Monday, July 29, 2013


Let me start with my rant.  So, I go to the donut shop - what am I doing there you might ask?  Do I REALLY NEED A DONUT?  The answer is NO, I don't, but it was a rainy Sunday morning and I was going into work to work some overtime, and I needed a little comfort.  So -  there is a line of people, with three women behind the counter.  The couple dozen trays that normally hold donuts are practically empty, there are six people ahead of me, six people behind.  I wind up getting 'the attitude' to wait on me.  I finally get to order, and while waiting, I couldn't even see the donuts that were left, but when I was finally served, I asked for a minute, and I thought she was going to kill me.  HOW RUDE!!!  I am always kind, apologetic, said I just needed a second, and tried to make light of it, but she was STILL RUDE with her stance, no smile whatsoever, you could just TELL she wanted me to hurry and get the hell out of there!   Then she rings me up and tells me to 'have a nice day.'  RIGHT, you witch.  I treat people how I would like to be treated, why can't they do the same?  Granted, she might be 'going through something.', but aren't we all?  We have to learn more tolerance, patience with each other.  We are mere humans, and life is very hard, so lets learn to tolerate each other.  If you show kindness, you will receive it.  Thats that.  Done.  Be kind to each other.  Thank you.  OK, there, I am done.  OK.  Right.

On Saturday morning, the day after I rescued this little guy (or girl?  still not sure!) from Baldwin, I saw two baby kittens just down aways from where I feed there.  Remember the calico sibling I mentioned I couldn't get, well now there were two!  The calico and a black assorted colored one.  My heart sank.  They were playing or something, so I got out and set a bowl of food and water down, and went to the normal spot, where I am feeding a large white unneutered male, a beautiful red one, a spayed calico (thanks Laura), a white and tabby girl, spayed (thanks Laura), two nursing females, and now the two kittens - although Sunday morning the kittens were no where in sight.  Plus it was raining.

There is a black cat on Seventh Street (above, in better days) that was in rough shape, was limping, and I had snuck in some antibiotics in its food a while back, he seemed better, but I saw him Saturday morning and his eye is pretty bad, he is limping severely, and he is in really rough shape.  I am going to look into euthanasia for him at the new clinic on Bay.  He is suffering, this is not a good life for him.  I think I can grab him without trapping him.  Then there is poor Tuffy, his paw is so so sore.  He is the next - I must try to help him.  But for now, I must put an end to the suffering of this other poor baby.  Before I forget, I saw the baby kitten, Blake and Izzy's sibling - first sighting of the kitten that got away since the other two were rescued nearly a month ago.  My heart sank.  I won't give up.

Another Chance Pet Rescue offered to adopt the kitten that my mother's found stray, Penny, had.   If you recall, she had three babies, two of which died, but KATIE survived.  Afgter my mother's TLC for the past nearly 12 weeks of life, I brought her in to Petco Saturday morning, with a very heavy heart, knowing I was taking her from a very large, loving house, with her Mom, and my mother's other two cats, and placing her in a strange environment (not STRANGE, but different from what she was used to - :)).  Well, not even 24 hours later I got a message from ACPR that someone wanted to adopt Katie!  They fell in love with her, and as soon as she is spayed, she will be going to a new home!  Hurray!!!  Great news there~! 

Now we just have to get my new little one adopted, and I can continue my quest of rescuing one kitty, one day at a time.  :)


  1. YES! I saw the kitten (Blizzy) on Seventh, too.
    Black kitty doesn't sound so bad - I have limited space for recuperation, he can stay with me if he just needs antibiotics for a couple weeks, and neutering so he won't be fighting - that is, unless his eye needs to come out, or he's got an infection that has gone into the bone.

  2. So glad Penny's baby got a new muma to love her, the best news. I have a kitty that had to have the remains of an eye removed when we rescued her, it is necessary, and she is indoor only. If this is the case for the black kitty, then the cost can be negotiated with certain vets and the recovery is easy, clean and fast. My one eye kitty is also the best mouser of my 7 cats ( mice got into basement after a storm caused some foundation damage one time.

  3. Katie is so cute I bet she stole someone's heart right away! I'm so happy for her and her new family!