Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Menace to Society

Well, it was all about Maryleigh this morning.  Crazy Maryleigh.  She likes to be the star of the show every day, and today she was.

First let me say, the woman from another rescue group that 'passed the buck' so to speak called me and left me a very nice message.  She sounds sweet also.  She never meant to upset me, and I want to reach out to her and pat her on the back and tell her its ok!  :)  The only thing I would ask is that more people offer to help this lady, because I don't know where to begin.  I have so much on my plate - as we all do, but she could use more advice than I can give her about getting the kitties trapped at her house.  Kittens I believe.  Its hard for me to even make phone calls during the week, between my full time job and the kittens, and today, THREE TNR's.  

When I TNR (trap neuter return), its difficult because I am ALSO going around to 16 different locations and feeding over 70 cats each morning.  What normally takes me one hour and fifteen minutes took me nearly two hours today.  I figured I would start at Ferndale and Webster and try for the hernia kitty.  I had a phone call yesterday that a woman was willing to take the cat and see what she could do for it.  So I set two there, and left Kings sitting on the front steps to thwart ML in case she came by.  I drove off to do some other spots, keeping in mind that if I didn't get any there, I couldn't feed at certain spots so that I could try for the kitties that need spay/neuter there.  So it was very haphazard, driving around, and checking in with Kings, who three times texted she was lurking.  At one point, he said snuck by and closed the traps.  

At this point I had had enough.  I called 911.  The operator listened, and when I mentioned ML, or CML :), he sort of said he knew who she was.  I laughed and said, yes, she should be known to you guys, she calls you every day as she stands on the property to where she is banned from and when I come round the corner to either trap, or feed there, she calls you.  Anyways, I finished up my rounds on the FRONT nine – oh, by the way, I had two cats now.  One is a sweet white male with orange dots – very very hungry – a newbie to this spot on Parsells, and the other is a brown young tabby from Melville.  I believe she is a new mother too.  So I pull up, and as we are getting the trap from where it was, we discovered the calico that I think might be pregnant also from Ferndale and Webster there.  CML comes around the corner at the same time a police officer showed up.  Good timing!  Turns out this female officer, Officer H. was more than happy to get out of her car and go immediately to CML.  CML was once again talking gibberish, and saying we had her cat.  The officer at some point said ‘you have two minutes to go to your house and let me talk to (me)’.  She kept talking but finally started to walk back to her house.  In the meantime, she is holding some metal stick.  After dialogue with the officer, who by the way said her mother donated to me on my blog, and she said that she personally has made donations to a few rescues, I drove off, knowing this time I really ticked CML off.  Good.  So good.  She has been a thorn in my side for so many years, emptying the food and water here.  The officer told me she could have arrested her on mental hygiene – if she kept talking she would have – but she said the problem is that some of the people arrested on that get out within hours.  I told her about my attempts to try to get these cats, especially hernia kitty, but CML keeps hindering me, and the other rescue group that has tried before.  She needs to be put away for good.  But I applaud Officer H. for the way she handled this.  I also mentioned how puzzling it was and maddening that the 'ongoing' investigation that the Humane Society has with CML about the kittens she has been burying in her yard could still be going on, with nothing being done.  All the cats are starving, and sickly on her street, and we can't do anything about it?  I could go on and on about this.   I need to get to work.

Again, I have THREE cats for TWO slots at the clinic, so I pray they can take one extra!

TNR's this morning:


Ferndale/Webster - poor thing has breathing issues - tongue hanging out


The following pictures are three cats that are next on my list.  I must rescue them and find them homes.  Cammy, Prince Charming, and Marmalade.  All three are still on the streets.  As I pulled up to Cammy's spot on Central and Fifth this morning, there was something in the road. My heart nearly stopped.  I thought, God is that Cammy?  I got out, walked over to the dead animal, and it turned out to be a raccoon.  I went back to the truck and got some paper towels and picked it up by its tail, saying a little prayer at the same time.  These babies need a home so bad.  They are sweet, gentle and loving.  Please consider foster and adoption before something happens to them.  Spread the word.  These cats deserve attention, and love.

Cammy on Central

Prince (to the left) on Parsells

Marmalade on Melville

Take me away, calgon.

Have a nice day!


  1. Glad to hear you finally scored 1 against the crazy ML. Maybe this female officer will be more effective in the future. Good job trapping 3 kitties Janine - you rock! Nancy C.

  2. Surely you are an angel......

  3. Wow! What a morning. Any takers on the next 3? I shared them on facebook and I hope there is some interest.

  4. Just because SOME people arrested on mental hygiene get out in a few hours is no reason to not push for her arrest. The more times she is arrested the better chance that the next time might be for good. Carole

  5. No takers for the calico? She is a very pretty girl and we don't want to put her back on the street tomorrow morning.

  6. I would be glad to follow you and monitor the trap so you can catch the kitty with hernia...I will watch so crazy M..stays away..I am not one to mess with. name the day