Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We Did It!

Or I should say QUEEN LAURA did it.  :)  We got hernia kitty!  But it was NOT without a fight!  You know who was out and at it again this morning.  She kicked over the trap Laura was using TWICE.  After Laura texted me while I was out doing the same thing, trapping for the clinic today, AND feeding at 16+ locations!, I immediately dialed 911 and asked them for help.  I then drove directly to where Laura was, spotted ML, got out of the car and told her to get back home.  She came at me with her little pink flashlight/taser, and I wound up trying to kick it out of her hand in defense.  Didn't know I could still get my legs up that high.  :)  She's a tall girl.  :)  Finally, two patrol cars showed up, I explained the situation, they said they would go talk to her, and would stick around for a bit so that Laura could continue trying to get the hernia kitty in peace.  She is such a menace.  For those of you worried about me with her, don't be.  She is harmless, and I have learned that I am tougher than I ever thought I was in situations like this.  It more about intimidating her and getting her to leave the area for the moment.  But she does have some seriously ill and pregnant cats on her street one street over, and they need to be vetted.  I spoke to Laura earlier, telling her I wouldn't put any cats back if I had my way, but I realize that I have to, there just aren't enough homes to go around.  I will continue to shelter and feed the cats on the corner as long as I am able to.  So continuing to trap there is essential, especially seeing that the Humane Society never came to their rescue.  And again, I know they are inundated with issues themselves.  There is so much animal abuse and cruelty out there.  Not just on this little corner of Rochester/Monroe County.

Unfortunately, I am not able to share their pictures as I did not have the chip in the camera- to download on here - when I took them but then I figure out what I did wrong, and managed to get the kitten picture below. I'm such a dope.  - I did google a picture of kitty with a hernia - below - keep in mind, Hernia Kitty has a much larger, softball sized ball under her belly and is very thin, so the hernia is much more pronounced.

CLICK on his picture to see how sweet he is.

Scooter, the black kitten captured this a.m. for neuter

Along with Hernia Kitty, I got a little black kitten, about 7-8 months old.  I believe this is one of the kittens that Brenda's cat had - from her first litter.  Shame on you Brenda.  You ignorant woman.  She will continue to allow her cat to be bred, even though I have offered to take care of her and return her to her.  I named this kitten Scooter this morning.  He is just the cutest and sweetest little boy.  Purring in the trap that I placed him in.  (I needed the carrier for Cammy).  I will have to return him to the streets in the morning.  BREAKS MY HEART.

By the way, Hernia Kitty will go to a sweet girl named Kristi who - by the way - has been helping the older woman that contacted me after contacting a rescue group about a litter of kittens she was feeding on her porch near Bay Street.  Kristi has gone over there nearly every night and has managed, for the first time, to trap four of the five kittens.  She has them in a room and is trying to socialize these feral kittens.  Her heart  went out to me after hearing about hernia kitty, and offered to help him. (or her).  So she will pick him up after the clinic today, and will see about him healing.  If worse comes to worse, we will have to put him back on the street, but he will hopefully be much healthier after having this large umbilical hernia removed from his belly at the clinic.

And...........  TA DA!~!!  I got Cammy!  My sweet little Cammy.  I have wanted to rescue him for SO LONG now.  I am extremely grateful to a girl named Karen who has offered to take him.  He will be vetted today, and then home with me for a  night or two so that I can regain his trust in humans again.  Which shouldn't be hard. He nuzzled up to my fingers as I stuck them through the carrier I put him in from Central Park this morning.  I love him so.  He is going to be just like my George, and Sawyer who as adopted last year by another kind woman named Lynne.  :)  Happy days.

Finally, I could really use help today with donations for the spay/neuters.   Each spay/neuter is $50 and I have three there.  The number is 585-288-0600 and it would be of such help to me to have help here.   I appreciate any amount of money you can donate for this worthy cause.

Thank you so much for your help, and thanks for reading!

Have a great day!

I am an animal rescuer
My job is to assist God’s creatures
I was born with the need to fulfill their needs
I take in without plan, thought or selection
I would buy food with my very last dime
I have hugged someone vicious and afraid
I have watched the change from terrified to trusting
I have cried into the fur of a lifeless little body
I know of no creature unworthy of my time!

I know that all animals DO go to Heaven
They do have a soul and they ask to be loved
God made them so perfect, they just want to trust
We may be the master of all of the animals
But the animals have learned to master themselves
Something people still have not learned

There is nothing more satisfying than helping an orphan
Nothing more rewarding than saving a life
Nothing more greater than seeing them thrive
Who only days ago, was afraid it would die
I have fallen in love – at least a thousand times

I will fight for an animal to make their life better
I will go to any length and use any strength
I will always be the voice for those who can’t speak
I want to be there for any animal with needs

I am an animal rescuer
My work will never be done
My home will always be open
My wallet usually always empty
But…my heart will always be full


  1. Congratulations on catching hernia kitty! That poor baby deserves a break. Thank you Janine, you rock!

  2. I swear sometimes they just KNOW that being in a trap is a good thing and that it means safety and security and that they are in a humans care. They can be so smart and understand so much that even we who love them dont give them enough credit for. I had one FERAL girl a couple years ago who would NOT come out of the trap!! Feet planted firmly no way am I coming out!! I brought her back home and ended up adopting her out to a good home with another young female who had been a barn kitty. Somtimes they teach US what to do!!

  3. Janine,

    Congrats!!! to you and Laura on saving Hernia kitty from that 10-78 (Mental person) Marileigh . Kudos to RPD for hanging out with you guys this morning and talking to that whack jack. Hopefully, she may now think that every time she hinders your efforts or harasses you RPD will immediately respond and eventually effect a Mental Hygiene Arrest. Once again Congrats to you and Laura for rescuing Hernia Kitty.

    Walt Simoni