Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stuff - Wet Stuff...

Thanks for the comments I received yesterday.  I have met just the best people on earth through this cat business, seriously, just the best.

It poured again last night, I think we've had a total of two days pass this entire summer that it did not rain.  And not just rain, its poured, and poured and poured.  You would think that cats are smart enough to get out of the rain, but for some reason, I see a lot of drenched cats in the morning.  You have to wonder, aren't there enough covered places for them to take shelter in?  Why are they so wet?

 My heart is breaking - there is a cat named Tuffy, that I have been feeding for years now, on Second Street.  I named him that because he is this big beautiful orange and white tomcat.  He keeps his distance, but has been around for years now.  Tuffy has a serious wound on his paw - he's been like this for days, he cannot put pressure on it, and it is very swollen.  IF I were able to trap him, I wouldn't be able to bring him to my vet as he is semi-feral, and I am not sure my vet would be able to deal with that, not to mention the cost.  I am waiting for a low-cost clinic in this neighborhood to open, and maybe I could bring him in there, but then while he heals, where would I keep him?  There are so many variables - so many odds against helping these animals that are suffering.  I have seen cats mend before - I've been hoping this is the case with Tuffy, but he has a serious wound and I don't know what to do.

 Speaking of wounds, I think I saw Neck Wound Kitty on Parsells yesterday.  I thought for sure he was a goner after not having seen him in a long time, but I think it was him, in the semi-darkness, scratching his neck wound maniacly, like he has done for so many years now, with it never properly healing.

Finally, the black kitty on Seventh Street is limping again also.  Its just too much for me to handle sometimes.

"I have a simple philosophy:  Fill whats empty.  Empty whats full.  Scratch where it itches."

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  1. Like, like, like, todays philosophy. Mmmm, we need a holding barn or sum thin'..........