insisted I took her cat, and then she just wouldn't listen to me and walked away.  What an ass.  I wanted to tell her that even if I WANTED to take her cat, it would be tough to find a home for it, there are so MANY, and there are so MANY because of people like her.  She's nothing but a dumb ass.  Sorry.

Lastly, my $120 dirt is being delivered today to the vacant lot.  I will be planting on Sunday.  11:00 am.  I want to thank everyone that took the time to bring me flowers to plant.  What a surprise I woke up to this morning to find so many beautiful flowers in my back yard!  BLESS YOU!  I think we are set for flowers for this year.  Mary will be bringing the tall decorative grasses to me on Sunday, and we will be all set.  Pictures to come!  And pray it remains intact and beautiful until ...  well, you know what season is coming...  :(

Have a beautiful day every one!

"Today you are YOU,
that is TRUER than true.
There is NO ONE alive
who is YOUER than YOU!
~ Dr. Seuss

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  1. As for Maryleigh, if she comes near and you feel threatened, call the Police. Hint, hint- keyword here-:) 'I feel threatened or I feel my safety is in jeopardy'. Or if she has something in here hand that can be used as a weapon, even better to use that phrase when you call 911. I challenge your readers to contact Lollypop and keep contacting them until they respond to you.Animal Cruelty Hotline (585) 223-6500. or email Reno DiDomenico @