Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kittens Everywhere!

Sgt. Pepper and Penny Lane! 
 These two darlings went to their new home yesterday.  Kristin had them for a few days, and prior to that, my friend Sara's mom had them for over a week, just to help me out because the kittens needed more room to grow in and I could only share my tiny bathroom with them, and wasn't home enough to give them the attention they needed.  So Kristin, with heavy heart, relinquished them to their new family.  And what a wonderful family they are.  They will love and spoil these two like no other.  I don't know this family personally, mom, dad, and their sweet children Mallory and Russell, both really well-behaved teenagers.  Sometimes, just the few times you interact with someone, and being in their very comfortable home, you can tell that these are good people.  So I lucked out, and so did Sgt. Pepper (Pepper) and Penny Lane (Penny)! 

Now onto getting the little kitten that my mother's stray cat had at the same time as Pepper and Penny.  Kristin took some photos when we made a stop there yesterday, and hopefully will be sharing them with me today so that I can get this beautiful calico kitten a home.  In the meantime, here are the latest that need homes!  Meet Izzy (black) and Blake (Tiger)!  I must find them homes!  Please spread the word!


 These two sweethearts were rescued from 7th Street about nine weeks ago by myself and Kristin.  I've never seen the third one since.  It heartbreaking knowing their brother or sister is still out there.  Momma kitten was spayed, thank God.

I took these photos of the kitties that are at this new location where I spotted a very pregnant female on Saturday.  I have not seen her since.  There are at least four or five kitties at this location on Central near Fourth Street.  There is a little tiger kitten, who has recently given birth, that runs to me each morning.  I must find her babies, and get her spayed.  Another photo shows the cats I feed on Pennsylvania and Fourth, and the final photo - I saw this pathetic looking cat on the side of the road scrounging through a turned over garbage can - I got out and placed food and water down on the porch of the nearby boarded up house.  I felt so good to do that.  He looked so hungry.  In fact, once I got back in the car, he walked up and immediately started to drink the cool water I left him in the bowl.  Its so important to place water bowls out for our homeless friends, including the birds!  We need water during these hot days of summer, and winter for that matter!   In fact, there is a house in my neighborhood, they leave a large bowl of water out for the dogs and such that are on walks in the area.  Kudos to them!


  1. Nice work janine ! thank you thank you thank you. xxxx

  2. Those kittens are just too adorable! The other photos aren't showing up for some reason. I can only see the orange kittens and Riley and Blake.

  3. Is Izzy a boy or girl kitty?