Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wow! What a Weekend, ,..continued...

so much happening, I had to make this a continuation!

So on Saturday, at 5:36 am., I get a phone call on my cell which is in the dash of my car, while I am out feeding Sweet Little Red and unneutered Sweet Little Blackie on Webster and Ferndale.  I checked the message and it was Paul, the kind black man on Second Street that allows me to feed behind his house.  There is a nice shelter built back there too.  He has had some raccoon problems – they were getting into his rooftop – a mother and her babies. I had loaned him a trap a few times, and this time, he got a raccoon. He asked me to come get it. I didn’t realize he had already called 311 to have it removed, but they never came and he was concerned for it as it had been in the trap for over eight hours! I finished up my rounds, and went and got the poor thing, and released it in some woods down near Irondequoit Bay, first placing some food and water down. The little guy scampered up a tree, immediately, and I drove away wondering if I did the right thing. I later realized that I did, by releasing it in a more natural, safer environment. I just wondered how lonely he would be.

The next thing I knew, I had another voice mail on my cell later that morning, from my friend, an officer with RAS (Rochester Animal Services) who advised me that she had gotten a call about a raccoon being trapped, a call that came too late in her opinion, as it would have been a more urgent issue if 311 and 911 hadn’t taken it upon themselves to downgrade the urgency of an animal in a trap. She considerately gave me a little warning that what I did – transporting a wild animal – was against the law, you must have a license to do so. She found out it was me because when she went to see Paul, he told her his ‘friend’ took the raccoon, and she asked who and he told her, and she said ‘oh I know Janine.’ So, I learned a lesson, and the officer and I had a nice friendly chat about other stuff and she continued with her day of saving animals in her own way.

Here are pictures I took this morning of the injured black kitty on Seventh.  Laura offered to try to care for him.  Waiting for an appointment to open up at a clinic.  Poor baby. 

Now for some good news, Monday morning, Laura helped me with trapping (she did it all this time – thanks Laura!) and managed to get three females – one in early pregnancy, and one that may have recently, or still is, nursing.   I am not sure if she is nursing right now, I have never seen the kittens, but we will let the doctor at the new clinic make that call. So these two are amongst the first patients at the new clinic on Bay Street. Now we need to get the two kittens on Baldwin that are left - I nearly had the calico - the little thing came right up for the wet food I was plating, but I didn't grab her fast enough.  That was so disappointing.  I won't give up.

These are what is left at this location on Central - that I know of - two unneutered males, and two unspayed females - here they are - pics I took this morning:

Central Unnueutered Male

Central Unspayed Females

Central Unneutered Male

Here are some great updates:  If  you remember Cheddar - the pretty orange kitty with a wound that I rescued from corner of Central and Third a few months ago - here is what his new family has to say:

Leo is doing great. He is being a very good boy and getting along beautifully with my dog. They play together and are good company for each other. He has not had any more "accidents" since the very beginning and he really is a lover boy. I do need to get his immunization records from you as I am not sure when he will need what. Every one loves him and he loves everyone. He's a great purrer and keeps us all company. He looks very regal sitting in my front window and very smart. He watches us in the backyard from the bathroom window and then when we get close to the back door he runs down stairs to wait for us. He meows like crazy when we are outside, wants to be out doors with us but very happy when we come back in. He is a great addition to the family and we love him alot. (so does my son's girlfriend who keeps threatening to take him home with her).

And the two orange kittens I rescued a four or so weeks ago, here is what their new family has to say:

Hi Janine,

The kitties are doing so well. Today, we opened up the door finally so they have the run of the house. They keep going back upstairs, though, they are not comfortable down here yet! They are getting very cuddly. Friday night I got some really good bonding time with them... Jim was at a dinner and the kids were at sleepovers - so I hung out with the babies!!!! Penny wags her tail when she sees me in the morning and is very lovey. Pepper is usually calmer and will allow more cuddling. They are very well behaved. They are funny though... they go from "cats gone wild" to sleepy little purring things in an instant. They are mainly sleeping on Russell's bed with him all night. We shopped at the Webster plaza yesterday and bought a book about cat care at Barnes and Noble. Russell has been reading it non stop and telling us all sorts of interesting and helpful facts. We also weighed them today. Pepper is now 3.2 pounds and Penny is 2.4. He loves food! I am going to make a vet appt. soon so we can get them all set up there. We just adore them, Janine.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does."


  1. Calling for wildlife removal in NYS guarantees the death any wild animal.
    So sad for these hapless, innocent creatures.

  2. I'm worried that it might be a mom raccoon, and that she has babies in Paul's attic. Could you see if she appeared to be nursing? It's usually pretty obvious. It seems like the same thing as removing an unwanted feral cat and dumping it somewhere, Janine.

    1. I agree with laura- that was my first thought- what if it was a female. now no way to tell untill paul either hears or smells dead baby raccoons in his attic. and then he will have a REAL problem trying to find and remove those. And obviously that would have been a problem for the babies too.
      that is why i posted the link to the information on the rochester animal Services website regarding raccoons in houses, a month or two ago- and it said to wait till the babies were old enough for the mother to move them out and then CLOSE OFF their access however they got in. the answer is not to have 311 remove them or to relocate. the answer is to deny them acess to the attic and that is the homeowner's responsibility.
      here is the link, again:


  3. Reading those letters just makes my day! Leo sounds like an absolute doll. You are making such a difference in the lives of these cats AND in the lives of people. Just look at the smiles on those kids' faces next time you feel down and remind yourself that YOU put those smiles there! Now I have to go feed the little angels you rescued for me before they tear the place up. *grin* ;)

  4. Is that a collar on the tortie?