Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Update - Friday

I have the day off from work - but with recent developments, still wanted to keep any of you who might read this today informed.  My friend Kristin came in from Churchville this morning at 5 am. to help me with my rounds, and to try to catch some kittens.  As we got to Hayward, where I've seen a black and two red tiny babies outside two days ago, knowing they are around 8 weeks old, we didn't see them as we pulled up.  As I went to lower the board leaning against a house, to place a dry towel down - yes, its raining again - I saw a note attached.  It read:  "To the Cat Helping Person, I caught three and found a home for one - I have two orange ones - 1 male 1 female.  Can you take them?  I am next door at #542.  Kristen and I were elated.  Our work here wasn't going to be as hard!  Seeing as it was like 5:20 am., I thought we would go on our way, after I left my number on the porch outside the door.  I still haven't heard but am thinking the person left for work and went out their back door.  I will deal with that later.  At least I know where they are and that they are safe for right now.

Then finally onto the last stop on 7th where baby kitten mama has three kittens here, Kristin and I looked under the boards, and sure enough, there were three kittens!  We managed to get two, and the third one took off like a bolt of lightning.  I have two teeny tiny little babies who are scared to pieces right now in my bathroom in a carrier, with a little food which they haven't touched, waiting to be transported to a foster home.  Thank you to Julie and your daughter Liz.  Angels sent from heaven above are what they are.

If anyone out there can foster two beautiful baby red kittens, please contact me.  I need help. 

Here are pictures of the first set of babies - I am waiting to hear what their names are from Liz.

Stay tuned for pictures of the 'twins' - that are in my bathroom now.  I picked them up yesterday.  This woman grabbed them from one of the plastic totes that I have as shelter for the cats on the side of her apartment.  She couldn't thank me enough for what I was doing.   I couldn't thank her enough for making my job a little easier by catching these poor creatures.  They are the cutest little furballs ever.  I really need to find a home or foster for them.  There is no room at the inn right now.

Here are the twins.  Aren't they ADORABLE. 
Colby (left) & Brie (right)

Please pass this around.  .  Thank you!

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


"Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay."

- Robert Frost -

Yes, the joy of summer - I love my three day weekends.  I can get all my cleaning and organizing done on Fridays, so that I can enjoy TWO days rather than a half - I say that because Sundays I usually start thinking about work around noon knowing I have to go back to work!  I guess you can surmise that I would rather be independently wealthy than work, but I do thank God that I have a job in these trying times.  Without it, I wouldn't have a roof over my head, and I am sure if friends offered, they'd be kicking me out pretty quick.  For some reason, I don't think I would be the easiest person to live with.  :)
Sookie on 6th

This morning I made my rounds with the usual dread.  At my first location, where Neck Wound Kitty is, I trashed a blanket that someone had placed there in the winter time that was pretty bad, I held it with the tips of my fingertips to the trashbin, and disinfected my hands when I got back into the car after filling the food and water bowls for the kitties waiting in the distance.

At my third spot, the house next door is going to be demolished soon.  The surrounding area is a mess, I am not sure what they are doing with the piles of dirt and stuff around there.  I pray for the three I feed there each day, the black and two reds.

At the next stop on Garson, a pretty calico came up.  She is not eartipped, and doesn't feel underneath like she is pregnant, or ever was.  She would be a good candidate for a local farm market that is looking for a calico.  I've been looking for a friendly one - thats all this man wants is a female calico to hang with a male that hangs there.  But stuff like this I have to plan - and this is only the second time I've seen Miss Calico so I've got to keep my eye on this.

At the next stop on Hayward I didn't see the kittens, but someone was messing with the wooden hut that I have there, that my friends Kris and Darrin built for me years ago.  They took the wood piece right off the top, so I will need to trash the wet straw that is in there and replace it and figure out how to reattach the top piece.

Two new kitties were patiently waiting for me to place food down at Baldwin - along with the two other feral regulars.

Little Red

Little Blackie

Little Red and Little Blackie are two sweet cats as they wait for me each day on Webster.  I need to get these two adopted.

Not much else of note at the rest of the spots, didn't see the kittens on 7th either - kitten mama is always there waiting - my friend Kristin is coming over in the morning tomorrow and we are going to see about trying to get them.  Someone offered to take two yesterday, so that is wonderful news.  That leaves four still - there are SIX kittens that I know of.  I know its going to be very difficult to trap kittens that are probably only 6-8 weeks old, but it must be done.  They are not in stable environments for their size, they face too much danger.

Kitten Mama on 7th

I want to thank those of you for your supportive comments and even criticisms both of which are always welcome - what I do each and ever day would be so much more difficult without you cheering me on.  Please keep it coming.

"Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone."
Gladys Browyn Stern -

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Over the Hump Day

I don't have a lot to report today.  I felt so discouraged this morning.  My mood usually picks up halfway through my route because I know I am almost done, and on my way home to ready myself for work and forget all the sadness I've seen that morning.  But I recalled what I saw at my 5th spot, on Hayward - two tiny baby red kittens on the sidewalk in front of the house where I feed the adult cats.  They quickly ran into the bushes as I got out of the car.  They could be held easily in the palm of my hands.  They were SO tiny.  THAT breaks my heart.  Knowing these innocent and vulnerable little bits of beating hearts are where they are - outside - vulnerable to anything that happens to them.  And so much could.  I know there is a third kitten, a black one, but I didn't see that one when I pulled up.  Just those two little red ones.  I managed to get a photo of a cat there that was waiting for me to fill the empty bowls with food and water.  I do believe this is the mom.  I must figure out something soon, for all of them.

As I have said before, and lately, this is a very hard thing to do each and every day.  I know they depend on me for food and water, I believe many would suffer greatly if I stopped feeding them, and sheltering them in the winter months.  I struggle every week trying to come up with money for their food.   I know I can't depend on people for donations, people have their own lives, their own charities that they give to, I get occasional donations from people, and thank you for that, but I am spending close to $125 dollars on average per week feeding and sometimes fixing these cats.  Its killing me.   I am just me, alone doing this, and its hard.  Sorry to be a downer today, but seeing these kittens is so disheartening to me, it really makes me wonder why I do what I do, when it will never end.  :(

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Its Not MY Problem!

I was thinking this morning as I was doing my rounds, where I feed an average of three homeless/feral cats per stop, at 15 stops that I make every single day, and lay down food and water at the mostly (is that a word?) poorly built shelters that I've set up for them in the Beechwood section of downtown Rochester - where I've trapped and neutered over 150 cats over the past two years, and where I've rescued and found homes or barn situations for over 50 cats throughout these past few years, I was thinking that the next time a neighbor in these neighborhoods ever tell me to stop feeding the cats - I will surely have something to say to them. I will say:

I am here feeding these cats, and getting them neutered and spayed so that they don't over populate like they already are, and I am doing this in YOUR neighborhood, where YOU should be doing something to help your own neighborhood. Like, pick up the trash around you, be kind to people like me, I am doing nothing but trying to better YOUR neighborhood.  These cats are not going to go away, they are going to multiply if someone doesn't do something about it, and it looks like I am the only one that is trying to help!  If not for your sake, for these suffering cats out here!  What are YOU doing to beautify your home, your neighborhood, your world?


 I discovered this morning that someone overnight trashed my shelter on Stout Street, where I feed the black kitty, and two orange ones, every morning.  I had two plastic totes set apart from one another, with a blanket in the middle on the ground, and a board over the top of them to create a little shelter, and someone took the board, and placed one of the totes in front of the house next door with the blanket stuffed in it.  I immediately went and replaced everything, minus the board, and set new food down for the poor babies there.  This is a dilapidated garage that I feed in, but it has sheltered these kitties through the winter months.   I even hammered boards over the broken windows to keep the snow and wind and rain from coming in, even though the roof is deteriorating and rain does get in. 

I'm just tired of these mean, uneducated people.  Its probably why when I find someone as kind as the couple I found on Webster, and Paul on Second, and John on Parsells, I get all teary eyed - because these good people are so rare to find in these neighborhoods. 

No sign of the kittens this morning on Hayward or Seventh.  But the mommas were there!  And Neck Wound Kitty was there on Parsells this morning, scratching and itching away.  I placed some antibiotics in the food I left, and hoped for the best. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kittens Galore!

After nearly a week of a seriously bad lower back injury (which I swear I have no clue how it happened), I was back in the swing of things this weekend.  And what a crazy keen family fun weekend it was.  My niece graduated from high school yesterday and the event drew her aunts, uncles and cousins in from other parts of the country.  It was very hot - 90s - and very humid - just the kind of weather to affect the kitties with injuries out there.  At the top of that list is Neck Wound Kitty.  I pulled up to the first stop at Parsells this morning to see him run down the steps to hide under a car while waiting for me to put more food and water down.  As soon I headed back to the car, he started going up the steps, but stopped a few times to sit and scratch and lick his neck.  This cat has had some type of infection on his neck for YEARS.  I am sick that I've never done anything about it.  Again this morning, after I saw him, I said 'i forgot antibiotics again'.  Which I did.  But I don't believe that is enough, for a tiny pill to make its way into his stomach - when there are other cats there ready to eat and he may not get the pill..  and I don't believe meds will help if he is not getting them every day anyway.  I may have to take drastic measures and try to get this cat trapped and bring it to my vet to put out of its misery.  I've been watching this cat suffer far too long.  This is not humane, to allow it to go on.

As I pulled up to my spot on Hayward this morning, I saw TWO BABY KITTENS, maybe and month and half to two months old? One pure red and one pure black.  I also saw momma, and another grey tabby, and the calico that hangs there.  Seeing these kittens made me sick.  I tried to TNR momma before she had her kittens, but the trap I was using was broken, unbeknownst to me.  I then tried again and got the calico girl there.  So there are now five cats that I know of here that I need to feed, unless Momma is still nursing the kittens, its hard to say. 

On Sixth Street, I made some progress in trust with one of the five or six grey tabbies that hang there.  There are actually more - a calico who was fixed, and a black/copper colored kitty, also spayed.  But the kitty allowed me to touch its nose with my fingertip, and slightly stroke its head.  That was big.  None of these cats have allowed me close to them.  I know there are kittens here too, but I have not seen them yet.

At my last stop, on Seventh, I finally saw THREE TINY KITTENS, a sure sign that the baby kitten mama had her kittens and they survived.  They are so teeny tiny.   MY heart ached in seeing all this this morning.  I need help.  I sure wish there were people to take some of these babies - and get them neutered and give them good homes.  Won't you?  :)

"In all affairs, its a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark
on the things you have long taken for granted."

Friday, June 21, 2013


Taking a break today folks.  Have something going on with my back, and its pretty painful.  It was not a fun morning bending down to pour food in all those bowls, but I did it.

I leave you with some of my favorite quotes:

What our society today needs more than anything is the spirit of empathy—the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of those who are facing hardship and suffering, to understand and share what they are going through. When the spirit of compassion becomes the bedrock of society, and is embodied by society’s leaders, the future will be bright with hope.

No matter how hopeless or bleak things appear, the moment always comes when suddenly our spirit revives, and hope is reborn. That is why we must never give up.

Reality is harsh. It can be cruel and ugly. Yet no matter how much we grieve over our environment and circumstances nothing will change. What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely. If we do this, a path will open before us.

When facing adversity, we may think we’ve reached our limit, but actually the more trying the circumstances, the closer we are to making a breakthrough. The darker the night, the nearer the dawn. Victory in life is decided by that last concentrated burst of energy filled with the resolve to win.

We are often highly sensitive to our own sufferings but oblivious to the pain of others. Buddhism teaches the importance of empathy, feeling the suffering of others as your own. A century based on respect for life will not be realized as long as this spirit is disregarded.

Let us give something to each person we meet: joy, courage, hope, assurance or philosophy, wisdom, a vision for the future. Let us always give something.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


The cat I TNR'd yesterday turns out to be a male, and I could kick myself I forgot to take his picture.  I brought him back to the spot I got him in, opened up the trap door and out he sprang!  I had him on my porch throughout the night, and he was miserable.  He managed to drag the towel that was covering the trap almost entirely in through an opening at the end of it.  And he shredded the newspapers underneath him, and the food and water bowls were upside down.  Not a happy camper.  But he will not be siring any offspring in his lifetime, so thats a good thing.

I wanted to mention that I recently was driving down West Ridge Road in Rochester, and passed a Pet Shop that has been there foreever.  A Pet Shop!  In this day and age, with all the animals overflowing and being euthanized at shelters, I couldn't believe it!  Here are some reasons, in case you didn't know, why you should never purchase a pet from a shop like this.

•Their main concern is profit and not the well being of the cat.

•Kittens are often obtained by the pet shop from dubious breeders, where the health of the kittens is ignored.

•Conditions in some pet shops are not ideal; often the animal can be kept in a small cage, which may not be cleaned as often as it should and where fleas and mites can spread easily from one cat to another.

•They will sell to anyone, no questions asked as to how the cat will be looked after or even neutered.

•A kitten bought from a pet shop has taken the place of a healthy cat looking for a home in a animal shelter.
•By buying from a pet shop you are encouraging the unscrupulous breeders who are only in it for the money.

I am taking a break today from writing, sometimes my creative juices just aren't flowing, but I will leave you with a really great rescue story I read about:

Everyone was talking about this little dog that wandered the streets. He was seen all over this town going to and from. He had a pattern of when and where he went everyday. People would say that he had been doing this for over a year. He didn't belong to anybody nor would he let anyone close to him. I guess people would leave food out for him, but still no one could get remotely close to him.I got to noticing him sitting out at the very edge of my yard and watching the house.He would see my dogs come out and go in. I took them with me when i went somewhere. So he would see them get in the car and out when I came home. He took a fancy to Brutis and would come up to the house an scuffle with him with me sitting on the porch.They would come up around me but I never offered to touch him. It was very hot out and i would leave water and food out for him. This went on for a couple of weeks, then one evening a storm came up and he was out in the yard sitting and watching. I took a rug out and put under the car for him to get on out from the storm. He watched me and i told him it was his bed. Went back in the house and the rain was starting the wind was getting up.I heard a noise at the front door and he was standing with his paws up on the door looking in. I opened the door an ask him if he wanted in and he just looked at me, not to sure what to do i assume.Brutis went out on the porch and he followed Brutis in the house, fell down on his back as if to say please can i stay. He had chose me to be his new master. And the next day when it come time to get a bath, well Master I was. He's very protective of me with people, loves to play ball and very smart. I named him Spud.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cow Hug

Hug a cow, today.  :)

Or............. hug a sloth!

This morning I had the opportunity through Habitat for Cats for TNR of up to two cats.  My goal was to get a pregnant one I had seen on Parsells, and another on Hayward.  My fear is that these two have already given birth.  I was hoping for a spot last Wednesday, but HFC wasn't able to get me in.   Laura, my hero of the kitty world, offered to help me.  She set up shop at one location, I did at another.  I actually placed two traps on Parsells, both of which went untouched as I swung by to check on them after feeding at a few other spots nearby, so I moved one to Seventh, where I wound up trapping an already altered cat.  I reset it, came back to check on it and I got a very cute and fluffy little black kitty, one that I had only recently started to see at that location.  Most of the kitties there are already neutered.  I still need to get the new young momma kitty spayed.  I really don't believe her babies lived.  I have not seen them, nor seen her wander off, she is always there in the morning, crying, waiting for me.   When I arrived to leave the little black kitty with Laura, who was going to transport to the clinic along with the other pregnant one she was hoping to trap on Hayward, she was still unsuccessful in getting any kitties to go into her trap. 

When I fed on Sixth Street this morning, where a few of the five siblings that were born last year there have been neutered, some have not, there is a new mom.  She must have had her babies there at least two months ago.  I could see her each morning coming in and out of a hole in a boarded up house accross from where I was feeding the rest of the brood, and it was confirmed this morning that she has four kittens somewhere.  As I was pulling away, I saw a man bring his trash out and I stopped and introduced myself.  A nice black man by the name of Barry shook my hand, and confirmed that the kitty mama had her babies in his back yard, and that he has seen them around.  I gave him my card (thanks Jess!) and asked him to call me if he could try to find out where they are stashed.  He agreed to that, and thanked me for what I was doing.  Nice!  Its always nice to be appreciated in these neighborhoods.  I still have many more to be neutered, so I am hoping that people will offer to help with the spaying fees, or even with just donations of food, as its so expensive for me to do on my income alone.  I am just trying to keep my head above water - I often wonder how long this can last...

Thanks for listening.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Poverty and Stuff

I forgot to mention that last Friday morning, I picked up another very young dead kitty off Pennsylvania Street, squished like a pancake. Sickening how people hit an animal and keep going. The same Sunday morning, I moved a baby raccoon to the side of the road on Fourth Street.

I know that there are folks that do like animals around there. I believe that a lack of money does not in any way equal a lack of love. Pets provide the same measure of love and emotional support to poor people as they do to those of us fortunate to have a little more. In fact, when you're struggling just to stay alive, your pets might be your only comfort.

I don't know how I would have survived my childhood if it hadn't been for the animals who shared my life. They provided unconditional love and snuggled with me when I cried. Through caring for them, I learned about caring for others. I came to understand that cats are spiritual beings having a feline experience, just as we humans are spiritual beings having a human experience. In my family, our cats and dogs were viewed as full-fledged family members.

Then again, in these neighborhoods, I see dogs kept in yards with bare minimum of shelter, food or water. I see pregnant or injured cats all around, with no where to go and no one to help them. But me. I try, but I just can’t do it alone. There is a cat I call Neck Wound kitty that I am now seeing a few blocks from where I used to feed it, on Parsells. He has a severe wound on his neck, and has had it for several years now. He scratches at that all day long, I am sure – I see him scratching as I pull up, and I see him scratching while he waits at a distance for me to put the only meal of his day down.

I am hoping that a new low income animal clinic being built in this neighborhood and set to open in July will make a difference. These homeowners need to step up and help themselves, their own community. I guess you can't really know what it's like to be poor unless you've been there yourself. But you can still try to have some compassion. The bottom line is if we don’t help enough low income people have their pets sterilized, we will fail to end overpopulation in our streets, and in our shelters. Its that simple.

UPDATE:  The Raccoon Momma and her babies have moved on.  There is no sign of them on Paul's roof anymore.  Thanks to Harold's Mom Kim, the wildlife expert came over yesterday and determined that they were no longer on the under the eaves of the roof.  Yay.  I pray for their safety, but very glad they are gone!

"Life is not a final exam.  It's daily pop quizzes."

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Thunder!

My boy Thunder turned 12 yesterday. Here he is with Scooter, his BFF. Thunder was diagnosed a year ago with bladder cancer, and I was told he had less than a year to live. He was becoming incontinent throughout the year and had to wear ‘big boy pants’, and he started to really slow down. In the past few months, he is still slower than he used to be on walks, he has had less accidents, therefore not having to wear his (shhhhhh…) diapers, and still thunders through the house in the mornings chasing after his toys. He went to the vet on Friday for an ear infection, and he weighed 10 pounds less since his last visit which I believe was a couple of months ago. But again, he is still a big boy, as you can see, and still a happy one too!

The rain continues to batter Rochester almost daily. My washing machine is still kicking, but barely. With winter, there are always a ton of towels, and in the summer, its only needed when it rains, as it soaks the towels that are usually laying on a pile of dirt or a board that collects dirt when it rains, so I am not getting much of a break with the washer so far this spring. Its been a miserably wet one, although it has saved me many evenings of watering my flowers, vegetable garden, window boxes, etc.

I brought Lillian a small hanging basket on Saturday. She and little Paddy/Pepper were just hanging, and I just wanted to do it because of how kind she was in adopting him, and him having so many medical issues – she had been so patient and loving with his treatment. I have no extra money to do these kind of little things for people, but sometimes you just have to… she is alone, 84 years old, and a really sweet lady. So I felt compelled. I wish I could do it for all my adopters, because most of them have become my friends. People who actually take the time to donate here or there, whenever or whatever they are able. People that read my blog, that take the time to sit and read my dribble… I am still playing the lottery! There is still hope!

I got a picture of the raccoon on Paul’s house on Saturday morning. I wish I had my camera there on Friday when she was sitting there on his roof with three of her babies. I haven’t seen the little bugger in the past two mornings so I am praying she has taken her babies and moved on. There is no sign she has eaten any of the cat food left in back for the cats either. There is a wildlife specialist coming there, thanks to Harold’s mom for the referral, today to assess the situation. I am hoping he doesn’t find the raccoon and her babies. My friend Maree, who adopted Big Red (Sandy) and Monkey, has offered to take the brood and allow them to rehome in the woods behind her house. Otherwise, these animals are usually killed when they are captured.

This guy, I’ve named him Chester, he runs to me each morning at Fourth and Pennsylvania, rolls onto his back, but keeps a safe distance from me, slowly building trust for me. I am not sure if he is neutered or not. He reminds me so much of Big Red.

At my spot on Garson, where I’ve not seen Neck Wound kitty and Lucy around in ages, I think I am seeing Neck Wound kitty at my first spot on Parsells now. Its funny how they wander, looking for safety, and food. These poor souls, they all need homes, and medical attention, and love.  Please spread the word!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Spots & TGIT!

Thanks to the few of you that commented about the raccoon situation.  I printed out the link someone posted and left some other information and a phone number of a wildlife removal specialist for Paul this morning on his doorstep.  Although I am sure the man can't afford to pay someone much, I hope it at least helps. 

Its pouring again, but the rain at least held off until the very last minute, and I was done from my hour long delivery of breakfast for 50+ cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  Here is a rundown of my spots today:

Parsells - I am still seeing the tiny pregnant girl, along with a few others.  The cat I TNR'd here two weeks ago is seen occasionally - at least I think its him.  He was a sweet boy that was hard to put back on the streets.  They all are.  I was given an appt. through HFC at their clinic for next Wednesday, I was informed late yesterday, in fact they had a slot for me yesterday morning but the woman said she forgot to tell me.  I was very disappointed.  Each day that goes by this pregnant cat is getting close to delivery.  It saddens me immensely.

Parsells #2 - I go here every other day now, I rarely see kitties here, but have seen them, so I know they are eating.  This is where Sadie, Sylvester and Stanley were rescued and brought to a barn in Canandaigua where they are loving life, and Sadie has given birth and will be spayed soon!  I also rescued Earl from here.

Stout - I continue to feed two beautiful reds and a black kitty, all are fixed.  The house next door to this dilapidated garage that I feed them in is going to be demolished any day now.  The black kitty has gotten very attached to me, and runs to me and follows me all the way back to his feeding spot, although I am leary of him, he is a scratcher!

Garson – I rarely see any cats here the past couple of weeks – I had been feeding Neck Wound kitty and Lucy for a long long time every single morning on a porch of a boarded up house. The owner had been throwing my stuff out, but now two paper bowls for food and a plastic dish for water remain – and I fill each morning whether the cats are there or not. This is were I rescued Big Red (now Sandy), along with others…

Hayward – I scooped up a board to place under a board that every time it rained the board would have a puddle on it due to a dip in the middle – there is a mud pit below that, so the board I found and place there this morning will alleviate that somewhat. It used to be a nice secure shelter until someone that was working on the house trashed all my stuff, I had to haul it all back, and leave a note, and they have not touched it since. I have rescued SO many kitties here. This is where I see the pretty calico that I had TNR’d a month or so ago, when I was trying to get the very pregnant cat, but Miss Cali got in the trap instead! I must get the mom here fixed next.

Baldwin – this is where Laura rescued a few for me, and returned a kitten back after she had it spayed – I think I see that one here, along with a beautiful soft muted calico that was spayed a few months ago. There have been a number of cats on this corner lot that I’ve seen over the winter/spring. Most stay a distance away until I leave, so its hard to see who is fixed and who is not.

Little Red on Webster (my new spot!)!
Webster! – my new spot continues to make me happy each morning – the potted plant that Harold’s mom brought to me for them is hanging on the back porch of the house where the kind couple have allowed me to set up house there – Little Red and Little Blackie are there each time I pull up now, waiting for their food. I cradle Little Red in my arms for a minute before I am on my way. Little Blackie is not fixed. He is also next.

Captain Morgan on Short

Milly on Short
Short – Captain Morgan (one eyed kitty) is waiting for me each morning here. He is not neutered, or at least his ear is not tipped. No one allows me to get too close to them here, so its hard to see who is fixed and who isn’t. I occasionally see the black kitty that wound up at the animal shelter, and a woman asked if she returned it to Short if I would feed it, which I have. She had offered me another nice shelter to place here, but I never heard back from her since about that. They could use something here, in this big open field, to accompany the rickety shelter I have built for them. The neighbors don’t mind, nor does the city that cuts the grass.

Sixth Street

Sixth, there are at least five or six cats here, some fixed, some not. Most of the females are, I think, except for mommy, who might have had her kittens a month or two ago across the street from where I place food down, but I’ve never seen. The kittens might be dead, and mommy might be pregnant again.

Pennsylvania and Fourth – a beautiful red kitty is here, one I thought was on his deathbed during the wintertime, he runs to me and rolls over each day now, but won’t let me get close. The black one waits for me here also.

Pennsylvania and Second

Pennsylvania and Second – Several cats wait in hiding for me to place food and water down here – there is a kind man who owns the house in front of where I feed – I’ve never met him, but know he has very large feet due to tracks in the snow that I saw last winter. I know he knows I do this every day, but he has never confronted me.

Second – I left information for Paul this morning, and met a man named “Tony” who was smoking pot in front of his house this morning. He knew me, that’s for sure, and asked if I was going to place some food down on the porch of where he lives in back – I introduced myself to Tony and also told him what I do, and how it was also his responsibility to keep the cat population down on his street, and to let me know if he sees pregnant cats or kittens here – I suspect a calico kitty had her babies recently here – I couldn’t get her in time either. The nice Puerto Rican man Frank lives in the apartment upstairs with his cat at this house. Across the street behind Paul’s house, I see daily the black kitty, the injured grey, and a handful of other kitties that I know are fixed.

Central – There were SIX kitties here waiting for me this morning! Tuffy, Cedric, Rollo, and three others I have not named.

Central and Third – I continue to leave food here on both front and back porch of this abandoned house – this is where I rescued Cheddar recently.

Kitten Mama on Seventh

Seventh kitty fixed

Seventh – little mama kitten is here each morning waiting, along with three others. The three others are fixed. I did not see the injured black kitty this morning.

That’s it in a nutshell. I am glad I am able to feed their hungry bellies for one day.

I have tomorrow off, yay from work and hopefully from this blog. Its sometimes draining to go through and recap what I see each day.

On a final note, I went to visit little Paddy (now named Pepper) yesterday with his new mommy Lillian, who has been treating him for Stomatitis around the clock, and little Pepper's gums are pink and healthy, for now.  They say it will come back.  Pepper has been gaining weight and is a little porker now! 

Don't forget you can click on each picture and it will zoom in.  Make it a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raccoons Galore!

Pennsylvania & Fourth Kitty
 First things first.  As I pulled up to Second Street this morning, Paul was in his driveway and said 'we have a problem."  Paul is the kind black man who used to work for the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept. doing detail on the police cars, he is retired now.  He has allowed me to place shelters behind his house and feed cats for years now.  He is a really really good man.  He is one of the very few out there, and I am lucky to have him in my life.  He went on to explain, as he pointed, that there is a mama raccoon and her babies living under the easement on his roof, and they had to go.  He didn't say, 'you have to stop feeding here, its attracting raccoons' like he could have.  Instead, I turned it around and said let me see who I can call.  He said that Rochester Animal Services only takes care of dogs and cats.  IF ANYONE CAN OFFER SUGGESTIONS TO ME ON WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO OVER TO TAKE A LOOK, I WOULD APPRECIATE IT.  I don't know who else to call!  I must make some effort to help him, after all he has done for me.  As I went to place food down in the back afterwards, I wound up chasing off another raccoon, twice, up two different trees!  They are rascals, for sure!

CHEDDAR/LEO update - I received a voice mail the other day from his 'mother', and she told me so far so good, she had been having computer problems and would send me a note as soon as it was fixed.  Here is what I received this morning: 

Hi Janine-

Everything was good until last night when Leo decided to use the spare bedroom floor as a litter box. Not sure why he did that especially when his litter box was just a few feet away. Any way I am getting ready to move his box to the back hall off the kitchen where there is no carpet and see if that helps. Up til now he has been very good. He gets along with the dog for the most part, they play and sleep near each other and I haven't locked him in his bedroom since the first week we had him. He has the run of the house all day and sure is a lover boy when I get home from work. We really like him however his marking in the house is not cool. This is why we have never had a male animal before but we'll keep trying and hope it's just a temporary thing. Talk to you soon.

I am obviously not happy about this.  I feel like if Cheddar does one thing wrong, this woman is going to return him.  As if I don't have enough problems.  She has had Cheddar for over three weeks now, I would be heartbroken if she now decides to return him.  It will be very hard for Cheddar too, I can assure you.  I just have no room at all in my house, and have major behavioral issues happening.

I got a voicemail from my cousin last night, the one who first alerted me to the trailer park cat situation - she was asking if i had spoken to the woman, because she took a drive out there after work yesterday and found that the condemned trailer's property had been cleaned up and that there was cat food out there.  Total surprise to me.  The park manager had not called me back after a few attempts to reach her, and I assumed the worst.  Not sure of what has transpired, but hopefully its a good thing whatever did.

I wanted to update you on all my spots, but thats a whole other post and I am running out of time before I have to get to work.  I did want to mention that Habitat for Cats was not able to give me any slots at their clinic this week, and the two cats that are pregnant - one I have not seen for days, and the other is still pregnant, but ready to go at any time.  This is a tragedy, where you cannot get an appointment or for any day of the week at these low cost clinics.  There are so many kittens being born because of this.  I am not blaming HFC, I am blaming society - there is not enough help out there to get this situation under control, at least not in my hood.  I can't wait to see how the new clinic that is supposed to open in July will help to alleviate this problem somewhat, for me.  But again, I can't do all this alone -  I just can't afford it nor have the means to transport and pick up due to a full time job.  I am beginning to feel the pressure of my finances - its hard to make ends meet with my paycheck alone - I can barely afford to buy the food that I feed these homeless cats that depend on me daily anymore. I don't mean to whine, really, but you have to understand the situation that you read about daily.  Its a hard hard job to do.

"I said to my mind, be still, and wait without hope

For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love
For love would be love of the wrong thing; yet there is faith
But the faith and the hope and the love are all in the waiting.
Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
So the darkness shall be light, and the stillness the dancing."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rant and Roll

RANT:  The other day I was driving on a fairly populated road and was in the right lane.  In the left lane just ahead of me, a car was swerving over to my lane, and then back.  I carefully drove past her on the right, glanced over, and this woman was TEXTING!  Texting while driving.   If that doesn't take the cake.  There are enough distractions WHILE you are driving, and here you are typing on a tiny device AND driving at the same time.  I wanted so badly to pull over up ahead, get behind her, follow her into the shopping center she pulled into, and just remind her that what she did was not very smart.  She could have ruined my day, not to mention her own - with an accident with or without injuries.  PEOPLE, PLEASE, STOP TALKING ON THE PHONE AND STOP TEXTING WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!  ARE YOU THAT IMPORTANT?  AND SPEAKING OF THAT, WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING, STAY TO THE RIGHT UNLESS YOU ARE PASSING ANOTHER CAR, AND THEN GET BACK TO THE RIGHT HAND LANE!

There, I said it.  I feel better now.

My new spot on Webster is still doing good, although I think a raccoon might have been visiting yesterday - the water dish was dirty.  And the food all gone, although that is not an indicator, there are so many hungry cats around there.  Little Red and Little Blackie both run to me every single morning now.  Its so good to see them.  I hold Little Red in my arms and rub his little face and tell him to be careful after I leave, and to eat his breakfast.  Little Blackie is a bit scared still, he/she doesn't know me but trusts that I am going to leave food each day.  I left a beautiful little hanging basket on the back steps for these kind people, just a small gesture to thank them, until I can get to a garden store and pick out something for their front porch.  The hanging basket was actually left on my porch by Harold's Mom yesterday, along with a bag of cat food.  I couldn't believe how kind it was of her to do.  And she left me a note from Harold too!  My my that Harold is a smart boy, he was able to spell most of the words he wrote correctly!  I think Harold's mom read the post where I asked for any donations of flowers and pots for this kind couple that helped me that day that I was stressing after having lost my feeding spot for these kitties on Webster.  I still want to do so much for them.  I can't get over the kindness of strangers.

I catalog lucky events like this on a back page of my journal. I need a permanent inventory of inspiring moments; otherwise these small miracles can vaporize with a shift in mood. Regular prayer helps too.  These random acts reignite my faith in the random goodness of other souls.   When I feel my world is crashing, like I did the morning I lost that wonderful shelter to the Devil man, I can click the world back into focus, and flip my inner lights back on after a kind deed such as this.

Have a great dry day.  No more rain! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Trailer Park Kitties

I made one last trip out to this Orleans County trailer park very early Sunday morning.  I wanted to check to see if the park manager was caring for these abandoned cats that the owner of the above trailer had to leave due to illness, that I had asked her to do two weeks ago when I heard about the situation.  I had dropped off a 16-lb bag of food for her last Sunday, and had another one that I left on her door step yesterday, in the hopes she would continue to feed these poor souls, the black and red kitty - I don't know what happened to the third.  She made no effort to contact me since last Sunday, even after the few messages I left her, along with a note I left on the bag of cat food yesterday.  I have to let this situation go, I can't do any more than pass on the number for Habitat for Cats, and my business/blog card (thanks Jess!).  I can't afford the gas, and I can't afford the food, and I certainly can't afford the spay/neuter that would be involved with all these cats in this park, nor would I have the time!   When I arrived yesterday, it was clear that the park manager had not been feeding them, in fact a food bowl was missing, so I replenished a bowl and a plate full of food, and cleaned out a water bowl.  If you click on the pictures you can see better.  My heart goes out to these cats - I pray there are kind people in these neighboring trailers that have some compassion for them - if they can't get them spayed/neutered, at least they will feed them.  Thats all I can do.

On another note, I have to get this baby kitten mama below neutered before she gets pregnant again.  She is the one on Seventh that I was not able to trap in time before she had her litter,which I've never seen since.  She is here at this spot every morning waiting for me to fill up her empty bowls of food, along with this injured black one below, and a host of others.

This kitty below is from Second Street, I took this photo on Saturday morning.  His front paw is very injured, he can barely walk - you can see he has it raised in the picture.  He is as mean as the devil though, so its difficult to assess the situation fully.  I just know he can't put pressure on his paw.  

I have so much more to share but so little time to write this blog.  I hope you can take away something each day, and see what I see through my photos and words, and do your best to help - to do what you can possibly do to ease the suffering of homeless animals.  Food, money, shelter building, spay/neutere a cat, help with transport, adopt a cat, be a vocal advocate, etc.  There is so much you can do.  Thanks for reading.  Tomorrow, I will have some updates to share, and must thank some very kind people! 

"Life is a long lesson in humility."

Friday, June 7, 2013

Que Pasa?

Whats happening?  Around town.....  it was a quiet, yet very soggy humid morning out there.  We had another close to 2 inches come down within a 24 hour period yesterday - I sat at work with a skylight over me listening to the rain pounding down onto it -- hearing that all day is very depressing because all you think about is how extra miserable it is for homeless animals.  I thought about each one of my 15 spots, and what one was being affected the worst.  I changed quite a lot of towels at those spots this morning.  As I've mentioned, I used towels on surfaces that are bare and dry mostly, just to provide a little comfort to the cats feet when they eat.  Otherwise, they are standing in dirt or mud, or a cold hard wet surface.  I know, I am crazy.

At my first spot on Parsells, I was told by Dave, the nice older black gentleman that lives in the house next to the house of the porch I feed on, that a man bought the house, along with the other one next door to it - whoever this man is, he is compassionate.  He has never once tried to move my little towel with plates and a water bowl down.  This is also the spot where I tried to get a pregnant kitty TNR'd on Wednesday but no luck, I got another little kitty, a boy, instead. 

At another spot just up aways, on Garson, where I was feeding Lucy and Neck Wound Kitty, I have not seen them in a long while.  Its also since the owner of the house actively began to trash my stuff, but I kept putting bowls of food and water down and someone is eating it, but I just haven't seen these two kitties.  I shudder at the thought that this man could have harmed them.  The food is gone each morning that I get there - but I find it odd that the two bowls are always turned upside down, and the water looks clean, so it can't be a raccoon.   I would love to watch this house for movement, see who or what is eating this food, or where its going.

At the next spot, I must get a momma cat neutered.  I am once again getting cats spayed and neutered out of my own pocket, and I can't afford it.  I was very lucky last year to have been part of a grant through Lollipop where I was able to do this for free.  Actually, over 70 last year, for free.   Webster Avenue was calm, my stuff was there at this nice couple's driveway, and little Red and little Blackie were there waiting for me.  It was fairly dry under the board, but I need to make this prettier and more stable, not only for the cats, but for the couple.  I don't want them to see this as an eyesore.  Maybe even some potted plants surrounding this spot would help.  Anyone have any extra pots and flowers they would like to donate?

On Second, the mean looking fluffy grey kitty has been limping, not putting weight on his front paw.  On Seventh, I need to get that little kitten mama neutered.  And on Sixth, same situation.  I need to get these three, no four, pregnant/ready to be spayed new mothers fixed up!

I went to visit little Paddy last night at Lillian's - he is now named Pepper, and he is doing wonderful.  Growing like a weed, and his teeth are in remission, so he has pink gums for now, but poor Lillian must chase him around after each meal to rinse his gums with a dental solution.  He is so good about it, but I feel so bad that she has such a lot of work for a kitty that she thought was just going to be a nice easy addition to her life.

I have not heard from Cheddar's (Leo)'s family - I will reach out to her again today - she is not writing me back, so I will make a phone call.  I hope he is doing well. 

 Here is an update on Harold, with a new picture.  I must say, these are the best adopters I've ever had that adopted a kitty that I knew nothing about its history, and they weren't sure about him in the beginning.  They stuck it out and now love him to pieces.

"Hi there! Just wanted to send a quick picture of my sweetie boy... as you can see, he likes sleeping on the couch now. He also crashes out on our bed and he totally hogs it... he sleeps like a ROCK and once he is in place, we just have to work around him. Look how big his paws are!! He's just so stocky and solid. Everything is still going great... he runs to greet us when we come in the front door and still chirps and talks away... he's the best.  Hope all is well with you!  Kim"

Finally, I will be heading out to the trailer park way out on Route 104 past Parma to bring another bag of food for the park manager to feed the three cats that I know of that have been left homeless due to their owner being hospitalized and his trailer being condemned.  I will also be leaving a phone number with them so that they can try to take charge of their cat problem - Habitat for Cats I am hoping will help them.  Prayers for these poor animals.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Miracles Do Happen!

Little Blackie at Old Webster Ave. Location

Compassion is that which makes the heart of the good move at the pain of others. It crushes and destroys the pain of others; thus, it is called compassion. It is called compassion because it shelters and embraces the distressed. - The Buddha

Yesterday was a very bad day for me. After the encounter I had in the morning with those two very mean people, I really questioned myself, and why I do what I do – feeding over 50 cats every single day in high crime ridden areas, trying to make a difference in other people’s neighborhoods by getting these cats spayed and neutered, all out of my own pocket – spending over $6000 a year on food ALONE - of my own money, money that could have gone to better my own life, so that I didn’t have to struggle with paying my bills like I do now on a monthly basis, and just think of the yearly vacations I could have taken. All I could think about yesterday was where was I going to feed the five little kitties that have depended on me every single morning at that location, how will they survive without a shelter, etc. I called 911 from work to request that the police officer that responded to my call (I had to leave for work – could not wait around any longer for someone to get there) – to the Devil Man’s call – call me at work. He did, a nice officer named Mike Grabowski – he actually listened to everything I had to say, and then told me my alternatives. I didn’t really have any except to get written permission from whoever allows me to put food on their property. That would be a monumental task, so his phone call left me just as disappointed as I was before he called. I then called a city worker and he told me what I wasn’t expecting to hear. That the property – the vacant lot that I had been feeding on for years – was actually owned by the woman in the house next to it. So I couldn’t go on that property anymore, legally. So the only thing I could do was hang my head low, get home from work, get the cat I had neutered (it’s a boy!) and return him to Parsells where he came from (he was such a good boy), and drive near the location to scout out a new one, or talk to a homeowner that I thought might at least listen to me. I didn’t have much faith though.

Little Red at Old Webster Ave. Location

When I pulled into this driveway (which is just around the corner from the said lot), I didn’t think anyone was home, but noticed a man in his truck in the house next door on the corner. I walked up to him, he didn’t speak much English so he called for his wife. This young woman came out and at first, so many words spilled out too quickly, I didn’t want to be rejected again, so I quickly gave her the jist of what had happened that morning, and what I was hoping to get from her – permission to feed kitties on her property. She told me she has seen me over the years – her house being in direct view of where I park in the morning, and before the house across the street from her went from being boarded up, to a livable house – this is when I had most of the cats that are there neutered and spayed. When after all of that came out of me, she spoke to her husband in Spanish, and then her head nodded, and I could her – over the traffic on that corner, speaking the words ‘yes’. My eyes instantly started to well up. I had such little hope and faith just moments before.

Humans cause each other so much angst and pain, and yet it is also humans who relieve us and make us feel loved and understood and calm our souls. How strange that the same creatures can have such very different effects on us - some to hurt and some to heal.

I am so very grateful to this wonderful couple, I must find something to reward their good deed. My friend suggested a beautiful potted plant full of flowers. I would love to give them money or gift certificate – none of which I can afford, but will find a way.  I thank them both for their compassion.  There is so little of it in the world these days.

This morning, after I placed a few plastic totes down and a board over them to shield the food I placed in between both totes to shield the rain we are expected to have all day today and night, I called quietly for the kitties, and sure enough, little red and little blackie came and gobbled up the food.  Its amazing their instinct to survive, they were starving after not having eaten yesterday, after those evil people threw their fresh food away that I had placed down minutes before.  People like that will pay for their acts in the end.  God will see to that, I am sure.

"How far you go in life depends on you being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and the strong.  Because someday in life you will have been all these."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bad Ju Ju

Really bad morning.  To begin, I trapped a kitty this morning on Parsells for TNR through Habitat for Cats, but it wasn't the right kitty - I was trying to get a pregnant one - she was there, but wasn't the first to enter the trap!  I did get another untipped (unspayed/neutered) kitty, and here is his/her picture.  Poor baby.

Parsells TNR 060513
As I was waiting for the kitty to be trapped, I went to my other locations, and the next one was Webster and Ferndale.  Now, if you will recall, Kristin and Darrin built me a beautiful sturdy heavy duty shelter last year out of a coffee table - they built sides on it, and a bottom, and filled it with straw, made a little entrance for it, and it had a little feeding station inside before the little entrance.  It was perfect for the weather conditions we endured this winter.  If you will also recall, last year was my last confrontation with the 'man' I called 'DEVIL MAN' who lived above the grocery store a few lots down from the empty one where this shelter was.  I thought I was done with him.  Well, apparently not.  I pulled up to this spot this morning, and little red kitty ran happily to greet me, but there was no shelter there anymore.  It was completely disassembled and placed to the curb.  I did not hesitate to get the boards that were salvagable and move them back.  I placed food and water down and left, knowing I was going to come back before going to work to place a note or something.  I went about my business, trapped the cat, fed at all the other locations I feed at, and went home to ready myself for work.  I drove to this spot again before work and the stuff was gone, again.  I got out in all my finery - high heels, pink top, black short skirt, big earrings (just trying to paint the picture of how I do not fit in with this picture - in the hood and carrying dirty boards in my heels) and this man came up - devil man - and started to scream at me.  I screamed back.  He was saying how Gloria, the person' home in the middle of this lot and his apartment above a closed grocery store had told him to move it because it was her lot.  I told him it was a city lot and he had no right to touch it.  He started to walk away back to his place, called up in the window, some *itch stuck her head out and told me to get away, threw something at me, and I called 911.  Then she came out and got in my face.  Then THEY called 911.  I was not going to leave without a fight for those cats.  That shelter was the most unassuming shelter you could find.  What was their problem - they had no right.  These cats depend on me every day.  I could hear her threatening me - I was FURIOUS.  Finally, after no police showing up - I then told them I had to leave for my JOB (I wanted to say "something YOU obviously don't have', told them to get a life.  That I would speak to the police at some point today, which I will.  I called my cop friend on my way to work to get some advice, but if I don't hear from her, I will speak to someone from the police department, as I must feed those cats tomorrow morning, and I need protection.  So my boards are now gone (today is trash pick up day), and those cats are hungry as we speak.  They didn't get to eat this morning.  This is when I feel such animosity towards certain people.  I will not let people like that stop me.  Obviously, I must look out for myself there - but those cats are hungry, they depend on me.  I don't know what to do. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trailer Park Stories - Part Two

Click on the picture - it should be large enough to be read if you click on it...   It says it all about most of the kitties I see on my route each day.

To continue with the story from yesterday, I wound up going back to the trailer park early Sunday morning, as we had a ferocious storm the night before - winds, thunder, lightning, heavy rain - we had it all.  In fact, I waited until the last minute to head out that morning as I sat and watched the downpour out my window - I just didn't want to go out that day - but out I went, and I was extremely miserable until I was able to come back and change out of my wet clothes.   I drove out because I wanted to be sure the cat food I had left on Friday was still dry - and if not, change it, and leave a bag with the park manager that I had not heard from yet.  For the few moments I was there, changing the food that I had suspected of being waterlogged after the night of the storm, I only saw a long haired black kitty - and as I drove out of the park, I left a note with my card, and a 16 pound bag of food for the park manager asking her to please be sure to feed the kitties at this man's trailer.  By the way, this man will not be coming back for these cats, his trailer was condemned and deemed not liveable.  Later in the day, the park manager called me and told me she would continue to feed them and wanted to know if it was OK to put a man that also lives in the park that feed the kitties in touch with me.  I said definitely, but I have yet to hear.  It was heartbreaking to leave there, and its heartbreaking to think about this situation.

The park manager told me that when they tried to get help with law enforcement (they apparently don't have a humane society that covers their county), they were told they were 'in a world of their own'.  I don't know what to do at this point, I wouldn't know where to begin.  I am sick over it.  The kitties I saw were NOT fixed, and had very bad skin conditions.  I am sure there are litters being produced over and over in that trailer park.  They need help and I don't know how to do it on my own.

On another sad note (and sorry, I promise it won't always be so sad!) - little birdie Pedro has passed quietly in his mum Maree's arms on Sunday morning.  She was eggbound, which is usually very fatal for birds.  She was over 45 years of age!  She was a good birdie, and will be very missed by her loving parents Joe and Maree. 

Lastly, I have been seeing a very tiny, dainty and petite little kitty on Parsells that looks to be pregnant, and have reached out to Habitat for Cats for a spay for tomorrow.  In fact, this spot that I've been feeding at - the house is now being refurbished and will be occupied at some point, but in the meantime, the owner is allowing me to continue to feed on the porch of this house.  What a kind person!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Trailer Park Stories....

On Thursday afternoon, I got a call from a relative who is a nurse at a hospital here in town, and she had a patient that had been admitted nearly eight days prior to her finding out that day that he had to leave his dog and cats in the trailer he lived in outside of Monroe County.  She was sketchy with the details, but told me she would find out and call me back after she spoke to the patient - she apparently had gotten third-hand info from the social worker - she called me to ask if I would come to assess the situation with her before we contacted authorities. 

She called me back and related that the sheriff's office had come to take the dog away, and that the cats could get in and out of the trailer through a hole (?), and that the patient had left $20 with a neighbor to buy food for and feed the cats.  So, we met out there on Friday, and I thought I had seen it all where I go each day in the hood feeding cats.  After finally finding this man's trailer - which by the way, the sister had mentioned to the social worker that his trailer and property was worse than any hoarding situation you see on television - we got out and I began to call for the cats.  I saw three very pretty fluffy kitties hanging around, only one being friendly enough to come up to me, timidly.  I saw no food or water around, although it was also mentioned that there was a stream behind the trailer that the cats drank from.  I then began to knock on some pretty scary looking trailers, in hopes that I could find the neighbor that was going to care for these cats - not one was answering, and even if they weren't home, I doubted they would answer the door to me anyway.  Here we were pulling up to this obviously low income little town of its own in a shiny red cadillac, and knocking on doors.   To say this man's property was a mess would be an understatement.  And the smell that was eminating from the trailer was a bit overwhelming in the 90 degree heat we had on Friday.  I placed some bowls down under a table on his property, filled with water and food, and off we went in search of the property manager's office that we saw a sign for as we entered the park.  After speaking with Kathy, the manager, who promised to call me after speaking with the man's neighbor's - she told me they would talk to her, but most likely not to me, and she would let me know.

OK, I have to end here, because I am playing in a hospital golf tournament today, so stay tuned to part two of this story, tomorrow.   Have a great day!

"The secret to happiness is to put the burden of proof on unhappiness."