Monday, July 22, 2013


BLAKE is still waiting for a home!
 Lately I’ve been thinking about the people that read my blog, and that make donations to me. I’ve often thought about this, but I am now thinking about WHY people read about my daily escapades, and donate mostly food but occasionally money to someone they barely know. Do you really see, and understand the plight, of what I see each day when I go into the inner city, where its not so pretty?

Have you seen what I first saw when I first started this insane mission I go on each day – did you see a cat behind a restaurant, scrounging for food in the dumpster? Did you see a cat scurry across a busy city street? Did you see several sets of glowing eyes in the dark when you turned a corner coming home from an early trip to the public market, knowing it was a group of feral cats trying to find their next meal, their next drink of water? Did you hear the faint cries of or see newborn kittens in an abandoned house or boarded up garage?

Is what I do something that you would do if it didn’t involve danger, early hours, or total commitment to do it day in and day out?

IZZY still needs a home!

I still need the financial assistance to stop the madness that I see each day, I need money for spaying and neutering. I am now feeding a new group of cats that are either nursing, or are pregnant. These ‘mothers’ are all under one year old. They run to my car now each morning, knowing that they will get a meal and a drink of water. And this is a NEW spot for me, one that I just discovered after seeing an extremely pregnant cat that I haven’t seen since, in over a week and a half now, when I rescued Casey for Case Gardens on Norton.
I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of anything that someone donates to me, as I am willing to do this as long as I can, but I need help doing it. I need help in getting clinic appointments, trapping, paying for the spaying, and transportation to and from.

I would love to hear from you telling me why you read my blog or donate money to me. And don’t forget, I love each and every one of you for it!!

YOU are what keeps me going.

Thanks for listening, and reading, and have a great day. J9


  1. For me Janine, i follow your blog each day, because I am afraid, for you, that harm will come to you, for the cats, that you will no longer be able to do this. Every day, i give a sigh of relief, good news or bad, just to know that someone, (you) are watching, will call for help, take action when it is needed. My contribution to what you do is small and not nearly enough. I constantly wrestle with my belief to not just " talk the talk", but do as you have done, re arranging your whole life, to make a difference to these neglected animals. What will it take for me to do more, when will that be ? bit by bit I chip away at my opposition, if only more people were as selfless as you, and your very tolerant husband ! May God bless.

  2. Janine, my dear friend, in the 2 short years I've come to know you, ride with you, adopt kitties from you, my admiration for you has grown by leaps and bounds. You're such a brave person; I also worry about you but have seen you in action and you handle yourself so well out there. I read your blog to hear the latest of what you've encountered, who you've rescued, etc. I give what I can because I know the cost of feeding my 8 kitties (7 from you) and 50 a day is beyond my comprehension. Every little bit helps in your quest to save one more soul from the harsh streets, and I'm proud to help in any way I can. I love you Janine - you know that.

    1. (This was me - Nancy C.)

  3. I started reading your blog because I'm a cat lover and wanted to help the homeless cats in the small ways that I can. I learned very quickly that you're an amazing person and I wish I could do more for you. I keep praying that God will bring more people into your life who will take up some of the burden off of your shoulders. If every one just did a little bit to help these poor cats it would go a long way to solving the problem! Just remember the little boy and the starfish story. I bet you could give him a run for his money! :)